Letter(s) from Natalia to Meh (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello Meh!
I was very glad to receive your letter. It may seem strange that I'm seeking for my soul mate in the Internet and cannot find the one in my country. I am a very romantic person and it is quite difficult to find a man who'd really be able to understand me and my soul. I was born in a small town Ternopol of Ukraine and spent my childhood there with my family. I'm 26 years old and my birthday is May 20, 1981, by horoscope I'm Taurus. My family isn't very big: mother, father and my younger brother Andrew (he's eleven years old now). My parents wanted me to study at the Agricultural University and become a veterinary doctor, but I've chose another profession. I do love children and nature and now I'm a student of Pedagogical University. In future I hope to become a teacher of Geography and History. Some people say that a profession of a teacher isn't modern, fashionable and respectable, but to my mind it isn't really so. To my opinion in our fast-moving world women are becoming less and less feminine: they choose masculine professions, way of life that is suitable more for men then for women, they forget about the family and about their main role as a mother, about they should be beautiful and be close to her men so he could admire and adore her. I'm eager to have a family and children, to love and be loved. Since school I studied English and now I'm learning it at the University. At the moment I know English very well. I regularly attend sportcentre as I think a girl should always keep fit. When I have some free hours I read books: fiction and historic literature - it's really fun to get to know more about the world around us. Also I like visiting museums, cinemas and cafes with my friends. To tell the truth, I've never placed my photos in the Internet and never use it to find my soul mate - it's the first time. I'll be waiting for another one from you tomorrow. Who knows may be we'll become friends or even more.
Truly yours, Nat.

Letter 2

Hello Meh!
I was really glad to receive your letter! You know it seems to me that we are both interested in getting to know more about each other, about our lives, our characters, our habits. To my mind the physical appearance, I mean age, how you look like, is not so important as the inner world of a man or a woman. I think the person that is kind, loving, feeling compassion to other people can not be not beautiful, because all that we do remain in our hearts and souls and change us; we become more beautiful or vice versa. To my opinion the most important thing about a human is ones character. If people are similar in characters, inner worlds, thoughts and feelings they will always be happy with each other. I think so as I have a real example from my life, my parents have been together since they meet when my mother studied at the university and they love each other still and they care for each other, though my father is 15 years older than my mother and this didn't prevent them from being happy. This is the kind of family I'd like to have and the relationships I'd like to build with my love mate. We have sunny weather today and it's getting warmer already. I like nature very much, I enjoy walking in the forest or somewhere in the countryside. The feelings that I get from nature I even can't describe: I feel I'm in harmony with the world, with my thoughts and my soul. Today I have been to the swimming pool with my friends as swimming gives me energy and positiveness and helps to be fit. I don't have a computer at home and that's why I have to go to the Internet club to answer your letter. I'd like to know more about you, your life, your likes, thoughts. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Bye for now... Your, Nataly.

Letter 3

Hello, Meh! I'm so happy to get your reply! Yesterday I watch on TV movie called 'Kate & Leopold', she was a business lady in New-York and he came from the past and was a duke, and they managed to be together, she just returned with him to his times - the 19th century - and became his wife! And the only obstacle between us is the distance! And there was a moment where he cooked for her breakfast: some toasts with strawberry and white cheese and a cup of coffee. Then, suddenly I realized that it's what I want to do for you every morning! I want to fall asleep leaning to you, feeling you warmth, kissing your lips and wake up near you and make breakfast for you... You know yesterday I have a long talk with my parents about you and me and my decision to visit you. Actually their reaction was as I have expected it to be: my father says I'm too young and my mother was at a loss for words. But after I have explained them that you're my soul mate, my one and only, and after I told them about my feelings to you, they decided not no prevent me from being together with you. Victoria, the girl that was abroad, do you remember I've written you about her, advised me to go to the travel agency so they organize my journey to you. But when I came there they asked me a lot of questions, for how long I am going and so on. It is their mail sun_travel@meta.ua so you can connect with them and help me to organize the journey. You know, Meh it more and more often comes to me that the only thing I want now is to be with you, to care for you and to give my all for you. Sometimes it seems to me that it's impossible and I'm really just a dreamer as everybody says, but we should build our happiness with every effort, every chance and every opportunity possible, we live just once! I'll be waiting to hear your news impatiently, I miss you, my honey! Bye for now, your Nataly.