Letter(s) from Irina Miheeva to Sergio (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my love Sergio How your affairs today? I was very glad toreceive from you news. I am glad that you of me can to understand andhelp me in that that I could arrive to you. As you spoke in the letteris necessaryHere it is:First name: IrinaFamily name: MiheevaAddress: Cheboksary, street Volkova 2-46My love Sergio. I very much to love your letter. As it as always wasfilled love and to worry about me. Very much it was pleasant to me andhas heated up. I very much thaw when I read your letter and knowing,that you are lonely now. As I was very good to know, that this such.It is very sad, that we not together, my love. As it would bedesirable so urgently to have strong embraces. But I know, thatsomewhere there behind of ocean there is a person, liked to me. Itwould be desirable, that who it was, it - close loved and nativeperson. With which the cinema is possible to look and to speak aboutlife and a lot of friend. And to have an entertainment and laughter.And to fall asleep in embraces in the evening. And to waken and give asoft kiss in the morning and to see smiling person of loved person, Mylove. I want to see you soon my love. The love for you prays also,Kissssss and Hugssssssss! Yours Irina