Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Fart to Gaston (Argentina)

Letter 1
HELLO my new friend!!! Thanks, that you have answered my letter!!. I with impatience waited your letter. And now I am happy, that I can write To you. I should tell to you, that I search for the friend who can To support me in difficult minute. I am lonely. Also the person which is necessary for me can to make my life more interestingly. The one who will like me words. I think, that any attitudes it is better to begin with friendship. All we again should get acquainted with each other. We should Character of research and habit the friend the friend. Only friends can divide most Secret in its life. Only existing friends can trust each other. I Want, that you were my best friend. I have no friends in Another the country. Therefore I to try to search for the friend from another The countries. I hope, that in the future our attitudes will be strong Also are very durable. It is probable to search for any other kind of attitudes, Than friendship. Inform me on it in the following letter. I think, That friendship it only a first step in our attitudes. Properly We can develop more close relations. Time will show. We should study The friend the friend. Therefore I wish to tell to you a little about me directly. Mine Name Ekaterina. I live in Russia. I never travelled to other country. Possibly you have heard about Russia. It is the greatest on area The country and the richest on natural resources. Russia calms down from The east up to the Europe and therefore a climate here - very much Various. I live in city of Kazan '. It not small city, but here it Very beautiful. Our city recognizes as very ecological city because here It is many trees. I do not love more Cities but me it is necessary to live here! I do not love them because there it is a lot of noise, too many Vanity. I hope, that you agree with me. Kazan ' is a part of republic From Tatarstan. You have sometime heard about Tatarstan. Possibly is not present, therefore That it is small republic. I Russian on a nationality. I To study English language at school of 7 years and went on rates of Spanish! I can speak, To write, read, to understand English and Spanish languages. Though, you can notice, still it is a lot of to study what well to speak in these languages. I think, that you can understand, that I write to you, but value From some words can change. I possibly should inform you on mine Occurrence I was born 21.06.82 years. In me a harmonious figure. I have growth of 167 My weight 55 At me initially white but I them sometimes paint hair!!. For the first letter, I think, That it - is enough. I nevertheless have not told to you, that I have no own Computer. I should enter into the Internet - cafe to write to you the letter. I cannot sometimes enter into the Internet - cafe and therefore, you should Understand, that I cannot answer your letters at once. I require the some people Time to answer the letter. I want, which you have written to me every day. If You somewhere leave, inform me it, that I did not worry. In me to you Small inquiry. Please inform me a little on itself. I hope, That we can develop our attitudes. I look forward to hearing from you. Your friend Ekaterina
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