Scam letter(s) from Anna Hohlikova to Martin (Belgium)

Letter 1
Greetings my fine love Martin! I am very glad to receive from you the love letter! I hope at you all well! At me simply all it is wonderful! I have dream, I would like to live somewhere in a quiet and beautiful place on coast of lake. That me the fine and favourite person every day awakened. Each free day to go together on coast of lake listening to singing of birds keeping for hands. And in the evenings to sit on a bench under a branchy tree and to kiss and embrace each other. You want it with me? I shall prepare every evening for a fine supper, there Will be a table with set a candle and we shall sit together and there are exotic dishes and to drink easy wine. Having captured to sit and observe as there the sun and then in the moon and stars sits to speak about love and to like each other till the morning. But it only dreams, yes - dreams connected only with you because I think, that you my second half! I want to be with you for ever!!! My dear if it is probably that I would like to have in the near future a meeting with you, I hope you too want it! The next month I will have one month! And I would like that we could will meet. If you want we with pleasure can make a meeting!!! On it I shall finish the letter, and I shall wait from you for a prompt reply! Write to me as soon as possible, I want to know your answer, it is very important for me! Yours Anna!
Letter 2
Congratulations my fine Martin! Thanks for your fine, full of love and Feelings the letter! I am very pleased, that you are ready to ours Meeting! Now I went to travel agency, and I have learned all, which Required for flight in other country. The agent to me has told Leave in other country to me, it is necessary to buy tickets (there And back) and to legalize necessary papers. In these documents Enter: the tourist visa for from 1 till 3 months, the passport for Travel abroad and medical insurance. Also I have asked to cost from Tickets + all necessary documents. And I have been very much disappointed, Hearing the sum 1100 euros. For me it - the huge sum. I very much Has been overturned and have left to the Internet - cafe to inform you these news. Now I at all do not know, it to us with you to make further. Whether We shall take place with you a meeting... I very much would like to Arrive to you road Martin. I wait for your answer, yours Anna!
Letter 3
Greetings my loveliest person on light Martin! Thanks that has agreed to help me, I am very grateful to you, road Martin! Today in a lunch break I descended in bank and tried to take the loan, but to me did not give. To me have told, that the bank has denied assistance to me, because at me the small income. To me have told, that paying monthly the credit at me remain on residing very few money, even is lower than a living wage. Also in bank I have asked, as it is possible to transfer money from one country in another. The operator of bank has answered me, that there are some ways of remittance. It has told to me, that the fastest and reliable remittance through Western Union. I have written down on a piece of paper that it is necessary to know to the sender and the addressee: To send money it is necessary to know (the data of the addressee): Full name (Hohlikova Anna)
The country (Russia)
City (Nizhni Novgorod) To receive money it is necessary to know (the data of the sender):
Full name
The country
Post code
The full address
The sum
MTCN (10 code figures which will tell while translating money) These data are necessary for knowing to you and me. Thanks you that you agree to help me! Loved Martin, I very much want to arrive as soon as possible to you. And you, I think, too it very much want! Lovely Martin when you can send me of money? The earlier you will help me, the earlier I shall start and I shall finish official registration of papers and that earlier I to you shall arrive. I hope, that all will be good! How you think? I wish you successful day! Yours for ever Anna!
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