Scam letter(s) from Natalia Kurneva to Ronny (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello Ronny! Nice to hear from you again!!! Thank you for your good photos!!! You look very nice!!!!!! Thank you for your interesting reply!!! I send you photo of my dog I heard many similar stories about false people on internet which want only money I am looking for a partner I can give all my love and care to but I need to be able to trust him because I've been hurt in the past and it took me a long time to recover from the hurt. If I find the right partner I will share my whole life with him. I am looking for in a relationship is love, respect, trust, caring, faithfulness and togetherness. My soul mate is someone that loves me for me and not what I look like. The inner beauty is what the person is all about and not thier looks. I want he to be loving, caring, kind, trusting, honest, a best friend and a lover too. When I do find him I will give him my all. My ex partner betrayed my trust and was unfaithful to me that hurt meand took me a long time to overcome. But time is a great healer and I am eventually over the pain. All I ever wanted was to look after my family and live happily. That is why I need to find a man I can trust, because once I can trust him I will give him all the love in my heart and care for him forever. I know there is a man somewhere out there waiting for me to be there life partner. That is why I entered myself onto the website because my soul mate maybe living in another country. I have met you on that website and you Ronny have given me some hope. Have a great day! I look forward to your next letter. Natalya
Letter 2
Good day Ronny! How are you doing? I am doing great today!!! Thank you for your reply!!! I'm glad that you like my photos:)))!!!! Very nice car! "Interesting reading about you studing and that you profession is accountant, that?s typical everywhere, people study for work with something they want to do, then when it?s time to work with it, it?sso difficault to got a work"-yes, it is true! It is interesting to hear about your study, your work and your life, thank you for your reply!!!!!!!!!! Nice to hear more about you!!!!!!!!!!!! I am honest, affectionate, faithful person. And I believe I have a lot to offer to my special man, with whom I would like to have a family or serious relationship.I am a very loving, romantic, caring, loyal person. I can be sarcasticat times also. I know the value of the important people in a person's life. I value people above all else. I try to be open minded, realizeI am not, nor will I ever be perfect, but if I continuously improve, understand my mistakes, prevent them from reoccuring, that I will always be a better woman for this. Dealing with other people is always the most difficult thing in the world. We are all different, raised differently, different cultures and customs, different views on issues, etc. It is most interesting, yet most difficult. I can take holiday in July or in August, but I have not decided what I will do It is very difficult to learn through emails. We can know all about each other, but in a real life for some reason it seems to me a little bit differently. How do you think, Ronny? Therefore we should, as it is possible to know each other better, to be open and sincere. Long distance relationships are very, very difficult. But where there is awill there is a way... We must work at these things, and I have the will to do this. All I am learning of you is very exciting and keeps me eager to learn more about you! I am basically simple woman, I have everything I need for life, but here too, love is missing from my life. I cannot describe the beauty of love so much, but would welcome it into my life. I just want a partner that is on same side as me. Sharing our dreams and feelings together, showing our love for each other frequently, doing special romantic things together, and surprise each other with little gifts of love and thoughtfulness. I would enjoy cleaning house together, shopping together, cuddling together watching movies, communicating unselfishly, our true feelings for each other. I am not afraid of falling in love, only I am afraid of being hurt by deceit and dishonesty. I am certain we feel similar on this issue. If we get a long and it seems like we might be right for each other, I think then one of us will travel to meet the other. I wish a great day! Take care!!! I will wait for your next letter! Nati
Letter 3
Hello my dear Ronny, how are you? I am so-so, I slept just 3 hours today.. I think about our meeting all the time... I so want to be with you... I do not know what to do.. I can not find money here in Moscow, therefore I can not have the proof of my solvency. Oh, I am so very upset... I'm so angry about the agency!!! My dear, I can not change my visa now! And I can not tell that I come to you! Because I should receive the tourist visa, I come to you as the tourist, I do not speak that I travel to you as your guest!!! If I will tell that I will visit you, they will not give me the visa! Because I should receive the guest visa. For this purpose I should come back to Tyumen and begin other process of reception of the guest visa, I will have new costs! Do you understand?! I will lose a great deal of money!!! I can not change the visa now! I have already filled the form out of turn that I will be with you for a month and so I need to show 1500 euros for getting my visa, and now I can not change date of my trip, I can receive the visa only for 30 days! I should have proofs of my solvency! But I can not find 1500 euros in this short time! I very much want to be with you!... It is too late for me to cancel trip.. I will lose all money spent for trip.. I do not want to lose them and I want to be with you!!!!!!!!! You know, I have paid services of agency, I have paid cost of passport, visa and I have paid ticket. I have spent about 800 euros for travel!!! And I do not want to lose this money! Now to receive the visa I only should have proofs of my solvency for stay in your country (1500 euros!) I should not spend this money. If I will cancel trip I will lose 800 euros. I very much want to be with you and I want to have serious realrelations with you!!!! We have the correspondence for a long time and I saved money for this time and now I do not want to lose an opportunity to be with you!!!!!!! If we will not meet now, I do not know when we will be together. Because it is not so easy to save money, I know you understand me. I want to be with you somuch!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waited this for a long time! I will write again soon and look forward to reading your reply. Please take care and look after yourself!!! Kisses, your Nati
PS thank you for your lovely card
Letter 4

Good morning my lovely Ronny, thank you for your letters!!! I miss you so very much!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your help my love!!!!!!!! Money gram seem like westernunion, right? I will go to search for bank with office of money gram, then I will change money on travel-cheks and then I will go in embassyto receive the visa!!!!!!!!! In this weekend we will be together!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for your help my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my gratitude Ronny!!! I will give you back money when we will meet, okay? I am so very excited about us!!! I want to be with you so much and I really miss you!!! I think of you all day long and it makes me smile and gives me a warm feeling inside!!! The time together with you will be so great! I never want to lose you!!! I hope the days before our meeting will pass by fast, so I can kiss and embrace you!!! Today is very important day because I can receive my visa!!!!!!!! Thanks to you we will be together in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you a great day!!!! Take care!!!! Big kisses!!!!! Your Nati
Letter 5
Why it happened with me, my dear? Why me???? Oh my God, I want to die...... It is difficult for me to write to you because of dizziness my eyes light worsens as if a fog in eyes... Robbers have struck me something heavy on my head, I could not make out what it was, in my opinion it was the handle of their knife, force of impact was very strong. You know, I think someone saw that I have received money in western union, someone watched me and knew that I have a big money with me... But I did not see suspicious people around of myself. I was afraid to go with this money on foot and I tried to take a taxi, but these awful people could steal all money at this time... I hate them! I think militia here works very bad! Even when I have come there to write my application they were unfriendly and impudent! It is not normal! They should help people! They did not give me any hope that they can find robbers.... I have no money to live in Moscow, I will come back home...
Letter 6
Hello my dear Ronny, I do not know how to begin this letter, and I do not know how to explain news... I feel very bad... But I should tell you very unpleasant news. I can not hide from you the truth. Now I feel the most ****** person in the world and I do not know how it is possible to correct it!!!!!! I have received all money, I wanted to go to exchange money on travel-checks to go to embassy. I was afraid to go on foot with such big money and I have decided to take a taxi. I tried to take a taxi for 10 minutes. 2 person has approached to me in black jackets and would demand that I went behind them. I have told that I can not go with them because I very much hurry and I can not go with strangers. Then they have taken me for my hand and have demanded once again. I have escaped and I have told that I will shout, if they will do it once again. Then one of them has pulled out a knife and has told if I will shout he will **** me. I was very much frightened, because eyes of this person were very malicious. These mongrels have withdrawn mein court yard of a house. In a court yard of this house they have struck me on my head and have demanded money. I have told them, that I do not understand about what they speak. Then one of them has pulled out my bag and looked it. He has not seen in my bag money, I have hidden money in a secret pocket of my bag, but they have seized my bagand then they have simply escaped. I have tried to run behind them, but one of them has again struck me and I have fallen... I addressed in police, in police have written down all data and they have told will investigate this case. But also they have told that now many similar cases... I do not know what to do now... I want to die...... You are very important for me and I do not want to lose you!!!! I need you!!!!! I cry all time...................... You have helped me in very difficult situation, and these **** creatures have destroyed everything in a blink! I hate them! I **** them! Because of them we can not meet........ Mongrels! My dear, I will work hard and I will save money again and I will come to you without your help! I know that money are very necessary for you, I feel bad..... Why it occurs with me and we can not be together????? Why??????????? But I could not protect myself and keep money because they threatened me with a knife...... I am very tired, I was in police for a long time and it has taken away from me many forces. And now I have a strong headache, I do not know what occurs with my head, but I hope I will feel better tomorrow... I do not know what to do, I feel so awful... I very much want to be with you! I **** these robbers! I want to die......Kisses, Nati
Letter 7
My Dear Ronny,"Do i know you???? are you real or have you playing games to me from the first time??? All those talk about honesty, Trust, faithfull???? Is anything you have told me true are you fellings about me true? have you thought it in my point of wiew about this "robbery you been thrue"- you does not have any idea how much you hurt me with your words! I am real, if I would be not real I did not go every day to computer club because of you, I would not spend money for trip to you, I would not call you, I would not arrive to Moscow because of our meeting, I would not do all this if I was not real. To travel to you was a big risk because we did not meet in a real life never before! For you wasa big risk to send money not seeing me in the person never! I have very much strong feelings for you, therefore I organized trip to you! Not with standing what my family was against it, my friends tried to dissuade me to fly to you, but I have made all to meet you! My friends spoke me many things, but I did not listen to them because I will not live with them, I will not build relations with them, I did not listen to them because I wanted to have real serious relations with you! You accuse me of a robbery of your money???? how???? How I could expectthis robbery??????? I am very much hurt and I am very much hurt by your words and doubts and mistrust. If I would want only your money I did not spend my money for trip to you! I very much wanted to meet you and to be with you... I am very sad because you think that I have deceived you... Why you speak me that? Why you accuse me? Your money have stolen with my bag, I could notexpect it! What can I do now??? I want to die...... I am really in a shock that you compare me to those people. I did not deceive you never!!!! I have strong feelings for you and because of it I have paid my trip to you, I called you, I am here in Moscow because I want to be with you and you speak me that I deceive you???? I think the real person never did not spend money for trip, would not call you, would not organize trip. And it is very insulting to hear what you speak about a reality now.... Because of you, because of our meeting I have made all to be with you. But I could not expect a robbery, and I am hurt hear that you accuse me. You do not care about my health! It is not important for you that I have a strong headache now and dizziness, only your money are very important for you though you speak the opposite... I am very upset and disappointed..... But I can understand, I am really very sorry that you will have financial problems because of me.................. First there was a problem with reception of the visa, then a robbery, now your mistrust, I will go mad! Today I will come back home, I send you my yesterday's photo, you can see how I look now................ Please take care, Nati
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