Scam letter(s) from Linda Gerald to Todd (USA)

Letter 1
Ummm,you sound kinda insultive although U sound nice at first.I know its really hard to help someone whom you have never met but i need you to try to understand all i have said and the situation inwhich i'm going thru.I really need you,i really need your help.I'm not that kinda person who always looks to someone's help to live but The condition which i'm going thru made me ask of your help,But u have to understand that its a very shamefull thing for me to be here seeking for help while all my mates are out there With their soulmate.
All i need you to do right now is just to open a space in your heart for me and give me a chance and i'm ready to promise you that you would never regret helping me out of here.
As soon as i'm back with you in the states we would go get the consignment and use it in beginning a new life together.And i want you to understand something that i dont need you for your money/help but for the relationship i wanna share wth you cos money cant buy love,Money is not Love, even if money did buy love then definitely that relationship wont last long so i hope with this few words of mine im able to convincebut not to confuse you that i dont need you for your money/help but for the relationship i wanna share with you.Well i would want you to know that i'm still in the hospital right now,the dr gives me his pc to make use of and i sleep here.Since a day and half ago i had stop eating in the hospital bcos the hospital management are tired and wont wanna feed me anymore.
You can get through the hospital management( St Pauls Hospital) and #: +2348023431865 and i would be there to talk to you on the phone ok,or you can email to confirm all i had told you and more Just say your on behalf of the white lady by name Brenda Garcia in ward 09.I would be waiting to hear from you soon.Bye,take care and have a nice time.
Letter 2
Well this is what dad is a sailor and owns a sales bussiness which makes sales of Jewelries/textiles internationally.He makes sales within United States and European countries & also North African countries.He had a deal worth 570m $ in Nigeria at North Africa which he saved all his money against investing in this bussiness So he thought instead of going and coming,he decided to move with his family to Nigeria.So all bcos i had noone to love and care for me back in the states,i decided to join my family in going to nigeria,i had no man.So we all get set to go to Nigeria for a new life,but before we left the states my dad has sold our house and the rest of our properties.
On arriving at the airport in Nigeria around 9pm Nigerian time,we went to a restaurant to get something to eat but unfortunately for us my family was attacked & murdered(shot) at the restaurant so we were rushed by some samaritans to a hospital.I didnt realise all this untill i woke up in the hospital bcos I could not remember some certain things after then I asked after the rest of my family,the dr told me that i was the only survival of the incident except for the fact that only my mom struggles for her life and was in coma for weeks but died yesternite.
I dont know anyone nor anywhere in this country.My mom is scottish while my dad was adopted when he was young,so now i'm all alone.I am oweing the hospital a bill of 200$ so they did seize all my travelling papers and return ticket,saying I'll have to pay off before i can leave.I would be very gratefull and most glad if you can help me out of this situation and help me with an apartment or come and live with you back in the states.Or if you love me i dont mind to be with you for the rest of our lives
The hospital bill is all i need to leave this country bcos i seem to have all my travelling papers and return ticket to fly back to you in the states but they are being held down over here by the hospital management.My family had an Inheritance account document in the states which worths 160 milllion usdollars,i cant be able to access the money from here .. i've to be there in person in CA to get it.As soon as you can get me out of here and im back with you in the states,i would go claim and use it to begin a new and happy life together.
Would you help me out of this?
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