Scam letter(s) from Mary Williams to Srdjan (Serbia)

Letter 1
Good Evenning

Dear hope u are having a nice sleep and dreaming of me, Because am just waking up with a sunshine in my face, and i am missing you badly and i cant stop thinking when am going to be on your arms.......... and to see you lovely mother and so u can give me New style of living and start a happy together my dear.i cant wait to be with you too and share our life forever ,...,,,,,,,i love you

Dear about the Living town over here, i can say its a small city, but sorrunded with water. and its Called Lagos, because it was sorrounded with Water, so its near to near Ijesha. Because the water spread over there and stop there, so dear thats the reason they have alot of Home culture things food, and more stuff like that, They have various kind of food, which so important and delicious, i dont know Dear if i will be able to see african resturant over there, when am with you, so i can get those ingredient and cook some of thier food for you, and i believed u would like it and very delicious, but i try and get some over here while comming and add it to my lauguages, but it wont be much, because dear i would love to see you trying new things together with you and seeing you eating it, it would be nice and i cant wait to be with you Dear...............and i cant wait to see u showing me arround the nice city and it would be so lovely, Luv you................... Dear about my the way u would be able to send the funds to me, u would have to find Moneygram Location in sending it, because i usually get to see Moneygram over here. so dear you ill have to send 785 USD..........used Moneygram in sending the funds and Dear u would have to Used my infos to send it and heres my infos Below. and once u get to send it, let me know the infos needed for me over here to get it, which u are going to send to my email, so Dear i believed your day is nice and am very nervous to be wth you, i want us to live out from the loniless and i luv you and wait till i hear from you, send my greetings to your mom. i luv you


Name........... Winona James
Text question,.........whos the money for
Answer.............. your wife.

and hope to get to hear from you, Dear and let me know when u get it done and send am and infos needed for me to get it over here and i luv you

winona mix. Mix wrote:
Hello my sweet and sweetest Winona! I miss you very much! There was mistake on my PC and i unwillingly deleted your last message...Pls, send me again your last four or five letters, because I want to keep it on my PC as my dearest letters I have ever received!!!Every day I read your dear letters because I love you!!!Pls, don't blame me for mistake on my PC...I will keep your letters forever.It is important to me for data about sending money too! Till now I have gathered about 300$, and I hope we will be together soon!!!!!!!!!
Your husband Mix
Take a million kisses from me!!!!!!
Letter 2
Dear i have resend those my lovely letters again to you, and believed u ill get to saved it now and never get to lost it anymore, i love you and i cant wait to be with you, and dear i have send you my infos and mode for you to used to send the funds, dear you u only have the 300$ for now, and still looking for 485$. Dear i believed u get it soon, because i cant wait to be with you, and i believed u should be able to get the rest of the funds by this week. and dear it would be even nice if u can get to send the 300$. so i can deposit for my paperwork processing, so i can able to start on my paperwork, and when u get the rest of the funds to send, i ill go and pay the balance, Okay Dear, if possible u can get to send it today, or latest tommorrow Morning, Okay Luv i wait till your mail, and send your greetings to your lovely mom

Yours wife

winona mix
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