Scam Letter(s) from Olesya Garbuzyuk to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Dear John.
I have decided to send you a letter because I want to start our communication.
My name is Alesya. I live in a small city Lugansk in the east of Ukraine. It is a very beautiful and exciting city and there are a lot of places of interest. I love my city very much because I was born here and spent my childhood here. All my life and memories are connected with this beautiful city. I live with my parents now. I love my family very much. My family is very friendly. I have two oldest brothers. They are 27 years old. I also have two nieces whom I love very much. I also like animals very much. I have a cat. His nickname is Tima. But I love dogs more that cats. I love nature, sea, sun. In general I love summer very much. I don't like to be alone. I have a lot of friends and like to spend time with them. I want to make more friends all over the world. I'm fond of swimming and fitness also. One of my favorite things is to go to the disco parties.
I'm looking for a man of my dream I hope that it will be you.
With hope, Alesya.

Translated by Oksana Kulintseva

Letter 2

Hello, dear John!
Thank you for your the soonest letter. You are a handsome man and my type. Thank you for the compliments for me. It is pleasant for a girl to hear such words about her. John, I know about Honolulu only from the books and movies. Also, Hawaii were shown in the cartoon film " Lilou and the Stitch".;) I know that the nature there is wonderful, and there is no winter. It is cool: the whole year one may swim and enjoy the sun and warmth! Yes, I like summer very much! I like to take the sun bath, when you lay under the sun and its rays go on through you. And your skin becomes of toast color.;))) Some years ago I had 2 dogs: Timosh and Henry. They were spaniels. And they both were killed: the first one was killed by a man who was driving in alcoholic condition, and the second was poisoned. I was a teenager then and it impressed me much.(((
I like to play American billiard, tennis, chess. I like to swim and to cycle.
How did you pass the St. Valentine's day? Was it fantastic?
Now I stop here. I will wait your letter.
Sincerely, Alesya.

Letter 3

Hello, John!
Thank you for your letter.
I am so sorry about your dog. It is always pity to lose your loved beings, to whom you have become attached. My favorite TV show in Ukraine is the program "The Chance". Producers take unknown persons from the street and try to make of them a real singers during one day: they find songs for them that show their best singing abilities, find a suit for them, stage a show to their songs, do make-up and hair-cut. Then people should vote for one of these persons. The finalist of this program receive a grant and a possibility to cooperate with the producer center, where he will be helped to record his songs and to make his clips. It is great, is not it? When I was younger, my favorite serial was "Charmed". For me it was wonderful to believe in magic and good witches. I always believe that there are a lot of magician and even sorcerers in the world. In childhood I even thought that in our house attic the ghost lived. We call it Domovoy. It's being safe the family and house they live in. It is a little hairy man with grey beard that always speak to himself and mutter. I am very fond of music. My favorite genres are light rock( The Cardigans), Latin music, pop. I like our Ukrainian music a lot.
I switch on music and always sing songs when I get up.
And what about you?
I will wait for your next message.
Warmly, Alesya.
Translated by Oksana Kulintseva (Agency ID: 1003300)

Letter 4

Hello, John!
Thank you for letter.
Yes, you are right, our program is almost the same as yours "American Idol". I do not know the specificity of yours program, but I think there are some differences. Domovoy may be malicious, but it may be friendly. It depends on him.))) He may break something, if a family does not respect him, but also, he may help them somehow, keeps from bad actions or warn before the problem. Thank you for advising me to watch those films, I will see them with a pleasure. As you, I like the same songs of Cardigans. I even have "Erase and Rewind" as a phone ring.) It is cool that you were working as DJ. I would like to try myself on this field.) Yes, my brothers are twins. Their names are Sasha and Lesha. I love them very much, because they always protect me and understand me. They have their own families, but I meet them frequently. My Mom tries to make discount on my age and not to force me to behave as she did in her youth. She is an employee. My father is the chief of department on the plant. Our relations are warm, it happens that we have quarrel, but not often. My friend has shown me this site. It is a modern way to find a man, so I decided to try my Destiny.) I do not have a boyfriend because our men are too selfish and too lazy to have relations, I mean serious relations.
And what about you? Why did you place on this site?
I will wait for your letter.
Warmly, Alesya.

Letter 5

Dear John!
Thank you for your letter! Also, I should thank you about your pic, it is fantastic and so magnificent! I liked it very much. Yes, you are right, I like violets. And I did not like roses, but your pics made me think on another way. I did not like them because of their prevalence, because they are often given. But white roses are really nice on your picture. Also, I may say that I like pink roses, they are so tender. Besides, I like lilies but they have such specific scent. I like to plant. I have a lot of flowers at home, mostly they are violets. Also, I have ficuses, roses, aloes, palms and so on. Yes, we have gardens. You, maybe, do not know our climate, because in winter we have cold( but this winter was not typical for our region) and the summer is very hot. We have a lot of trees in our gardens: cherry-tree, peaches, apricots, apples, plums, also we have currant, strawberry, gooseberry, raspberry, viburnum, grape. Our country is famous of its agriculture.) And what do you like of it? My favorite dishes are: mashed potatoes, fried or stewed meat, chocolate. And what about yours? No, I do not have both Godparents and Godsons. I like to watch horror films. The two that scared me to death was "The ring" and the old one "Raised from the Hell". In general, I watch horror films without scare, but those two were so horrible! I even was afraid of sleep after watching them.) Also, I like some thrillers and comedies. I like to read modern foreign literature. Also, I like fantasy but I hate Tolkien. I like to read Ursula Le Guin's books, Updike, Stephen King!!!
And what about yours favorite books and authors?
I stop here. I hope this letter will find you in a good mood.
Warmly, Alesya.

Letter 6

Dear John!
Thank you for your soonest letter. You know, your letters always high my spirit. They are interesting and funny, but meaningful and deep. Maybe, "Hellriser" and "Raise from the Hell" are the same film.) It has 5 or 6 parts. I have never heard about Rod Serling and H.P. Lovecraft. What genres of literature do they write in? About your test...))) I cannot chouse one animal. But I would like to be a lioness, a dog and a horse. I like cats, but it won't be good for test, will it?))) My St. Valentine's Day was not very fun. I was with my friends. Firstly, we went to the club " The disco". There we drank a little beer, we danced and played billiard. It was enough funny.) Then we came to our friend that lived not far from the club. We danced a little, and then my friend and I went home. As we live in one house it was not terribly neither for me nor for her to go home about 11 o'clock. That was my holiday. It might be fun but I did not have the my One near me. So, I feel myself a little bit alone. This weekend was not very fun. Mostly I spent it at home, as the weather was not warm. Besides, I helped to my Mom to clean the flat, and then I went to supermarket to by some food.
I do not know how I will spend next weekend. I will know it tomorrow.
As they say in Ukraine, we should live to this day.
Does "Mahalo" means "Good bye"?
Here I will close my letter. I will wait for your explanation of animals in your next letter. But I already want to know it.)
Warmly, Alesya.

Letter 7

Dear John!
Thank you for your letter. You know for me it is always interesting to receive your letters. When you send them every day it is much more better. You are right, you are witty and good-looking, but also you are smart and clever. I like it, because it is always interesting to correspond with you. I like that the number of our letters arises. It means that we may know each other better. Did I acquit your waiting with those animals?))) Did you take the test of Ayzenk for the intellectual abilities? How high is your IQ? You live in Japan. Do you know Japanese? It is the one of the most difficult languages, except Chinese and Russian. What color do you prefer? It is my turn to test you.))) Tell me 3 your favorite colors, please.
Here I close my letter.
I will wait your one with impatience.
Aloha.) Your Alesya.

Letter 8

Dear John!
Thank you for your letter. It has come so soon! I see that you like to correspond with me, because you answer so fast!) I do not have a car. I do not know how to drive it. And now I do not want to learn it. Here in Ukraine we have the same traffic as in the USA. On the holiday firstly I will be with my parents, and then I will go to my friend, Irina. Maybe, there will be some other people, I do not know exactly. My Mom has already bought a gift to me. But I do not know, what it is.) My favorite colors are all the colors, except brown and white. But mostly I like green, blue and red. “Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant" - 1 Corinthians 13:4. One day I watched a film about a girl and a boy. They were pupils. When they met each other, firstly they did not like each other. Her farther was a priest. And when the main heroes became closer, she started to have an influence on him. Then they got married. But unfortunately, she died of leukemia in a month.( There I heard those words. Did you see that film? “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired" – Robert Frost. I like it very much! John, dear, you always high my spirit with your letters! I always like to get and read your letters. But I am afraid that we will never have an opportunity to meet! Can it be possible? Do you want to meet with me or you prefer only to correspond with me? Recently, I have quarreled with one my friend. She asked me to give her one book, that she needed. I promised her to find it and to give her. She unexpectedly phone me and say that she waits for me in my flat. When I came home, I found that book and said her that I needed to go, because I had agreed with a girl, that she would make me manicure. So, it was firstly. Secondly, I asked her to give me golden earrings that she did not wear, because I did not have them at that moment and my ears had started hurting me. When I came to her, I did not know that she wanted to talk with me. I said her that I had a little time, because I promised to my Mom to help her. And my friend offended by me, and said that it was the second case, that she wanted to sit with me and to drink some wine, but I did not have time for her and everybody was more important than she is.
In your opinion, who was guilty in this situation? Or both parts were right on their own way?
I will wait for your reply with impatience.
Aloha, kiss, Alesya.



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