Letter(s) from Temi Donald to Fred (USA)

Letter 1

I got Ur Interest and message too,I feel with you i can be someone great in life back only if you can be of great man to me and my life.I will remain honest with you and i just have to let you know all i am going through in life after i was loved with a man that do not appreciate what God has given him as a wife....I guess with this your intrest in me will be high since i am telling you the truth and not the lie,i know my God will make us real for one another if you are God sent to me.i'm not an upgraded member cuz i'm having a situation at this time.I attended college at Community College of Allegheny but not in college right now due to the critical condition i am into at present and never believed anybody wanna be with a girl like mine who's got a fairy tale about life's experience o.k. If U really want to meet me for real , i want U to know the problem i have and what my hard experiences about life was ok!! Please read this carefully and U'll understand the kind of person i am and what my hard experiences about life is o.k.My parents were from Australia .
I started my fairly tale when I was just 18 months old, i lost my mum. I didn't growup to know who she was or who ever my mother was o.k.
My father had to raise me all alone. I was the only child of the family. I also lost my dad few months ago, he had an accident and died.It was, when i was a kid and i lost my mum that my dad had to build a House in Erie PA ok.
I met a guy after my father's death few month ago when i moved out to Troy, because my father raised me never to have friends cos he had bad experience with friends when he was much more younger , and he made me stay indoor all day too.
This guy i met was a german alright? He lived with me in Troy, for over 2months, he asked if i would come over to africa to see his Uncle so we can get engaged and live as one big family with long term happiness and plan for the future so that i can also be happy after all the sorrows i've had....I agree to go on the trip to Africa with him. I saved enough to keep us confortable while we were away cos i earn so much from my latefather's properties o.k. I had to withdraw about $18,500 i have in my account to make sure we were safe and secure while we were on this trip . So i closed up my account. But unfortunately, when we got to Africa he took me to stay in a hotel, and after few weeks and days when we got here, he brought a bottle of champaigne and i think he wanted to propose marriage to me, but after i drank the champaigne i was asleep all through and when i woke up, i noticed that he had gone with all my stuff my money, my jewelries,and everything i had left out here ok. he only left me with some cloths and nothing else, I was all alone here, and he left me a note saying that he had gone over to the Ukraine , with another girl, the lady he really loved and he's been keeping for so long when he was once in africa . Right now i'm in a hell of trouble. I was left out here all alone with some bills to take care of at the hotel i'm staying and the hotel management won't let me get out of here if i didn't pay the bills ok!! It's really crazy. I feel like killing myself ok. At the moment i have an outstanding bill of $450 here on my accomodation and just $100 for the internet services, provided for me out here o.k.the hotel manager out here seized my passport and return flight ticket so that i will not run away.
Please fred,i need your help to get my life back on track and start up a new life for a life time happiness I promise if U can get me out of here by helping me pay the bills to the Hotel management, i will surely make it upto U o.k...... i want you to brighten my day and my life time cause my life at the moment is in a terrible situation. Now Please light up my life also will i like you to put some smile into my life,fred also i will like you to warm my heart for life time happiness in you and i promise never to let you done if you can be this great to me and my life back to the state,hopefully i will accept that i have found a new life with U So it's up to U to decide on what U wanna do with me concerning these issues .i am also looking for someone that can be the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone , one that will not just be beside me but one that can be part of me...Okay.
I'm glad friendship doesn't come with price tags.For if it does, I'd never afford someone as great as you fred.
I believe you are sent to me from God cos he said in his world that he will not come down from heaven to help anyone in need of help but he will surely send that special one that will help.
Temi Cares