Scam letter(s) from Natalia Popova to Anthony (USA)

Letter 1
Anthony hello,Glad to say that I am all right. You know I am in Moscow now and I think I have made almost the half of my trip. To be fair I am tired, everything is not so easy like I thought. It is hard enough busineess because of so many barriers on this way. I want you to know that you can't imagine how glad I am to know that you want to meet me,it helps me to be strong.
Well,about my news.
I was in travel agency today, nearest possible flight is Saturday September 22.
Pls tell me if this date is ok for you to meet me??
I hope you will have some free time to spend with me!!
Here is the info, about my flight, that I was given in travel agency: --------------------------------- Information for Anna Chadaeva. "RosTrav",Kozlov Victor.162238 Moscow, Popova street 79, office 231.

Please use our service .
Best regards.Manager|Venskiy Vladislav. Flights: Moscow, Russian Federation - Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Saturday, September 22, 2007
Flights All airports (MOW), Moscow, Russian Federation to Des Moines (DSM), Des Moines, Iowa, USA
LEGEND: 1st=First, Biz=Business, Eco=Economy, N/A=Class does not exist, No=All seats full, OP=Flight operated by another carrier, R=On Request TR=Traffic Restrictions apply to this flight Flight Departing Arriving Stops / Aircraft Duration Seats available
1st Biz Eco Aeroflot SU 303
Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
Terminal 2 15:55
Pearson Int'l (YYZ), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Terminal 3 18:00
Non-stop / 763 16h05min N/A Yes Yes
Midwest Airlines
YX 2297 OP
Pearson Int'l (YYZ), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Terminal 3 20:25
General Mitchell (MKE), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 21:00
Non-stop / FRJ N/A N/A Yes
Midwest Airlines
YX 2325 OP
General Mitchell (MKE), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 21:50
Des Moines (DSM), Des Moines, Iowa, USA 23:00

Price: USD 1250.00+ Round trip tickets.Eco.class. ------------------------------ I am so glad to see that we are almost near our goal,and our meeting wait for us.
I think I will call you from airport before my flight.
You know I booked tickets on Saturday flight and I will buy them before my interview.
People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally, so I need to buy roundtrip tickets (with returning date).
I wanted to ask you about electronic tickets but they tell that I can't use because it is their businees to arrange all travel details and they have some extra money from all the things, you see it is just business.I think that you will be able to help me because I don't know anybody here and only you are my hope now, I think everything in your hands and I believe that you will not leave me here alone.please borrow some money.
I am sure I will be able to return all your money back after a few weeks,I will get salary and I will collect the sum I own from you.
To be fair I am not sure I know what to say because I hate to ask but now I have no different way, you see.
Please help me it is only money and much more important if we will meet in person I will do my
best, you won`t be disappoined.
I see that it sounds a little crazy but I can't believe that in the worst case I have to return
home,they all will laugh at me.I think it rests with you to decide and I feel that you will help me because you are kind.
I have about 300 US dollars yet and I think I need about 950 US dollars from your side with all travel needs and living here till my flight!
(I had 1150 dollars, but flight from Novokuznetsk, opening visa, medical insurance and all travel needs costed about 800 dollars).
For truth I didn`t expect I will need to buy roundtrip tickets, but now I see that its a very
strict rule.
If everything will be all right between us I can stay with you longer than three months,maximum I can stay about 6 months for first time!
We should change only the date of my returning flight.and if you don't like me I will live in rent room and won't bother you and money is money I will return it back in any case.I so much hope that you will help me.
My parents gave me all they had.
Thank you in advance. Maybe i look like the poor outsider but I do hope you understand my position because it is always there is anybody who needs the help.
I will call you from airport and I will wait for you there as long as you need,I mean if you need any time to arrive in is not problem for me to wait because I know that it is the end of my trip and I have time to improve my condition(some perfume)after long jorney.
I want you to see me in good shape!
Kiss you and do hope to kiss you in person so soon. We need to do it pretty fast,you know I ordered all my documents in advance and you see everything is ready so fast I need only your help because we have no a lot of time till my intervew, if everything will be all right I will be on this flight!
They have told me that you could make a transfer by Western Union. The manager from the bank explained to me how system works.
All you need is my name and my surname and address to put on their list. Once you do this, I'll be able to pickup the money in any local Western Union office in Moscow.
My address here (the room i am renting)
Country : Russia,
City : Moscow,
Address : Oktyabrskaya street 21-77
post code (zip) : 248811
Full name Anna Chadaeva (right writting in English)
In case you will need my passport details I send you a copy of my passport.
After it please write me money transfer control number, your zip code and all info that I will need and I will go to nearest office of western union with my identification (passport).
Honey I am so happy that we will be together in a few days and I have so many different dreams about us and our first kiss and .....some of my dreams are so brave i will tell you later when we meet I prefer to say such things in person and I am sure we will have a lot of fun.
I'm sure we will like each other and we can probably stay together forever! I will prolong my visa or apply for a green card!
Sorry my parents are paying for the education of my sister, they helped me as much as they could.
OK! Everybody has difficulties in it's life! You know maybe women in Russia (and me too!) are not that world oriented...
I don't know how to explain... I've never made any trips abroad... I don't have such experience.
I come from a small city. I'm not a feminist girl, I'm ready to listen to my man and do everything he tells me. Maybe I'm too old traditioned? I don't know... I'm sure you will help me and we will meet each other and have a great time together!
When I come to you I will listen to your advises and I will do everything you tell me! You are such good man! Anna with great hope and many kisses!
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