Scam letter(s) from Polina Vyrupaeva to Robert (France)

Letter 1
Hello my honey!!! My love Robert, I has understood that I should call to you. I shall call to you today on a cellular telephone. I very much hope that you will be on connection and I can talk to you. To me have said that if I today to find money that I can arrive to you in Barcelona tomorrow. I very much hope that you will help me today, and I can arrive to you tomorrow. Yours Polina
Letter 2
Hello my love Robert!!! I am very glad that you have helped me. And now I can arrive to you. I shall receive now your remittance. And as to reserve the air ticket on Barcelona. I shall write to you at once as all I shall do. I hope a lot of time what is it will not borrow and I can arrive to you tomorrow. I very much love you and I wait for our meeting with you soon. Your future wife Polina.
Letter 3
Hello Robert!!! I went in Western Union and me have said that I can receive your remittance only tomorrow. As in Moscow has taken place breakage of the program in Western union and they I do not work for technical reasons yesterday and today. You understand it??? I do not have more chances how to wait see you tomorrow. I shall receive your remittance tomorrow and to send you flight. I very much love you Robert and I wait for our meeting with you soon. Your wife Polina
Letter 4

My love Robert, many thanks, that you have helped me with money in which I required for solvency. Today I went to bank and Eocene which you have sent a remittance to me. But I want to inform you unpleasant news. All was good at me there was a good mood in the morning when I was on a way to bank. I dreamed of our meeting I was very happy that on tomorrow I shall see you and we shall shall carry out all life together. I was glad that have met such person as you. But there was a big tragedy for me. When I stood and received money near to me there was a man on which I has not paid attention. He saw as I to himself in a handbag you have put money which to me have sent. After I have left bank he started of me in pursuit. You cannot imagine in what I were fear. I have gone to that side where there were many people. I thought that all wonderfully and moved ahead. With me always there were my dreams of you. I thought constantly about our love and what you the remarkable person. Your name was constant at me in a head. When I suited to the entrance, in an entrance on me this person which has attacked pursued me. he has seized me, I to shout began very strongly. I Shouted from all force, but he have struck me on a head than that heavy. I have lost consciousness. When I have come to the senses, I have seen that about me there was ????. I at once have translated a sight at a hand and I in a hand did not have my handbag. In this bag were money which I should pay for solvency. This person has stolen at me money, I cried, I was in the big shock that it happened with me. ???? has caused to me medical aid and militia, they surveyed me and have told that I have got off an easy fright. I on a head now have not a big graze. But I most of all suffer for money I do not know what to make to me. The militia set to me is a lot of questions, also have then told that cannot help me because I have not remembered its person. he has disappeared also they could not find him. I for a long time sat and I thought did not know as you to write this letter. For me this really big affliction. But I have taken myself in hands and Hurried to the Internet of cafe to write to you what to mountain have taken place with me. My love I love you and I would want that we were together. Now I write the letter and I pay cannot believe that it happened with me I sat at home and thought as me to be in this situation. I wanted to die, of an awful pain in my heart, to me I was very much poorly, also did not know, that to me is further to make. That I have asked the help for you as you unique my loved the man and my future husband who can help me. It is more than should make nothing as soon as to ask the help you and I am courageous to write to you this letter and to ask the help you. My love, my husband, I love you very urgently, and I want to arrive to you and to be with you It is necessary for me now your help, it is necessary for me now 1160 $, that I could show money for solvency and arrive to you. Now only you can help me and when I arrive to you, I promise you, that I shall work at once to give you all money which have been spent for my arrival you. My love, it - very much a shame to me to ask, in you again money, but this unique decision of my problem, that I could arrive to you, and to be with all of you have remained the Life and to be yours on always. I very much is upset that that at me the plane, and I have no such sum. My love, I promise you if you can send me of money for solvency again, I shall be more attentive, and I shall order protection. They will carry, carry spend me up to the airport, and I shall remain there prior to the beginning to you, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! My love I would ask you very much that you have helped me. I very much do not want to postpone the trip. I love you Robert!!!!!!! I very much would want that we were together. I with impatience shall wait for yours the letter and your decision. Yours Polina.
Letter 5
Hello my love Robert!!! All is very a pity that to me so it has turned out and now I have no money to arrive to you. I shall come back in Kazan as I have no more money. I shall write to you at once as soon as to arrive in the city. I hope a lot of time what is it will not borrow and I can write to you. Your wife Polina.
Letter 6
Hello my love Robert!!! I already have arrived in the city Kazan. My love Robert, my mum has said that from the grandmother we managed the inheritance. It is her apartment in cost about 90 000 euro. My mum has offered to make all documents on this apartment and to sell it. That we could then spend this money for our family business or on other charges. But to sell it it is necessary to pay all taxes, and as to pay of the lawyer. We with the mum do not have money and if you agree to us to help that we can sell this apartment. I shall arrive with this money to you. I think that this money will be useful to us in our life. We should hurry up, as if we shall not submit the documents to time, the apartment will proceed to our state. Please write to me what you think of it??? Polina
Letter 7
My sweet love Robert, I Love You Robert! I love you with all my heart, soul and every breath of my being. You are at the center of my world and all my thoughts revolve around you. You are in my mind during the day and in my dreams when I sleep at night. I crave your kiss on my lips and your touch on my body. My love Robert, is very a pity to me but I did not receive from you the letter. I already wrote to you that our mail works badly and many letters do not reach the end. I really want to sell an apartment. But I think that you the unique person who can help me. As my friends I have no so much money to help me. I still hope that you can help me with sale of an apartment. We need to pay the tax to the Inheritance, and as the lawyer. I shall require in 2500 euro. I have no so much money and I cannot take this money in bank as I have no work. You understand it. I today met the agent of the real estate and he has told that we should hurry up. As if documents will not be shown during time that we shall lose an apartment. This apartment to be in good area and it can be sold quickly. The agent of the real estate has told that it will be quickly sold. I very much hope that you can help me with such money and I can sell an apartment. I shall compensate to you all early charges. And as on other money we can open us family business or on other charges. After sale of an apartment. I with you Robert we shall have about 90000 euro for our future. Please write to me when you can help me with this money??? I should sell it now. I love your sweet love and your words of love lift my spirits greatly! Whenever I think of you it's the most pleasant sensation and fills my mind with beautiful thoughts of the prince that I'm in love with! You, my Angel, are my biggest love, my life, my future and everything that I look forward to in life. When we are together it will be the greatest day of our lives and each day we spend after that. I know your my angel sent to me from heaven to guide me through life's trials and I need your love and everything else you have to give, I need them so much, I need you so much! Sweetheart, I love you my Prince, your girl that loves you, Polina.
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