Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Peter (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

Hello my Peter!!!
When I come to the Internet club today and saw your letter, I was so happy, that you have answered by my letter. I am very glad, that is an Internet in the world. People from different countries of the world can communicate, send the photos, and tell about their ideas. And I began to feel that distance between us getting smaller and smaller. I think that it will be interesting for you to know about me. I am rather experienced in computers because during of some time, I successfully have passed rates for job with the computer. I used to work with them but I have never should thought that it's possible to find a new friend thanks to computers and Internet. Peter, I think it's a nice opportunity to know more about the world that surrounds us, to change opinions and ideas.
My name is Tatyana, I am 27 years old. I was born on the 10 September 1979. I send you my picture for you can judge about my appearance. It is one of my last photos. I like a lot this photo, because I have told many times that I look not bad there. Tell me please, how do you find it? I am tall, 172 sm and my weight is 55 kg. So you can see that I am rather slender. I am a blonde with blue eyes. My relatives and friends often tell me that I am very good-humored and tempered. I am very responsible and I always do what I promise. This feature of my character often helps in my life. And what can you tell me about your character? What are your likes and dislikes in people's character? do you like such type of women? Please, dear Peter, answer me frankly, do not be afraid to offend me.
I was born and live in City Bottom - Novgorod. It is the big industrial city. In it release automobile "Volga." You heard about it? It is approximately 350 kilometers from Moscow. Here is a big and very beautiful river Oka. In my city there are many beautiful places. There are a lot of parks in which I like to walk. I never was abroad and it is very interesting for me to know about your city better if it is not so complicate write concerning your city. It is very interesting where do you live and than what do you do?
I work as the senior manager in to firm on sales a car. I like my job very much and I think that it is really important. For my job it is necessary to know English language, therefore I know English language and I write mine, and I can badly not speak English language. I should tell that I live modestly and I have no computer at my house, and therefore I have to write you from Net club. Certainly, at my job there are computers, but we are forbidden to use them in the personal purposes. It does not confuse me how much, i promise to write you requently, as soon as there will be an opportunity.
You, likely have become interested, Peter, why I made a decision to look for relationship in the Internet? Frankly speaking it's a rather difficult question for me. I consider myself to be a very attractive woman who has everything to be loved and to love ? but... Yet I have never met such man who would accept me with all my advantages and drawbacks. Two years ago I had some relations with one man. He seemed to me to be very polite and very well treating me. But once I came to him without warning and.... I saw him with a woman in his bed... It was really a great stress for me, Peter. After that I have not had any serious relations. I tried to concentrate myself on my job.... but I think that this feeling is familiar to you, feeling of solitude, and feeling that it's necessary to find a man who would understand and support you. And I also want to ask you, Peter, (if it is not a secret), why you decided to look for relations in Internet? I'd like to know it, so if it is not a great secret, write me, please, OK?
I hope I have not tired you, Peter, by my long and detailed story?
I wait the same response from you. Also I dare ask you to send me more your pictures, OK?
Hear from you soon, goodbye, Tatyana.

Letter 2

Good day, dear Peter!WOW. Many thanks for your photo, you very beautiful in a photo,you very much like me also I is very glad to our acquaintance.
I have received your letter and I was again very pleased by this fact! It is mean that you interested in our communication and we can know each other step by step. Don't you think that it's very interesting? AS for me I think that every person is a book and you read it page by page. Sometimes the book is boring, sometimes amazing.
As for our communication I dare say that your story, the facts that you tell me inspires me a great desire to learn you better, to know more about you.
I hope that you like my letetrs too ? May be they are a little bit long.. but that's because I have a confidence to you and for me it's easy to share with you my lifestory and some events of my daily life.
Now, I want to tell you about my family. I live with my by a uncle. My parents have died when I was 4 years old. They were lost in terrible auto accident. I almost do not remember them, but mine the uncle speaks, that they were the very remarkable parents. I the sole child of my parents and after funeral, have taken away me to myself to live the brother of my father. Him name Sergey Vladimirovich, he works the mechanic, in service for service of automobiles. I have attached his photo to the letter. I am very grateful to him to him, for that that he has brought up me and has replaced to me my parents.
As, I have mine liked the grandmother and grandfather, they the pensioners and I often go to them in the visitors.
I earlier was never married and I have no own children.
I work as the financier in auto technical center. My here works a uncle, he and has helped me to be arranged on this job. I finished my college by a trade the financier -economist. I like this center. Here it is a lot of interesting and beautiful machines. But unfortunately I do not have driving license, I want very much to learn how to operate the automobile. Many men here work, and almost everyone take alcoholic drinks. I am not like when they after work are in drank condition. In Russia there is a big problem with alcohol and I don?t like that our men abuse it. After this situation I decided to get acquainted with the person from other country using the Internet.
As for me I don't drink and don't smoke, But sometimes, on my anniversary for example, I can afford to drink some red wine. And what about you, Peter? What is your attitude to alcohol and smoking?
Peter, I beg your pardon for such great quantity of questions ? but really for me it's very important to know more about you ?.
Especially I'd like to know more about your family and your everyday life. (If it isn't a secret, of course) You know, Peter, for me is very pleasant that I have found such a nice friend by correspondence.
As i want to tell to you about my hobby. 3 times a week I visit fitness club, I like very much to keep up the appearance and I try to be a tidy person always. In the days off I usually spend time with mine by a uncle we discuss with by it different themes. I very gentle and romantic person, I love flowers: my most favorite flower a rose and just really adore red color. I think that I a simple person and I just like all people go to the cinema. My most favorite film "Titanic", I like romantic films and I like comedies "Shreck", ? Crazy professor ". I like to go at the theatre and museums. My most favorite play ? Swan Lake ?. I like different music: I like classic and I love a new direction: the priest, a rap. I very much like singer Selin Dion. And in the evenings when I stay along, I frequently listen to her songs. I shall be glad if you will tell me about your hobby and how you spend your free time?
Peter, I'd like to know the best dream of your life, if it isn't a secret of course. But I still hope you'll tell it to me...
I dream to have my own house somewhere in the suburbs of the city and to live there with my beloved man. I want to have not big, but cozy house with a small garden full of flowers and bushes. Of course it is very expensive but I am sure that it is possible. There is nothing impossible in our life, isn?t it, Peter?
I wait for your letter and wish you a good day!
Your Tatyana.
Bye, bye....

Letter 3

Hello again, my Peter!!!
Your letter again gave me a piece of positive emotions, again gave me the desire of living. Really, I noticed that our correspondence changed me. I have something obligatory to do, but this obligation is so pleasant and I enjoy it. I try to make you glad by my letters too. My dear Peter, it is very interesting for me to know what you do in your usual days.
What do you do in the in the afternoon and evening after job?
I have wonderful mood, because, today I had remarkable day at job and when I went home I has met my school girlfriend. She has invited me in cafe, we with her saw coffee and long talked about all.
After, i was preparing soup, I had a thought that it would be interesting for you to taste it. I cooked borsch. It's national Russian dish. And what traditional dishes do you have? Do you like to cook? As to me, I very well prepare also me very much to like to prepare unusual dishes. I like to surprise mine a uncle with my "masterpieces".
Besides my house job I like go for a walk. Do you like the nature? As for me I just adore it, I like walk.
You know, Peter, I like so much our letters and I had a thought that it would be nice if we could have a talk with you. May be you can give me you phone number? I don't have telephone, but I think I would be able to find some opportunity to call you. I really want to hear your voice. I like reading, especially Russian authors, Pushkin and Tolstoy. And what about your likes in reading?
Do you like watching TV? Or may be you prefer going to movies? As for me I like going to movies very much.
I like dancing music, but also I like a lot classic music, especially Vivaldi. And what about you, Peter, what are your preferences in music?
Really, my darling Peter, I can see from your letters, that you are a very special person, so I really want to know more a bout you. You are so interesting for me, so … I would be very happy if you told me more about you. Of course, if you have some secrets or you aren't ready to tell me something, you shouldn't tell me. I won't offend. I understand that every man has so me personal.
Bye!!! Bye!!! Bye!!!
Your Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hello, darling Peter!!!
Again I have got your letter and again I write you my reply with a great smile on my lips. I really like your letters because for me it's so interesting to know more about your life and your interests. I dare say that your letters impression me a lot and that's why I write you back with pleasure and I even don't stop for a second.
My dear Peter, today was a simple day and I could think only about you! I am interested in everything you do. Every detail concerning with you is very important for me. So, you can write everything you want, because it is the only way to know each other closer. Do you agree, Peter?
Peter, even you the least quantity of the message is very important for me. I hold all your messages in my mail - box, I never remove them!!! I hope, that for you my letters are a little important also Peter, I want to ask you, if you like mine the cat. I apply a picture with mine liked the cat Sekas. And my winged pupils. It is two pigeons, their name Kesha and Marfa. They perfect pair, and very much like each other:) you like animals by the way? What is your liked animal?
You, are interested in my daily employment. I shall inform you with pleasure concerning it, and I hope to hear a history back from you, Peter. Today I have solved to weaken a little by cook something special. Today I prepared good salad with a fish. It was very tasty!!!
As for me I appreciate it greatly. More I write to you more I understand that you are really an interesting man and I want to continue our correspondence. It became an important part of my life. And what about you, Peter?
I hope that you understand well my letters despite of the fact that English is a foreign language for me. If you have some questions, ask me, ok? But writing to you helps me to improve my language and very soon with your help I will become an expert in it. Do you believe me?
So, Peter, I have to finish my letter and I will wait for yours. I hope you will write as soon as possible.
I kiss you! Know that you are always in my mind!

Letter 5

Hello, my sweet, Peter!
Again I write a letter to you with big smile because you wrote me and I just so exited to read your words. I mean that you are so interesting man and I adore your letters and your included emotions!! Can I tell you that you are a remarkable person?
I hope that yes? Yes! My dear Peter thanks you for a song it very beautiful...
I think that it's so nice that good people come across each other. I think it's just marvellous!!
After my work, Peter, I had a strange mood and I decided to have a walk! It was very sunny and a little cold weather but I felt my self very good. I thought about you when I was walking and I saw many people who were talking, walking, and smiling. I looked at them and I for the first time I have not felt alone in this crowd, because I knew that your letter is waiting for me!!! I knew that I will write you a letter and in this way I will feel necessary for you! I decided that I will tell you about my romantic mood in my letter and then I will be waiting for your answer, your emotions! I need it very much!
I know that maybe it is strange when you write such things to person whom you never saw before but I want to express my feelings and my thoughts; I hope that you will allow me to do it!
My soul was so along before I have met you and now I can feel that somewhere there is a person who wait for my letter. You know, my darling, it's a beatiful feeling … I like it a lot.
I dare ask you if you told about me, about our correspondence to your acqaintances?
Also today having got your letter I have a thought that for me it would be very pleasant for me to get a real post letter from you. If you find time I would be very happy to get it!
So I give you my post address:
Surname: Shihmatova;
First name: Tatyana;
Address: 84, Lebedeva street, app. 183;
City: Nizhni Novgorod;
Country: Russia;
Index: 603005;
If you want to get a letter from me I also will write you it with great pleasure. So, if you are not against you can just give me your address. I hope that you liked my letter and if you want to ask me about anything I will answer you, I have nothing to hide and I want you to know it! I kiss you, Peter, and I have only great wish that your day will be wonderful! Mine will be a such one because I will be thinking about you!

Letter 6

Hello my sweet Peter!
Can you imagine what I felt when I saw your letter today? I felt my self happy. I love reading your letters. I love reading your words. It makes me happy to open my mail and see
I have a letter from you and to see words which you have written for me.
I am so glad that you have come into my life and we can share all our ideas. It is so interesting. My usual day has changed because I try to write you. I am so glad that you decided to write to me, and you have opened my heart and I can trust a person. Dear Peter your daughter is very beautiful you can to send the regards to it from me....
Baby, today I dared to tell to mine to a uncle about you! I told to him that I had a real chance that I managed to find the best man in the world and even to have correspondence with him.
My fantastic Peter, mine of a uncle reaction was very positive. He told me that if people have something to talk about, if they do not become tired of each other, if they have common interests - they are for each other. It sounds incredible but in spite of this distance that separates us we can feel so close to each other.
My Peter, I cannot imagine my life, my being without you ….
I do not know what has happened to me. I have never felt such feelings. I feel that something inside of me changed. In my soul appeared new emotions that give me great life energy.
And you, you, unique Peter, who changed me. It's all up to you …
At my job my colleagues also noticed that I have changed. My chief said to me: " What's up? You are thinking about something all the time. " I said to her that I have watched an interesting romantic film and that I was thinking of it. But in fact, Peter, I think that our relations are even more distinguished than any film.
Ok, I feel too excited now..
It's time to say to you goodbye, Peter.
I kiss you very gentle, bye-bye, my honey.

Letter 7

Hello, my sweetheart, Peter!Thanks you for fine photos! You very beautiful and I want to continue our relations!
I was waiting your letter with great impatience and it came to me at last. I happy to hear from you!
I don't know how I can explain my condition! May be it is too romantic mood but my heart is ready to jump out from my breast. I can feel that when I thinking about you my breath want to stop, it is so exiting and my heart is ready for love. I know that in loved people look like a crazy a little. So I crazy, crazy because of my love to you! I want to feel that every second, every small moment of my life! Now I know that somewhere I have my man, my love and my home for heart! You took my heart and please, don't give it back! It is yours and I LOVE YOU, Peter!!! It is such a great pleasure to tell you these words. I wish I could tell you this all the time: when you just woke, come home from somewhere, just when you are near. I know what I would do in the early morning for you. I would get up earlier and see you sleeping dear face. Then I will cook a breakfast for you and then I will come to you and will wake you up with my gentle light kiss and say: " Hello, my love! " You will smile and your kiss will give me a true happiness. This is my dream, a very far, but so pleasant dream.
I wish I could do it in reality! I needed such feelings for a long time and you gave me them. The whole world is changed for me after this! This is because I happy and have my beloved person, whom I love and whom I want to give a great happiness and children! You are in my soul and heart! I don't want to lose this never!
My fantastic Peter, I dare hope you will appreciate my courage and write me your opinion of my confession. I don't know why, but I feel you won't be upset having read this letter...
I love you, baby!!! I love you!!! Let the birds sing these words to you, let the wind transfer these confession to you!
My sweetheart, I wait for your answer with my heart trembling. I really need to know what you think of this.
Kiss you, with all my tenderness. Tatyana.

Letter 8

Hello my love, my Peter!
This letter I write with big feeling that you are near or will read this with love!!! I am so glad to read your letter, your love message! You are so wonderful, you express your emotions in the way that I like! I just adore to read your words. You are my honey, I know that!
I noticed that no matter what I do during the day I miss you. I miss you, miss like never felt before!
Today to us in the visitors have arrived mine the grandmother and grandfather. I had a little, female talk with my by the grandmother. I have told to her about you. She was very glad for me and remarked that I smile to myself and I look very happy. Really, at this moment I thinking of you. My the grandmother said to me: " My little girl, I think you have fallen in love. " My darling, I was really surprised. I didn't think my emotions are so evident. You entered in my life so completely, so quickly that sometimes I can't believe my happiness!!! Baby, you entered in my life like a mild and warm wind and you changed the weather in my heart. Yes, my Peter, there was winter and now it's spring or may be even hot summer. My heart is burning with the fire of our love, but it doesn't hurt me, no, Peter, I enjoy this amazing feeling.
Darling, I have never had such deep and bright feelings to any man, to any person in my life. Oh, Peter, my sensations are so sharp and so distinguished. I feel on the seventh sky, writing you my letter, because this action makes me closer to you...
I think of you so often that sometimes it seems to me that we are already connected by some invisible line. Sometimes I read your letter and I find there the things I was thinking about just some hours before. Isn't it astonishing, Peter? As for me, I think, that it's just a miracle of our love!
I kiss you again and again for millions, no, milliards times and I repeat passionately: I love you, my Peter, I love you!!!
Forever yours, your loving Tatyana!

Letter 9

Hello my Beloved Peter!
How are you my love? I love you Peter and I want to be in your arms my sweet Prince!
I know when we finally meet it will be very emotional my love! I long for that day when I can be in your arms and kiss your sweet lips and tell you face to face that I Love You Peter! I have similar visions of us together my precious love; walking hand and hand together on the park or somewhere in the country and stopping every so often for a kiss and a hug! And the idea of holding you in my arms and falling asleep next to you makes me very happy Peter! To wake up to you every morning and to go to bed next to you every night would be like a dream my love! I long for that day Peter when I can lie down next to you and tell you I love you and hold you in my arms close to me! I love you Peter, I also want you in my life and as well I also need you in my life my Sweet Prince! I cannot without you!!! My dear I it showed your photo to my girlfriend is very happy that I have found you...
I promised you that I will know about travel arrangements and I had time for this and I want to share with you this information. I never did it before and I need to know about your opinion! I had a lot of questions to agency how can I go in your country and do it right and as fast as it is possible what faster to see my Beloved.
First I was in embarassement. These prices seemed to me to be very great. They are much greater than my salary!!!
I consulted to a manager and I was told that.... I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need some other documents for registration and I need Visa, Passport and Insurance, two Air-tickets. So they told me that every person who goes abroad should have a passport (170 $), it is not difficult to do, then tourist visa (it is more difficult but it is possible, it is lasts for 3 months, 205 $), then two-way air-ticket (940 $), insurance (870 $, it will help me in any problems, connected with me, my property, my things, my health and things like that and acts nature). My tourist visa will help me to do all with out any problems and because of this I must do package tour and two-way ticket. As you understand they want to be sure that tourist have a chance to come back but we will think how I can stay longer! I have a friend and she is going to help me with all this stuff, she works at the agency and she promised me that will try to do all quickly. My a uncle has understood me that, he has guessed about my love and they understood that I want to be next to my beloved man. He has car "Volga", and has said, that wants to help me, with payment of my travel to you. The car my of a uncle, is in good condition, and he already has of the buyer, its friend wants to buy this automobile. My a uncle has said, that will be to sell car for 1400$USD. That's enough for my visa, my passport and my tickets … But I need more for my insurance.. As this document is obligatory. I have asked for everybody, but.. none of my acqaintances does not possess this sum. So you are my last hope, Peter, my darling love Peter!!! I hope that you will be able to help me with my insurance and that means that very soon we'll be together: only YOU and ME!!!
You are my sweetest love, my man. I miss you every time and we have only our love. I am dreaming about you. My prince, I need you to keep my heart and soul. I think that our future is in our own hands and I will try to keep a good mood for you, my honey lips! I hope that you will do the same for me until we will see each other and kiss with all our passion.
Kiss you, with love, Tatyana.
P.S. My a uncle sends you best regards!!!!!!!!

Letter 10

Hello, my eternal man, Peter!
I received your letter and I want to tell you how much I need you. Your words and love in my heart make me crazy and impatience! I love you and I can ' t think in the other way! I do not want to think in the other way! My dear Peter to me in my agency of travel would tell that my insurance the most important what to arrive to your country... Dear you inform can help to me with this problem???
You are with me no matter what I do and I think that together we can move a mountines. I wrote you about possibility of our metting and I hope that soon we will be able to see each other and tell all pleasant things to each other! You are so far right now but I have a hope and a great feelings of our close relations. I love you and I want you to know it!
I think that every girl is dreaming about her prince and I think that I can call you my prince, my dream from childhood.
My heart is crying when I think that time just goes away and at this time I can kiss you, touch you, just hug you and feel your energy, the warmth of your body! I wish I could feel that just right now. I can only imagine it for me and I can share with my dream with you! I hope that you will like my dream! I can see you in the moon light and you give me your hand, I think that it is a magical moment and I giving my hand to you and after this I know that all will be fine in our lifes because we are together and we love each other. Do you like this dream?
I think that maybe it is too hurry for us but I just cannot wait and I cannot stop dreaming about us. You are deep in my heart and it is want to tell you: " Peter, I love you! "
I can feel no matter distance that you are with me. I can imagine your smell, it is tender and I think that it could be called a chemistry. I love you so much. The weather is so pleasant now. It's rather sunny and I want to jump with the happiness that seizes me all over.
I love you, darling baby!!!
So, I think that all is in our hands and we will be fighting for us. I love you and, sweetie I wish all the best.
I am with you, Tatyana.



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