Scam letter(s) from Helen Gold to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
thx for mail once more and for picking intrest in me thx again ok but first i like too tell you about myself too know if you really care about someone problem but first am hellen thomson and am from united state, maryland and am 25y old lady who is helpless .when i was 20 y old my mother travelled too nigeria for some business of her own whivh my father said she should not go but she said is her business not my father business so she came too nigeria and then she has not even think of calling home too know our we doing but all we think she is purposly doing it but not knowing that she as mine killed my accident in nigeria but we waited for so long no report till my father thinks for it and when am 22y my father pass aways and then i think of something myself i sit and think what should i do too my self all my family were just going one by one i think i should go and look for her so i parked my thing and i I agreed to go on the trip to africa with by laptop. I saved enough to keep me confortable while i was away . I had to withdraw about $10,000 i have in my account to make sure we were safe and secure while i get her so we can come back home . So i closed up my account.But unfortunately, when we got to africa the taxi took me to stay in a hotel, and after few weeks and days of rest i now move too the nigeria government too tell the president about my mother cause seen she had i company in nigeria the government should know her so when i get there they send me too the police that they will help me i have too paid $5000 for the search of her after that they came too me that i have too paid for the hotel i stay i paid that which is $3000 i look and i said too myself what is happenning too me i say too god that god should keep her alive i keep searching for keep spending money cause i think my mother will be found but not knowing that am killing myself so i have too pray cry and after the day i had that she is found i happy and i sad that what i could see see is her corpse then i said i hve too take her back the police have too collect the rest money i have so i have too said what should i do so i start working as a maid clearning the hotel i stay so i can have the money back all they paid me is $5 per month i work and i paid for my room and i paid for the corpse were is been kept so that all my story and now am in nigeria working at were is not my home but i think you can change thing for me and take me and bring me new life and happiness but i thinks that i man who can do this for me i promise too be with him for the rest of my life till we get married and have children together pls that all about me ok
hugand kissoxoxoxoxoxoxox
hope i hear soon from you
hellen care oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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