Letter(s) from Tatyana Vershinina to Chris (France)

Letter 1

My name is Irina. I am glad to get your replay.
I want very much to get acquainted with you closer and, probably, to be your friend. My dreams, wants and desires for the future would be to find a nice loving Good man who could love me for me and together we could have a loving and forever lasting love life and marriage. I would treat he with respect and love and he would never have to question my love or devotion to he and hopefully I would receive the same from he. I want a man who would not cheat on me but would take each day as it comes, and work with me to create a loving and cosy home. you for some reason seem to me such, therefore I have decided to write to you. I would like a family, which I could provide love I could for and show the love, care and support.It is would of course depend on the two of us whether we have children or not. And if you already had children I would treat them as my own and give them my love, care and support that they need. I hope, you are also looking for serious relations and appreciate sincerity and honesty? Tell to me please something about you. I shall be very glad. Where do you live? Than you are engaged? All will be interesting to me.
I liked your country. That is why I have decided to find the love in your country. Now I live in Russia...
But I will not think that it is a handicap for us... To find out each other is very good..
Your friend, Irina.
I wait you my prince...

Letter 2


I'm very happy to receive your letter. I shall be very glad to know you better. I am very sincere person, and I seriously search my true love to get married and to set a happy family. Probably at last I have found you. I hope for it!!! I search a man in Internet for the several reasons. First of all, I have not much free time to go for a walk, meet people and I don't like to visit clubs and discos, which will be filled with not serious and superficial people. Second, I was disappointed in Russian men. They are very much materialistic and inclined to the use of alcoholic drinks in big amounts. Thirdly, that is disagreements or conflicts, in mutual understanding, that everyone will find them. We shall never know, whether we have found our true love and mutual understanding if we shall not risk finding out each other better. What your opinion concerning Russian? That you search in the person? What make you happy? Sad? You like to succeed? What your dreams and the purposes?

And now it is little bit more about me. How you already know to me - 27 years. I very sensual, gentle, sociable and romantic girl, in love I am very gentle and adhered. I like fascinating adventures; but I also very responsible. My parents, were born and lived in city Ufa, but I now live with mother, as mine father has died when I was a small girl. I was never married and I have no children, but I would like them as I very much love kids. We have very beautiful nature, bewitching landscapes and hills, virgin woods, a lot of animal. At my place beautiful spring and a mellow autumn. Foliage in the autumn absolutely bright and fascinating. Our city big, the population about 1 000,000 person. It is far from Moscow. It is far from cold Siberia. I have finished Art academy on a speciality the Graphic design and now I work in edition of magazine as the graphic designer. I like my work. I do not drink alcohol and I do not use drugs. I love different sport activities, but lack of time, therefore I try to hold the form visiting aerobics lessons. I also like skies, skates, camping, out-of-door activities, equestriansport (I visited a club 2 times). In our city there is no tennis court, I would play it precisely. I love various music, it depends on my mood, but I can always listen to classical music, when there is on opportunity. I wanted to learn to play a piano, but also not enough free time. I like to read about a history and novels, it is a lot of materials concerning my job. I search for my true love and the lifelong partner. I wish to be with confident, intellectual, active, loving, attentive man; with that to whom, I can give all my love, attachment, passion, attention and emotional support. To experience all pleasure and grief of life together and to grow old together with in love and happiness. I shall repeat... Probably I has found you? I hope soon we can learn each other better at a meeting face to face. I think you understand that dialogue virtually... doesn't give us full sense of our feelings. If we'll fall in love and decided to marry, I'd ask you one question in what country we'll live.

So let's call it a day!
Waiting for your reply very much.

Only yours,

Letter 3

Hello my love, Thank you so much for your beautiful e-mail. It has given me a great joy on a day when I was feeling very sad and lonely. After reading your e-mail I once again feel the touch of love and the gift of god. I can't believe that a man as special as you cares for me. I thought that there was no longer a chance of love in my life, but now I have hope, I dare to believe that the future may be good. And for that beautiful gift I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I so ache to see you, it is hard to bear the burden of longing inside of me, I sense that our love will develop into something very special and powerful. I pray that my dream of you comes true. I pray that we will meet soon and start our true life's journey together. My heart already is starting to love you, I feel we have known each other for eternity and yet we have not even met once, it is very strange maybe we were together in a previous lifetime, I do know that I have dreamed of you before and seen your face many times as i slept.
I to want a real relationship, a true bonding of souls. My desire for you is not physical alone. I do find you very attractive and sexy that is true. But my desire is much, much deeper than that. When I think of you I do not think about sex & about age but conversations where we discuss many things, where we listen to each other and expand our understanding of each other. Where we explore the world and it's mysteries together in joy and laughter. I offer a love not bound by posses ion and control, but of shared warmth and understanding, where my greatest happiness will come from making you happy.
I think of you, it is so very hard to explain emotions. I am a woman who believes in love, I believe that love is the real gift from god and it is the ultimate achievement in life, to give your love unconditionally and to receive unconditional love is the only true path to happiness. But I have never been able to give myself up to love, I have never met someone with who I felt I could trust with my heart. That I felt secure enough with. And yet as soon as I saw your photo something inside me stirred, I was hooked, your face was so familiar to me. Like you had always been there but I couldn't see you before. The missing piece from my life. Now when I read your letters I just know in my soul you are the one for me, my true great love. Do I trust you? yes I do my love. How do I feel? I am falling in love for the first time in my life, I can't help it and I can't stop it and I am very very scared, so scared of being hurt and broken. You have the power within you to bring me the greatest joy but you also have the power to destroy me.
I will just have to trust in fate and i beg god every night to find a way of us to be together, I hope he hears my prayers. I hope that you wish it to and are not playing games with me, that would be very cruel. I think though you are a kind, loving a thoughtful man with tenderness inside of you and that you will not hurt me.
I miss you, and wish to see you far more than words can say. I will wait patiently for your reply. Please I'm waiting for our real meeting with impatience my darling, I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy.
I will be dreaming of you, my prince.
Love and kisses
Only your,