Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my love Steve. I cannot wait that moment when I shall tell toyou hi personally. I am glad that this date is convenient for you. Itsimply perfectly that we can spend your birthday together. I thinkthat it will be the best birthday for you and I can present you mylove. Tell to me the name of the airport which to be closer to youthat the agency could make for me a route of flight. I have news toyou. Today I have reached agency and have signed with them thecontract. Under the contract the agency will give to me all documentsand tickets during the shortest time. I Has learned cost of travel andit has exceeded mine plans. All travel Will be there are 600 poundssterling. Today I have paid the first part. These are 150 poundssterling, I have taken this money from my parents and all my savings.I need to pay the second part of travel these are 450 pounds sterling.But my money were terminated also I is compelled to address to you forthe help as now I do not see other exits from a situation. I hope thatfor you it will not make for you any difficulties. It is very a shameto me to ask the help you but I have no opportunity to collect suchmoney. I wait for your answer. Love Nastya.
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