Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello Gavin! I have now checked up a mail on my box and have seen your letter. It is certainly pleasant for me, that you have not ignored my request for acquaintance. Thanks. Well, give gets acquainted?, probably, it will be curious to you to learn, what about me? I shall a little tell. My name is Lyudmila. I live in Russia in city Cheboksary. These are 750 kms from Moscow. I live with the daddy and mum at me there is a senior sister. I have ended institute and now I work. At me good collective. You love the sea? I was once on Black sea. To me there were 15 years, and the daddy has taken me with itself in business trip. I till now remember a sunset. As it disappears behind horizon. But my holiday will be approximately in a month 2, for the present precisely I do not know. And I should be content with the days off. You write to me, what it is interesting to you to learn, and I shall answer you, well? And me, please, tell about itself, well? Than you are engaged? Where you work? What do you like, and what do not like? I have music, your favourite books and films in a kind. Can at you there is an interesting hobby? How you will spend the free time? And your favourite holidays name to me too. And what formation at you? If it is not difficult for you, tell to me about your country. About your customs and culture. I too shall tell to you about myself. I love new friends. I cheerful and sociable, and my hobby was aquarian a fish. Lyudmila.
P. S. Also came to me please the photo.

Letter 2

Hello Gavin! At me all Ok. You are glad for you, that too in the order. My lovely I Anna Karenina I read the book like to read books, I was not in Moscow. I have one important question how you concern to children? I very much love children. And very much I love children's laughter! It the happiest and joyful, sonorous and fine! If the child is dared, at me on heart becomes warm. I want, that children never cried. I love children and children's holidays. I want to visit Disney Lend. It is a lot of about it heard. You were in Disney Lend? There it is very cheerful and beautiful. It is a pity, that we do not have anything similar. But I read about the owner and the founder Mr. Disney. It appears, it was very malicious and greedy person. I was in a shock. And it very much offended the wife, even beat her! Interestingly as the person created such miracle can be such malicious? I do not understand. And how it is possible to strike the woman? It is very terrible and dirty. Such person should sit in prison. Yesterday descended in library and has taken books on a history of " Ancient Rome », very interestingly. So now week I shall eat than engage. Only the daddy names me a book worm! Also speaks, that is necessary not to sit at home, and to think of his grandsons! You imagine? It very much at me the ambiguous person. And sometimes it happens very rough, probably, because the militarian. And I now shall go for a dinner, to our cafe, to eat very much it would be desirable.
Ha. Ha. Up to a meeting, my beloved friend. Well, all SO LONG!!!
P. S. A photo!

Letter 3

Hello Gavin! As it is wonderful, that you have answered. I very much am glad to this. But why you so have a little told about yourself? It would be interesting to me to learn about you more. Tell to me, about that place, where do you live, about the house, well? About the friends and how you will spend a free time. And I shall tell to you about Russia and about myself. At us not such hot summer. At us in Russia the short summer, is a pity. Most of all I love winter. She too is in own way fine. And so strongly you wait a snow after cold and crude autumn. I love winter, is especial when the big snowflakes and all around white fall, is white, and air fresh and frosty. Especially in a wood, smells as needles and air very pure. And when the strong frost, a snow creaks under legs and your steps is audible very far. To anybody to not creep silently! Ha.. Ha.. Ha... But I shall not be dishonest summer, certainly, it is pleasant to me more. As it is wonderfully possible to spend time on the river! Simply charm. It is necessary to do and invent nothing, and simply to sunbathe and bathe. I have dream, she small I want to learn to go by a water motorcycle. And now I write to you, and I look in a window, and you know, of what I think? As it would be now good, to leave on the south, to Black sea. Well all right, I still want to have dinner. Good-bye, write to me tomorrow, well? I shall wait for your letter. And we again shall communicate. Only write, please, more about itself. Well, for example, you like to carry what clothes, and what are pleasant to you at women? And certainly, that it is pleasant to you in girls. I have gone to eat. Write, I shall wait. Lyudmila
P. S. I yesterday have bought new a fish, she refers to barbus, very beautiful.

Letter 4

Hello Gavin, it I Lyudmila. You yet have not forgotten me? Ha. Ha.. Ha... At me today fine mood. My lovely I write you letters. Today to me give out wages. And I have already thought up, as her to spend. The purchase to itself years shoes, and a dress. She very beautiful and me goes. I for a long time wanted her. And even saved money that her to buy. And today, after the working day, I shall go to shop, behind the long-awaited purchase. Than you are now borrowed? Probably, affairs? Well, anything terrible I too on work. I yet have not written to you where I work. Anything interesting in my work is not present. I work as the dispatcher in an automobile column. In our organization of 17 big lorries, and I watch that they in time came on base and in time left for work. I write out travelling sheets. Also I measure by a ruler on a card their route what to know, flight of the lorry will cost how many for the customer. In general guys work for us not bad, but almost everyone drink alcohol. It is tradition, probably, such at Russian drivers to drink vodka. But also work at them heavy. Sometimes reaches up to ridiculous, in the winter that brakes by lorries did not freeze, pure spirit is given out to drivers. The driver should fill in this spirit, in special cylinders. But my drivers everyone drink!!! And brakes on a frost freeze!!! And every morning guys with torches climb under machines and fire warm brakes that would will be touched from a place. Ridiculous they. What for to drink, if the machine then does not go? I do not understand it. And Friday, for example, refers to « day of the driver ». And in the evening all collective of drivers gathers, and again drink. Well, unless, that without those who in flight. But when guys come from business trip always bring to us gifts. For example, cognac with sweets or a bottle good fault. Especially well on March, 8, this holiday refers to the Women's day. It is possible to receive gifts much. For example, a soft toy. To me last time have presented a young lion. And for New year the big box of sweets, and a bottle of champagne. To tell the truth, now affairs at a motorcade go not so well. Very rigid competition to private drivers, at who has own lorry. And it affects the salary of employees and drivers. Moreover we guys all time deceive us dispatchers. Add kilometers on a speedmeter. Also I fill in more solar oils. And then sell this solar oil. So we also live, funny, the truth? while I wrote to you, the sun has looked out! Perfectly! Well all right, I have gone, to drink tea. And machines now will start to put, there will be a lot of work. And then in cash department in turn to stand up for money. One pleases, that a jacket I shall buy today. If only it have not sold already. Tell more about itself, about your attitude to the woman. What girls you love? Also what most of all you appreciate in the woman? What qualities? I have run, so long! Lyudmila.
P.S. Write to me tomorrow, well? I shall wait.

Letter 5

Hello Gavin! I have bought a years dress!!! Ur! Ur! Ur! To you, probably, ridiculously, but you know, how I for a long time about it dreamed? Now even the soul has calmed down. Mum too was glad, and the daddy, I saw, how it smiled. So, that now to me the snow and a frost is not terrible. And it is certainly beautiful! Only Nastya yet did not see, Nastya it is my sister. She at me very clever and beautiful. And now I want to eat, soon I shall go home for a dinner, the on duty machine will be released through one hour. But sometimes certainly I have dinner directly on work. But today mum was going very tasty hot and I cannot refuse temptation and for a dinner I shall go home. The truth will not be time for rest. But though a fish I shall feed. Well, what like all? But now, the truth, at me the new anxiety has appeared. Has seen a beautiful skirt and has very much wanted her to buy. In general it is better to me to not go to shops. One frustration only. Ha … Ha … Ha …. I do not know as though lived in the big city. I in Cheboksary have not enough shops and to buy something good it is very difficult. Any cheap Chinese nonsense is sold. It is necessary to go in shops in Kazan. And still, I want to ask to you not a modest question, it is possible? You are lonely? Or you have girl or the girlfriend? In fact as that you should solve the problem with sex? Or you have mistress? You men very ridiculous when want the woman, are ready to make anything you like. Ha … Ha.. And as far as I have had time to understand you, you want them always, and not one skirt do not pass. From it also are tormented. But certainly if I have offended you, I am sorry. Good-bye. Write, well? I shall wait. Lyudmila.
P.S. I want your Photo!

Letter 6

Hello Gavin! To receive your letters at me will soon enter a good habit. Today good day and at me good mood. Mum with the Daddy leave to the grandmother for three days, and Nastya has not returned yet from Saratov. It is city so refers to, Saratov. And now I to itself the mistress!!! Yet I do not know, how will dispose of the loneliness. I love, when I one houses, I do not know, why, but I like. And now I am just tasty ate, we with girls have prepared for tasty salad from a tomato with mayonnaise. There is nothing better fresh vegetables. Have welded, a potato, and pork sausages have boiled. I have gorged on so, what even I can not go. Ha... Ha... Ha …. it is interestingly possible to die from ate many whether or not? I am afraid, that I shall recover. Ha... Ha … Ha... Tell to me, what you like to eat, well? You prepare yourself for a meal? Speak, that the man prepares better the woman. And how you will spend cleaning in the house? Too all? I hope, you independent the man. The life of a bachelor of you tires? Probably, anything good is not present in when you come home, and in it anybody is not present? To you it is very lonely? I am ready to argue, that is lonely. At me the good guy was, I so thought, that it good. But it behaved not fairly. And I have learned all. I hardly from mind have not left when have learned about it. Even on street did not leave, only for work and at once home. And even now I do not want to recollect it. It was very disgusting to me, because that the person of whom I thought, that it for me the closest, has betraid me. Sadly. But in your life, probably, too there were gloomy moments? Tell to me about them if you want, certainly, but if not you will begin I shall understand you. A life very strange piece, and always prepares for unexpected surprises. I do not have not enough your letters, I want to learn more about you. How you have left school is interesting to me even. And, as there passed your life and why we now write each other further. Can, you will open to me some secrets? Now I shall go to a room of rest and I shall lie on a sofa for 5 minutes, to have a rest. Why that I am tired. Well, all while, I shall go, to have a rest. Ha... Ha … Ha. No so to eat it is impossible, it is exact. Well, all, probably, I shall finish the letter, to me so not hunting with you to say goodbye, but it is time to me. I shall wait your letter. Lyudmila.



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