Roamnce scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Kamariova to Billy (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my darling Billy. My lovely, I am waiting for you here and please do not worry about the entertainment in Kiev, I will help you , I will take care about you there. And you please help me with another thing I have an apartment for us cause I do not want to stay in the hotel, I hate hotels and that bad service that is provided here in Ukraine. So, I have found a very nice apartment for us just close to the city centre with all the facilities, huge bad for the most sweet moments and a huge bath that I want very much to have together with you, do you like my idea?? My sweetheart there is also a kitchen where I will show you everything I can and will expect the same from you, do you want this?? my dear, this apartment costs 75$ per 24 hours, is this ok for you?? and I want to book it, my darling but to do this we need to pay at least for 4 days of staying there and it is 300$ , unfortunately I can't find such means and I hope that you will help me with this cause I need to pay for the apartment here as soon as possible. And also my dear, I have learnt that for me to come to Kiev costs 200$ for the return airplane ticket, I also need to buy it here and in advance cause it is the season of holidays and I can be left without a ticket cause lots of people are traveling now. My lovely, will you help me also with the ticket cause I have a mammoth like desire to meet you and to spend the hottest and the most romantic moments together, are you in anticipation of this?? I miss you and can't wait for your soonest reply, with all my love, Nad'a
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