Scam letter(s) from Tatayna to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi Gavin. I am here and I am so happy that you have written me and want to get to know me more. I believed that you would be able to find me. I want to begin our communication and hope that it will be a serious relationships. My name is Tatyana. I the beginning of our acquaintance I want to tell you about my life. I was married but now I am divorced. I do not have children. I have some friends and I am sure that they will never betray me. But I could not find a real love. My best girlfriend is married but she is not happy because she does not love him. He is a good man and she thought that she would be able to love him with the lapse of time. I do not know but I cannot call her a happy woman. I do not want to find myself in the same situation. I will be fight for my love and you may be sure that I will never betray you. If you are able to appreciate me as a woman I will be ready to be with you forever. What I can tell you about myself. I have sensitive and romantic heart. I am sentimental, passionate, honest and I will do everything for a man who shakes my heart and makes me happy. I will never disappoint my beloved man and I will trust in him. I will tell you a little about my town. My native place is a small town in Ukraine. It is called Krasnoarmeisk. It is Donetsk region. You can probably find it on the map. There are about 75,000 people who live here. I was born in Donetsk but now I live here. Krasnoarmeisk is a miner's town. There are many coal mines here. I think miners is very difficult and dangerous profession. People work there because want to maintain their families. My father was a miner and his work was very hard. He died 5 years ago. It was so difficult to realize that I will not be able to talk to him and feel his support. My mother lives now with her sister in another town. I like them very much and often visit them. I work at hairdressing salon. I am a hairdresser. I like my profession and I like to feel when my clients are happy and go out of our salon with a pleased smile upon their faces. I think that to find a right hairstyle is very important for everyone. It is the most part of image. I have been to different towns of Ukraine. I like to travel. I have been to Kiev. I think it is the most beautiful town in Ukraine. But I did not have opportunity to go abroad. I have never thought about it before this moment. Unfortunately I do not speak English but I think that everybody is able to understand the words of love. Two beloved creatures will find the way to communicate. I was born on 28/08/1972.
Height: 170.
Weight: 54.
My Natural hair color is blonde.
Eye color: brown.
I do not drink and I do not smoke.
My favorite color is blue. As for me I like different things. My favorite occupation is to cook. I like to cook different dishes. Sometimes I try to find interesting receipts and cook them. I cook dishes that taste out of this world. I am sure that my beloved man will never go hungry. I am engaged fitness and aerobics. In the evenings I like to read books about beautiful love. I like to dance and to be the focus of attention. I like romantic music. You know my co-workers and friends say that I have done a right deed to write in Internet and I will be happy in spite of everything. Now could you tell me more about yourself and your life? I will be waiting for your letter with impatience. Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hello Gavin. Today I received your letter again. I am happy and cannot believe that you are with me again. I am reading about you and imagine that we met each other in person. I imagine that you are telling me about your life and looking in my eyes. You know, the eyes are the mirror of soul and if you are looking in the eyes you are able to get to know everything about this person. Do you agree with me? I hope one day we will look in each other's eyes. It will be the happiest day in my life. I think that for love I will be able to move to your country and live with you. I want to create a family which will never break up. I will be a good housewife. I will bring happiness to my man. You will feel care and support. Sometimes in the evenings I like to go for a walk and imagine that you keep my hand and tell me about our happy future. You recite poetry about love. Do you like poetry. I like to listen to poetry. My favourite poets are Lermontov, Pushkin, Esenin. In addition I like classical music. Especially I like when people play the violin. It is so beautiful. But I like pop an rock music too. I like children and will be able to be a good mother. It does not matter how many we will have children. They will be loved and it is the most important. When I am thinking about it I imagine our house and children around us. We take care of them and teach them to be honored and polite. I think it is so strange when people care about age. I have never thought that age is important in love. Love has no limitations.
If you have beautiful soul nobody will pay attention to age. In our life everything changes and appearance too. So it is not important for me because only beauty inside stays put. Do you agree? I am sure that trust, friendship, care, understanding, respect, caress are the way to a successful and strong life together. I think that beloved couple share everything in their life and try to do the best for each other. I am sure that beloved couple can overcome any problems. I do not think that language is obstacle. I think you will be my stimulus to learn it. Now I have to use translation service. They translate my letters for you and translate yours for me. Of course it takes much time and I go there after my work. But I am glad to come here to see your new letter. I promise that I will tell you about my last relationships next time.
I want to ask you. What is your dearest wish in life? It would be wonderful to try to achieve your dreams. May be you will write me tomorrow an I will be happy. Tatyana.
Letter 3
Good day GAvin. When I receive your letters I feel that my heart begins to beat faster. I do not how to explain it but I think that you are a man with whom I will be able to be happy. I was looking for you during all my life. I told you that I was married. Now we are divorced. We were together during 5 years. Then I understood that we were different and we had to part with each other and the sooner the better. I moved to communal apartment(hostel) and now I live there. I have one room but kitchen is common. My neighbors use it too. It is not very comfortable to live there but I am happy that I am free now and ready to look for my real love. Sometimes I recall my ex-husband who does not know that people must to cherish each other. He thought only about drinks and clubs. He did not want to think about family and future life. But I think each woman wants to have a family and to feel that she is needed. Now I am sure that I will be happy because I have found you. My heart tells me we could be very good for each other. I have a lot of tender loving to give. I could offer a passionate and rewarding life. I will be always honest with you. Now we are alone strangers and we have a few bridges to cross before we are partners. I am ready even to learn your language. When I have opportunity to do it I will expend my all energies. When I love a man, I want especially to be with him, he is my most exciting trip, my lovely knight, and I have to support him from the storms of the life. Of course, misunderstandings and crisis can happen, but if a real love exist, it’s possible to pass over everything. Our future family will be without quarrel and every fact of life will be belong to one another. You know, yesterday my mother visited me and I told her about you.
About how I met you. I told her about you and your life.
She said that it is my choice and I have a right to be happy with my beloved man. She wants to hope that a man of my dream is you. I am fully interested in you and ready to build something new, unlimited with you. I am glad my thoughts are only about you. Your next letter will be like a gift for me. Tatyana.
Letter 4

My dear Gavin. I see your letter again. You even cannot imagine that it is a great pleasure to feel your presence. You captured my heart and I want you to stay in my soul forever. Now I am sure that my dream was about us. Imagine that we find ourselves at a long low coast without any population, we come to the confluence of the rivers and see a great waterfall. We look at it and our feelings like a great lake spread in our bodies. Our house is near the river. In the bed of the river there are pebbles and boulders, dry and white in the sun, and the water is clear and swiftly moving and blue in the channels. Once at a rest-day gathering we sit side by side in the dim starlight, and music of nature is sweet. Your hand comes upon mine and you dared to clasp it. You want to speak to me. The light of summer moonlight made me mystery. You sit down at my feet and say that you LOVE ME. You have a lover's voice, you speak with a tender reverence that comes near to awe, and feel that I have never before been touched by adoration. Your words seem to me the most poetical of fancies and I listen to your description of the stars. You compare me to the most bright star and I feel the warmheartedness inside. This place became the world for us. The world beyond the place around us where we live in sunlight seemed no more than a fairy tale you would some day pour into my life. Now I am thinking about you very much. You cannot cannot imagine how long is every day without you. My dreams are only about you. I start loving you and I feel that I am in the heaven. Now I need you as the air as a fresh water from the sky. My dear, I'm afraid , because I've never feel such strong feelings to anyone so strong like with you. From your words I understand that you are my man and now I do not imagine anybody else with me.
My passionate kiss to you. Tatyana.
Letter 5
Dear Sir, We bring to your attention that Tatyana has been using our Internet and translation services but now unfortunately she cannot reply to your last letter due to the lack of funds. She wants to let you know that she is very interested in you and your further correspondence. If you have a wish to continue your correspondence with Tatyana we can send you all the information about our services and prices you need in order to proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to use our services please, inform us about it and do not give out the information given from Tatyana as it is personal and confidential. Respectfully,
Principal of "Kontakt"
Victor Belousov.
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