Letter(s) from Jenny Smith to Ronny (Sweden)

Letter 1

My name is janet.I was searching thru while i came across your profile.
You look magnificent...­..I was hoping we can get to know one another.
and my email is moyowood001@ya­hoo.com .
Send me urs so that we can comunicate with each other.

Letter 2

i m 26, single, from texas, want a long term relationships,­i deals in the import/export of dressing stuffs, thats why i travels alot, i m in africa now on my business trips and i will be there in ur state as soon as i m thru here with the customs.

are u staying alone? tell me more about ur self,

Letter 3


yea, all i ever want in my life is a seriuos relationships,­ and i hope u may be,,,,,,i will have been there with u but the customs here are making things difficult with me,,, they want me to pay more cash , but all i have here are just my chque and african banks dont cash international­ cheque...

can u help me to cash my cheque and send the money to me here thru western union? i will need to have ur fullname and address,and phone no, so that i can post the cheque to u now.....

i hope honesty is our key word.