Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Nemetzhanova to Srdjan (Serbia)

Letter 1
Hello road Mix. How your affairs today? I have read through your letter and have been certainly surprised with that you have written to me a little. I know and I believe your words of honour. I know that you want to meet me. I most of all want it. We with you could construct the same big and beautiful family as many married couples so act. Only we need to go together and to solve our problems together that is to us happily go up to the end and to be together. What you to feel to these words? You want to meet me my dear Mix? If you actually want as soon as I shall receive from you the answer I to you I shall write as we can carry out our meeting with you. I that have no against that we were together as happily as well as others. You in all understood me and now reading this letter should understand. But why you have thought that I shall throw you and I shall not want to live with you. Do not think about such, and throw from a head all evil thoughts, be itself road Mix. Today at me very difficult day too was, but I am not offended on that that I have chosen such work because she me liked since the childhood. You understand me that you owe to me answer on some questions which I to you I shall set-
1. You want our meeting?
2. If I shall tell to you that I would like you will arrive to you agree to receive me in your country at in the house?
3. You are ready to make all to be with me, and for the sake of me too everything would make? Answer these questions if you will answer a bottom positively, these answers will prove that you really love me and that want to be with me. I and so did not doubt of it, but I want to hear it from you my most dear Mix. I shall wait from you for the answer my loved Mix Your girlfriend Tanya.
Letter 2
I have not written to you at once, you will forgive to me for it?? Excuse me my dear Mix? I simply not could to you for the reason, that my mother has wanted to meet in village the girlfriend. And I could not forbid to it. But you understand she one could not go there, I could not release her. I probably have not told that we lived in a years small house with the family earlier. There so it is beautiful, because everywhere the nature, everywhere calmness. I itself there yet would visit, if certainly much, at me would be free enough time. And so, I much to you would tell if certainly it to you interestingly. We with mother, have visited there about 2 days. But all over again we needed to arrange some reinstallation that it was cosy and clean. Then we with mother have arranged tea drinking on the nature. Have taken a samovar grandmother's and have made such fine tea as we did it with all family. Then we have taken a walk about lake. There we have such pure and beautiful a lake. But I so on you missed and could not remain long there, my mother has met the girlfriend. They so long talked and recollected the. She and about me has not much told, that here I correspond with you on the Internet. But I have not opened also have not told about you to it., because we yet so it is strong and are better familiar. Here when time will come, then I shall necessarily tell to it about you road Mix. You know after we had a rest with mother at thinking such mood, that I even do not know as it to express. All right now I should go home, as then it will be necessary to become earlier tomorrow to go with the same mood for work. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Moreover I will need for you to make some photos which we have made in a years small house when had a rest. Photos I think will be very fine. As soon as I shall make photos I to you about it I shall inform. Now I shall wait from you for the answer. Your girlfriend from Russia Tanya. I am a lot of kisses to you I give!!!!!!
Letter 3
Hi dear and the most favorite Mix. How are you? I have not received from you the letter and have decided to write again to you because I so I miss on you my dear Mix. I want to understand that that you receive my letters, even answer my letters I you very much I ask, I do not know why you so with me act, you are very dear to me and our acquaintance to me for me very much much means in this life. You should understand it. Here when you will read my letter and think of my feelings. Unless you want to destroy all that that we with you created all these years. You understand me my dear Mix, so it is hard for me when I sit in the Internet of cafe and I think minute behind a minute not departing from a computer, in hope that you will write to me. By the way tomorrow we with mother are going to go for a summer residence there to make some cleaning because when we last time were already probably all in a dust, and all this should be cleaned, that it was pleasant to look. My mother of feels well, she has offered it to me. She now very big mood. And if you will answer my letter, I only tomorrow shall answer your letter in the evening as soon as I shall come back from a summer residence. To us still to go almost 30 minutes by the bus. I very much would would like that you have answered my letter, I always shall wait only for your letter. You should me trust and should me tell that you yet have not lost to me the feelings. Understand to me you I am very dear is once again I repeat that these ideas were included in your head and when did not leave your ideas. You understand I so strongly I value your letters and how you will spend the days off? Where you go to have a rest? All is interesting to me as you spent time without my letters. I shall put on that you will answer my questions. Here therefore I write to you even then when I go on a summer residence because when you will answer me did not worry on that that I long do not answer you, as soon as I shall come back I to you I shall necessarily answer. There too I only about you shall think and with me there will be my ideas only about you. You know that happens when who betrays you or forgets and long does not answer. Here therefore I write all time to you, and I thought that you will answer me very soon, I till now was in the Internet of cafe to receive your letter, but I nevertheless have not waited it, now I should go with tears home, and I shall believe me that still long and all the night long I shall lay with tears on eyes. My tears I shall go from my eyes, and will go from my heart, to me it will be very strong sadly if I tomorrow shall not receive from you the answer. Now I do not want to speak about sad, differently I right now shall pay. When we shall arrive on a summer residence I shall put on that my mood to be changed, pure air which goes from a pine pine forest, the silent small river near to which it is possible to sit, and very much calms it. I shall sit and wait for your answer till the night being in the Internet of cafe. I hope that you will receive my letter, and that you will answer me as quickly as I write to you road Mix. Yours Tanya.
Letter 4

Hello my the most dear and the most sweet Mix. How are you? I today by the evening have come back from a house faster to read through your letter because I did not doubt of that that you to me will answer. You know that I so you I love and I can not live without you. I am very strongly glad to that that you have answered my questions, and that the most important answer was this word "Yes". I very much grieved these minutes without you, without your fine words which have come in my heart and cannot leave. We need to overcome together all our difficulties my dear Mix. I understand that for our meeting to me very much much should be made, but you understand that I cannot independently prepare all necessary documents and as the ticket, to arrive to you. You understand me my love. Only do not worry I do not want you to upset and at me to you one more very important question - my lovely and sweet Mix you could to me the help with arrival to you?? I you am very strong from my heart I ask that you have answered this main question because only from this answer it is possible will understand we can to realize our meeting whether or not? Understand me that only with you beside I shall feel like very beautiful very young wife for you and here believe me that I shall give you all love. I very strongly want that we were together and steel marry against each other my loved Mix. You understand it, should understand me too. Here you will feel if we carry out our meeting then we can enjoy our family happiness. I to you shall give birth to beautiful children, which your children we with you we shall bring up you know that I love you my lovely Mix. I now do not want to lose you as it have made not for a long time, but I now very joyful as have received your fine letter. I know that you will feel to me when we shall meet you, you only should trust me, and my trust always with you. Now I not for a long time shall close the letter, but I shall wait nevertheless for your answer to my question, understand that this answer can change our dream in a real meeting. Know that with this letter my love to you my loved Mix will come also. I shall wait for your letter my loved Mix. Yours Tanya, the future wife of favorite husband Mix.
Letter 5
Hello my loved Mix, How are you my love?I long missed on you and consequently I want that you have answered me that I I always knew that I very strongly love you. How are you? I understand that I long did not answer your letters, I again want that you have answered my letter, then I shall precisely understand as you me love and want to be with me, only answer me again this letter. You know why I could not answer long time your letter because when I have gone on a summer residence with my mother to us some days to clean were necessary to work there. Such disorder there was that I at all can explain it words, you should understand me. And only in 2 days I have arrived back to the city to answer your letter, here only I wanted you to write yesterday, and for me there was my girlfriend, I had to run for work. There to me if fairly to tell many shouts have got. Which I would not like to recollect. And here only now I answer on your letter. Also I hope that you too will answer me as if you do not hold on me insult my loved Mix. I do not want you to lose in the life I do not want that you all time kept away from me, only I want that you all time answered my letters, I understand that you answer on them, it would be desirable me be with you simply even more to be beside, to love you as the loving wife. I do not want that you had other ideas about me. I so would like to be, be with you with you beside as there are many beloveds who on the present love. You understand me my loved Mix. You should understand that I not the young girl, and that most my treasured dream is that to be with you always that in the near future we with you married that I have presented you of children about which you probably dream very strongly. You understand about what I speak, there is no you is false it to understand, is not simple so to receive your letter to read through and close, namely to ponder upon each my word in each my desire. You already should understand that we with you can realize our meeting as there would be no she only it is necessary trusts this hope which the destiny has given us. I to you very much much would tell if not that that I so strongly was late at myself on work. And how at you there affairs? How at you on work? And you too very much, very much miss about me my loved Mix? You can tell to me that with you has taken place all these days, only it will be pleasant for me to hear it from you. Therefore I want only that that you for one minute did not forget on me my loved Mix. I would call you would speak by phone but it is very unpleasant to me to speak that I do not have phone and that I cannot call to you, you would be precisely happy to hear my voice and as to hear, but you understand too my situation, I am in Russia and you are so far from me what not probably to talk to you because to me so sadly to become even more strongly so only if we shall answer each our letter all it will be very good my loved. Now I not for a long time shall close the letter then to go for work and to make there some affairs. I very strongly love you and during too time very strongly I miss on you. You Tanya which waits for you very strongly and to put on that that you nevertheless will answer my letter.
Letter 6
Hello mine most sweet and the most favorite Mix. I have received your letter, and have received not so quickly as it would like. How you there in Belgrade? How are you doing on work? I'm fine. And on work it is normal. Certainly sometimes I am tired before I come back home, but today at me short day because today not too many visitors were in library was. I was happy to that that you have told to me, that will help me with my arrival. Only I need for you to explain as we with you we meet. First the visa is necessary for me that me have started up in your country without any problems and then already I will need to arrive only. Understand that for me more important now to receive my visa to you my lovely Mix. In travel agency to me have told that she will cost 657 dollars. Only you be not surprised to this, I some time was surprised and then all have considered and have come to that opinion that she of really that to cost, because I can remain with you on absolutely if I in hands will have such visa. I hope that you in it agree with me my loved? And then our meeting will be already exact was carried out. I only want ask to you a direct question on that that you can to me the help with this sum my lovely Mix. I very strongly love you and I want be with you to start our home life that we became each other more than friends, but you understand about what I to you I speak my loved Mix. If time is necessary to you then I can wait, but only it is not necessary to detain long our meeting with you my lovely Mix. I understand that your work does not allow to receive such money and consequently I only want that you knew that in any case I very strongly love you and I want to be only with you and to be beside my lovely Mix. I very strongly regret but now I need to run home to have time there to make some order. I then shall write to you even more as soon as I shall come back from a house. I would like that you before my returning have answered my letter, my loved. I saw that photo which you to me sent, and you there still with what that people stand. Who they, you can tell to me, there can be they your friends? I shall wait for your letter. I love also whole yours Tanya.
Letter 7
Hello my the most favorite and the most sweet Mix. As I was glad to receive next your letter, I so long waited for your letter with patience, and I to you shall tell more that I so strongly now have understood that you love me and love wants to be with me my. How are you my lovely? How your mood? Yes I, very strongly thank you for that that you to me have told about the friends. Transfer from me to them too "hi". I hope that you will tell him, I even am sure in that that you have told him about me. At all I shall not hide that you have told him that I - Tanya your future burnt, which wants to be with you and to construct home life. I only would be glad to this if you have told about me him. Here I have just gone to the Internet - cafe, but from work I have returned in 8:00 one o'clock in the evening. Our working hour at this particular time also comes to an end my loved. And when I have gone to the Internet of cafe, I as felt that that you already have written to me, and I even in the some to a physiognomy have run in the Internet - cafe to look your letter, my the most favorite and the most sweet Mix. Know I so you I love, though also you know so my love to you is important. And here the gases you will see we shall be together, only it is necessary to go behind our hope my loved Mix. I very strongly love you and I want to be with you, I want to construct with you our home life that at us in the near future as soon as we shall marry children have appeared. You know when children appear love each other so grows, and understand that our love who is not capable to destroy. I very strongly love you, and I want only that that we with you shall be together. Only I very strongly ask you that you did not lose minutes of our hope, you only should believe in us, we shall believe that with you together that there was no my love, you know as I you I love, as you love me. And our hope lives only on this hope, my loved. You understand me that without you I will not have a love, and my love will belong only to you. My the most favorite Mix. I do not doubt in an ohm as you me as strongly love and want to be with me that did not happen. I about you have told also my mother. She was very glad that I have got acquainted with such clever and beautiful the man by name Mix. My mother too wishes me happy love, and releases me to you that we there were happy with each other only together my the most favorite. I only want to tell that she that we too shall trust with you together that did not happen my lovely Mix. I as was happy, to that that you want to me the help. You know when I was in travel agency, and learned about my visa, I very strongly cried because I could not make independently this visa, but you my love you supported me a difficult minute for me and as you support me every day. You asked me mine a full name and a surname that you could send that sum. Here my surname and a name-
Last name- Nemetzhanova
First name - Tatyana
country - Russia,
I have written that you have not forgotten, I know that you know in what country I live. And here only I want to ask you my lovely Mix. You in the country have such company the western union? I a little to you about it shall tell. It is the company is engaged in remittances. There can be you know about this company, I only want tell that you can to send this sum through the western union, you only need to specify my last name, first name and the country. In our city has opened such company already several years ago, and that I want to note only, that through this company the sum of money, reaches very quickly and it is the most safe way from all my loved Mix. I already start to feel that that we with you soon shall together, the visa is usually done 4-5 days, since that moment as the application moves. I have educated you in these representations a little. That you knew my dear and the most favorite Mix. Believe in us with you, and in that that we soon shall with you, we necessarily shall with you that did not happen only it is necessary to believe in our love in our dreams. With you which will come true as soon as we with you shall be together my loved Mix. Now I should go home tomorrow to go for work. Yours Tanya, very strongly missing you Mix.
Letter 8
Hello my most and loved Mix. How are you? How you? I 2 days do not receive from you the letter my dear? You have received my letter? I very strongly miss on you my lovely Mix. If you have received my letter, answer me, I very much worry. That I shall lose you my dear Mix. I'm fine, I now only from a lunch break and consequently has gone to the Internet - whether cafe to look you have written to me, I the truth very strongly am afraid my lovely Mix. Know I today saw such dream, that I as if in the other city, and that I have arrived there to to loved, that is to you Mix. I think that it is dream in a hand, and that our meeting soon to be carried out my dear. We only should be trusted each other, and to value our dream my loved, you know as I you I love and only from for you have appeared my love. Before acquaintance to you I at all did not know that such love, and always asked to myself a question how it can be loved? But I have found the answer because it is possible to love, even it is more than to love, and feelings they appear. And with that that I feel it to not transfer words my loved, but I have transferred words those feelings which could my loved Mix. I still have some minutes to write my loved Mix, I very much ask you write to me. Answer me my loved, I very strongly grieve without you. I want to learn only that this letter to you will reach my loved Mix answer me. I very strongly grieve without you so strongly what even to me would not be desirable to go for work, but I nevertheless should go for work my loved Mix. I understand that I too not at once have not answered your letter when asked my data, it only because I needed to go for work, I have not had time to finish the letter to you. I very strongly love you therefore I think that you can understand me. And you have learned about the western union in the city? Can be from for it love has not answered me my Mix? All the same you answer me, I in that letter to you already there have explained all, my loved Mix. Now I shall close the letter to you. And as soon as I shall come back from work, I shall come first of all into the Internet - cafe and I shall put on only that you will answer my letter my loved. I very strongly miss on you. Whole also I embrace yours Tanya.
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