Letter(s) from Rose Lamptey to Daniel (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello Daniel,

I am really surprise in what you are saying. I have followed my heart and fallen deeply in love with you and you think i will hurt you. I have never sent any letters to any man, You are the only man now that i have gotten far with ever since entering into the dating sites. I never say a lie to benefit anything evil. I am a God fearing woman why should i hurt someones feelings. Someone i love, Someone i want to spend the rest of my love with. I have never sent anyone email. The only mail i sent to two different men was the first mail i sent to you.About me and with my photos. I have never taken anyones money for any reason. If i am not interesed in you, I make you know that. I was communicating with a man when i was communicating with you,I knew him before you. I told him i am not inetested in him cos i have found a man of my heart which is you. Daniel, Don't be hash on me. All that i know now is that, The cafe that i scanned my photos from are keeping my photos and using it for bad deeds. I will go report them early tomorrow to the Police. I never scam anyone. Never talk to me that way. I hate to be accuse of something i have never done. why should i use my photos for bad things. I am well educated, If i need even money without working, I can sell my body and get money to make a living but why should i come to the internet and use my photos for that. Someone must be using my photos for bad deeds. My parents are dead if they are not, Why should i say they are. All i have is my junior brother and aunt. Do you mean that i am happy saying i have lost my parents why i have not ? Tell me .My father never got divorce with my mother. They were deeply in love with each other. They live happly. Don't say something you don't know about my parents please. I never lie to you. I say the truth and i am free for saying it.

I have also fallen deeply in love with you. If i am not why should i get along with you. That is waste of time for me and you and hurting each other. I have once being hurt, I know how it feels. I will never do the same to someone else. Daniel, If i had the money, Why should i ask for yours. I don't need it if i had mine in coming. There is no one here who will help me with any loan. When get money to pay for my exams was a headache for me, I had to sell my clothes to pay for it. Daniel, All i can say now is follow your heart, If you don't trust me or believe me. Tell me and i will never bother you again. I understand why you don't want to pick my call. I will never force you to do so. If you don't believe me, You can contact the Travel Agency and ask any question you need to know or send the money to him so he can get everything for you and i read his name and say he will scan and send you everything so you can know that everything is being done. I am no after your money Love. Don't let our love go in vain. I am not a scammer. I understand why you doubt me but i never ask for any ones money on net. If i want money here , I can go into prostitution and i can make a living with it. Money is not everything to me. I want a man who will love me and you are that man. I will end here and let me get a reply from you before going to bed.

Yours Love