Scam letter(s) from Olga Olyaka to Per (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello Per Ivar,
Thank you very much for your letter and your interest!Sorry but I haven't recieved your photos! I am so happy and exited right at the moment as I've never been in my life! I am a newcomer in Internet, so it is my first experience and I hope the last, as I am very serious inmy intentions to find my soulmate.
The matter is that a friend of mine has found her husband in Internet and I decided to follow her example, as they are so happy together right now!
Well,I think that before discussing this topic deeper I have to tell you something about myself.
So, here we go... As you already know my name is Olga. I was born on October,14 1978, I work as a seller in the underwear department in the local market...=) I like my work very much it gives me a great pleasure=))) I rent an appartment in Kharkov, where I stay with the old Lady- the owner of the appartment.
She is very kind to me and treats me like a granddaugher, so we often have a tea ceremony in the evenings, which we both like very much,as she has a chance to share her life experience with me and I have a chance to discuss with her everything that worryes me as she is very modern Lady and undertands me very well so we have already become real friends and I like it as I am sure that it doest not matter how old you are, the main is that you have to feel young, and then you will definitelly look much younger, do you agree with me? =) So, back to the topic I've touched above...
If to speak about my family, I can say that my family can be set as an example, as my parents have been married for ages, but they still love each other very much and I hope I could have such relations in future... I wish you could see the way they look into each other's eyes, the way they take care about each other... I know that in our times such marriages are very rear thing, but I still believe that my own family will be as friendly, as happy as my parents' one...
My parents mooved to the small town Balakleya near Kharkov, so as you understand, I don't have a chance to see them every day, but every my visit to them is a kind of personal holiday for me=) I am a loving and caring person. I am honest, sincere, kind, gentle and affectionate. I know in my heart I can bring happiness to someone I truly love.
I know in my heart that I can be a loving and faithful wife. It is also my dream to have a family. I love children. I look forward to spending long days with my lovely husband and beautiful children.
Marriage is a life changing step in life. I am attracted to someone who is very positive and outgoing. I like someone who is easy to get along with.
Someone who likes to try new things. He must be full of love and happiness in his heart. He will be happy pursuing his interests on his own, as well as enjoying time with his partner. I like someone who is gentle and affectionate. I want someone who is not afraid to express their feelings through physical intimacy. He should also be able to express his feelings and emotions openly and honestly and not be afraid to share his thoughts.
Marriage takes tremendous communication and it may be difficult when two people from very different cultures are married, but as I have a vivid example of true love of two people form different cultures I know for sure that my destiny is still looking forward to meet me and who knows, maybe you are the one whom I have been waiting the whole my life=) Please, tell me more about yourself,about your likes and dislikes, about your hobbies, about everything you want to tell and of course if you have any questions you are welcome to ask them,I will gladly answer you back. So, I hope to hear from you as soon as possible, Sorry,dear,but I don't have a phone.I am renting a flat and all my money go to paying for it.I just can't effort myself to buy it now.
Dear,I can't meet in November as I am working now,I'll have my holidays only in winter,at least I hope so.Let's stay in correspondence to get to know each other better till the day of our meeting!Don't you mind? I wish you to have a nice day. Will be thinking of you,
Letter 2

Hello my sweetheart,
Thanks a lot for your lovely photo-I liked it very much!
Again and again I want to say thank you for your letter and for exitement you bring me every time I hear from you... You know, to tell you the truth these feelings can only be compared to a firework... My feelings cover me with the wave, go through the whole body and come back with the firework. I've already got you under my skin... You are so far away from me, thousands of kilometers separate us, we know so little about each other, but it already seems to me that we've been friends for ages...
What a strange thing our life is...
I've never thought that I would look for my couple in such a way, but it must be destiny that lead us to one another...By the way, do you believe in fate? I deeply do and I am sure that everyone has his own and I hope you are that one, whom I've been waiting the whole my life... I might sound too naive for a woman living at the beginning of the third millennium, in our era of post-modern, when human beings are being substituted by machines, when love can be bought in a bar for just a hundred bucks per night, when surrogate mothers are giving birth for someone's kids, refusing from the part of them, they've delivered to earth, but i still want to believe love still exists. I still want to believe there are true emotions, sincere feelings on the earth, i still want to believe that people of the world haven't yet forgotten what is to love, to suffer & to be dying to be someone's love, not just to have that for one-nigth-stand to show off & let your friends know, you are so much better, cause this is you, who loved all night long... May be i am maximalizing at the moment, though i bet i am not, & even though we are coming from two different worlds, i am intended to think we see the same environment around, & gosh, my dream is to change it for better, if you want to have a try to do that together, let's make friends first & then, we'll let them all a really good example of what's like to be a couple in love. Have i bothered you with my crazy nonsense? I bet i have, but this is what i used to be burring on the very bottom of my heart, you see, i'm opening it a little bit, ruining the chains limiting its freedom... I will close this for now, i do want to believe you'll send me a reply, if your still brave enough to stay in touch with that naive romantic Ukrainian girl, dreaming to turn this world into a better place (as you must have thought of me). I am not ashamed of being me, at least i feel great, as i didn't have to think of saying something to be liked by you, cause, frankly speaking, i want to be liked for who i am & not for who someone wants to like me... I will be looking forward to hear form you, I wish you to have a nice day.... Can I ask you to do me a favour? Please, keep thinking of me.... I will be thinking of you, as you are already nearly always in my mind... Yours Olga
Letter 3

Dear Sir, Thank you for using our services and your serious interest in Olya.
She applied to our firm for help because she doesn't know English and has not access to the Internet. At the same time Olya wants to find her soul mate and she seriously interested in you.
For the moment her account is over. If you are seriously interested in continuation of correspondence with her, contact us to get more details about our service and payment. If you want to clear out some details concerning our services you can write to us at our e-mail address . Our postal address: Bakulin Str 9/13, Kharkov, Ukraine Sincerely Yours
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