Scam Letter(s) from Inna Serebryakova to Sergio (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello my love!!! My love I is happy to see your lovely letter, it verymuch pleases me and gives forces for all day. My lovely I do not knowin what sum of money I shall require, tomorrow I shall go in travelagency and I learn all details of arrival to you as soon as I learnthem I I shall send you tomorrow them. My love I can take holiday, theheads with it should agree, they will understand me. My mum approvesthat I can arrive to you, she is very happy for us, and glad that wehave found each other, she speaks about you the most good words. I wasvery glad that I soon can with you, that I can kiss, embrace, walkwith you, it on the present will be the most good time! I verystrongly love you and is mad on you I miss, you my biggest pleasure ina life! My lovely as your affairs? I hope that with you all well! Withimpatience I shall wait from you the following fast letter! Set ofsweet and hot kisses!!! Yours forever love!!!



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