Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Nemihina to Neel (India)

Letter 1
Hello my friend.
I am very glad that you have written to me back.
I would like to correspond with you.
And now it is a little about me,
My name is Nadehzda, I live in small city which refer to as Ioshkar-Ola.
To me of 29 years.
My city is in 850 miles from city of Moscow.
I of 172 sm of growth and my weight of 58 kg.
I have finished school and then studied in university. I studied philosophy of the different countries and the English language for this reason I and can talk in English. I work in hair-maiker saloon. I not so like my work, but anything I bett find unfortunately could not. When I acted to study in university I thought that my future trade may be useful but then I have understood that with my trade I can go to work only in school and I of it I do not want, because on those wages that pay to teachers it is impossible to live. Therefore I also have gone to work to shop.
That it is possible to tell about my hobbies, I very much love cinema! I think, that I can stay at a cinema all the day, (I joke certainly).
Well it is simple to me the interesting cinema is pleasant to look.
I prefer to listen to music on mood. I can listen in the evening to classical music and in the morning I can include radio and hop while I prepare for breakfast.
I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke and never used any narcotic substances.
It happens that I can drink easy alcoholic drinks, but it happens only during holidays and in the company of my girlfriends.
I never was married and I have no children.
I do not know why but I could not find the pleasant person for dialogue of an opposite floor, I was possible has not met the person necessary to me.
For this reason I also have decided to address in this agency.
I hope that with the help of correspondence I find second half.
If you have any questions that ask me, I with pleasure shall answer it!
Photos will be in next letters...
I shall wait for your letter.
P.S. Send photos please.
Letter 2
Hello my dear NEEL
I am very pleased to receive your letter.
For me the large pleasure to answer your letter. I am very grateful to you for attention and interest to me.
My NEEL I want you shall be possible to ask I to name you in the letters my love? I think, that it will be pleasant for you.
It is very a pity, that we while are far apart. We are divided by thousand kilometers and large ocean.
But I think, that we can overcome all barrier with the help of language of love.
Even the most difficult obstacles have no the force near to such strong, clever and careful man as you NEEL . My love I shall remember day of our romantic meeting all life.
I very much want to speak about love. I a lot of time dreamed, how we sit at a fireplace.
The candles burn by soft, pleasant light. The fire wood slightly cracks in a fireplace. We look against each other and all our ideas on love.
I always try to continue traditions of my family. My parents very much love each other. They always help and support each other.
My mum always learned me to be independent.
I very love the clever and strong people, which have the point of view of representation concerning life.
I try to surround myself with the honour and sincere people, having one rare feature which the kindness refers to as.
The love for me means freedom. Freedom of a choice of the favourite man.
I should freely choose that the man, which I should give all sincere kindness, all feelings.
I think, that the creation of family should be based on love. If the marriage is created not on love, it will not be long and happy.
The love is a gift which is done for the sake of the loved person.
If the soul of the man is remarkable, his weak parties remain not noticed.
The love allows me to look at the world on new.
I wanted shall have love for which I is ready to give life. I would like to have such understanding and affinity, for the sake of which I would be ready to give back all.
What you think of all it? What is love in your opinion?
Please answer my questions.
NEEL our vital ways have met. Let them to burn as a bright star of our amazing love.
I shall wait your answer. I hope for the destiny.
Love and kiss.
I give you my postal adress.
Nadehzda Nemihina - Name and surname.
My city is: Ioshkar-Ola.
Ioshkar-Ola, Mari El, 424000 - (City, state,zipcode).
Lane. Ushakova 9 (street, home)
1. Distance for love not a problem.
2. If I was with you that to me without a difference in what city to live. Russian have a saying " with ieeei and in a tent paradise "
3. My parents know about our attitudes.
4. Nadehzda Nemihina - Name and surname
5. I do not search for money, to me it is not important how many at you money and what trade - the main thing that you the good person.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Neel!!
I'm so sorry that I did not write to soon.
I very much miss on you, I am very glad to receive your letter.
Do not forget that the life is wonderful and in any case you not one in this world, I always shall be near to you. I hope, that I can soon meet you face to face and tell all those gentle words which I want to tell for you.
How are you doing? How do you do? I'm fine! My vacation will soon begin, it will be on june, 10. I am very glad, that I can have a rest. I am very tired for this year works. I hope, that we shall well have a rest together with girlfriends. I think, that this weekend we shall go to it on the nature for city. There is beautiful lake, I very much would like to swim for a while in this lake, it will be first time this year. I want, that you too had a rest sometimes. I so want to care of you, my dear.
thaks 4 ur invtation to your land But forgive, I did not go yet to travel agency for shortage of money, it happened that is fast at me a vacation and on work I need to hand over all to the reporting that then there were no problems, I hope you understand me. I promise,
that soon, very soon we shall together, my loved Neel!!!
Now I write to you from Internet - cafe, I have gone here to a lunch break on work and I was very glad to find your letter. I need still to have time to go home to have launch.
I hope to receive from you news soon.
Kisses and love.
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