Scam Letter(s) from Olga Olyaka to Charles (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello my sweetest Charles,
Thank you,dear for your wonderful letter and picture! You know, I also wanted to say thank you for the admiration and exitement that come to me through your letters. You know, sometimes it seems to me that I have been sleeping before we got acquainted.And now, with every your letter I wake up, I open eyes, my hear and my soul and see new and new horizons for us! You know, your letters bring the light and I wish I could always stay in it...I am sure that no one can influence the way like that! I am so exited every time I get your letters!And I am so glad that now I am the only one who can get the light of your soul! =) ;0)

I want to see you in person so much, as I've already imagined our first meeting for so many times, that magic first moment when we will talk about love. Confess, that it is the main thing in the world ;0) And the happiest man is not only who could reach some success, power, luck, but the most preciuos in his life. I mean love... I feel it by your sigh and your smile that brights your face now... Am I right? ;0)It may seem strange, but I don't even doubt in it, because every man and every woman need, back to our date... You will give the glasses for the red wine, that our friendly waiter will pour out very sensative and skilfully...We will make a big sipand feel how the wine ranwith the warm stream by our veins, warming and our body... We'll hear the first souds of the piano and the unremedy romantic saxofon will start his eternal song dedicated to our feelings. So, cheirs, the firdt our tost will be- for our love...

How do you like this idea? I hope you feel the same....

You know, I was so exited with my thoughts that I have already forgotten the main reason of this letter... You know, every time I get your letters, I forget about everything... But anyway, I have to make a confession to you... Remember, I have already told you that I am just only learning English and I can't write this letters by myself, I need the help, that I have been getting in the interpreters' assosiation, but my economical condition is not so good that you can imagine and it is hard for me to pay for the correspondence with you... I know that you are very gentle man and I thought that you will be able to help me... No, I don't want you to think that I only search for money, as I know that there are so many scammers, but I want you to know that I am very serious about you and I am so afraid to loose you, but I just can't effort it right now... I don't want your money, the only thing I am asking for is would you be so kind to help me with our correspondence...

I hope you feel the same for me and I we will be able to continue our correspondence, as I need you so much in my life, that it is hard even to describe... And of course I hope this mailing will finally lead to our meeting that I've been dreaming about since your first letter...

If you were so kind to help me and you are really interested in continueing our mailing, please contact the assosiation of interpreters I am using by following address

Will be looking forward to hear form you,

With all my feelings,



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