Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vershinina to Glyn (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Glyn
I'm sorry, but I at all do not know, with what I should start, as I earlier never something got acquainted through the internet, and it for me new. Therefore I shall begin with that I shall tell some words about myself. My name is Tanya, (I not know, whether you are familiar with Russian names), my mum calls me Tanusha, and friends - Tanechka.
I write you from the internet of cafe because I do not have at my flat computer and phone. I live in city Perm with my mum. My daddy has died 10 years back and now we live together. I can not tell, that at us so it is a lot of sights though something may seem interesting. I never been outside Russia, please tell to me about your city? Now I work in small firm, which is engaged in construction of new apartment houses.
My profession - expert in the real estate. It is work on my speciality, but I only recently it was arranged on it. From the childhood I dreamed to be similar on my mum. She works in a project institute as the engineer. Forgive, probably my English not so is good, I studied it only 3 years, when studied in institute. You may send me the photos? To me very much it would would be desirable to look it. It seems to me, that so we can find out it is more about each other (if you not against), and we may to represent each other on a photo. Tell to me about itself, about your family. Where you work? You like your work? I shall be glad, if you will answer me soon.
Your new friend from Russia - Tanya.
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