Scam Letter(s) from Alla Gulyaeva to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

I think there had to be a reason why we crossed our ways and noticed each other. I hope that with this meeting in the cyber space we will be able to realize that we are the ones waiting for each other our whole lives as I am looking for my love, for my lost piece of heart, for my second half... I want to tell you at once that I am not playing with you or your feelings as I would never hurt a person or cause any pain. I am a very loving and tender person and I want to give all my love to the one I care for and feel strongly for. If you are also seriously searching for the one you want to love and be loved by her I am here for you as an open book and you can read me till the rest of our days if we are meant to be... If not it would be still a pleasure to know you and maybe stay friends with you.

I truly hope that we will keep talking and knowing each other better by the letters, so you are welcome to write me here:


Letter 2

Hello my new friend Gavin.

I am very happy to receive your reply with nice photos to my first message and I hope that our letters will help us to know each other better as I prefer them the most and they will also determine if we are meant to be together. I know that it can take time and it can be a long way till we finally meet in real life but it is my main goal, to meet you in person and see if there is a real feeling between us.

I know that we do not know many things about each other but I will try to tell you as much as I can and show you the person that I am. I always tell the truth and I am not going to play any games here. I was played on myself a lot in the past and I am not the person who acts that way. I am here to find the love of my life and I have very serious intentions to keep searching until he finally comes to my life. I am sure that fate let us meet this way and who knows what the future already has for us. Maybe we will become a great couple and I promise to do my best to make you happy and together we could fulfill our most secret wishes, desires and fantasies.

Well, where to begin... As you already know my name is Tatyana but everybody calls me Tanya. I think that you already know how I look but I will give you a more descriptive picture about my appearance and personality. I am 28 years old, my birthday is February, 5, 1979, I am an Aquarius. I have never been married and I do not have any children. I am 167 cm in height and weigh about 50 kg. If you are not familiar with the metric system, I let you know that I am 5'4" ft and about 110 pounds. I am slim and I always try to keep myself in shape by jogging and doing morning exercises. I have long blond hair now though it was brown some time ago and grey eyes which sometimes change color and have a little green in them. I come from a not big town Dzerzhinsk, it is about 67 km from our region center Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. It has coal mines and chark factory, the population is about 40 000 people. My town is very green and there are two rivers nearby. Here I finished musical college but it is too hard to have a career in this sphere so I work as a waitress at one of the local cafes. I like my job but sometimes I wish for the better and know that I can do much more than just serve food and drinks.

I wish I could tell you some things about my family but unfortunately I lost my parents more than 18 years ago in a car crash and even do not have any pictures saved with them. I miss them a lot as they were great parents that loved me a lot and tried to do everything for me when I was a little girl. I was brought up by my aunt and I am very thankful to her for being my second mom and doing all she could for me even though she was too young then to become a mother. She is married to a nice man from Armenia and I consider them my family and love them a lot. I like to visit them often and have family dinners. I live with my best friend which is my roommate and we share one flat together.

I am a very easy going type of person and do not like fights or conflicts at all. I always try to discuss the problem and never scream or argue. I do not drink much though my favourite drink is champagne, do not smoke and never used drugs. I like different food and I always try to cook something new and like to experiment in the kitchen. I am a very good cook and my favourite food is simple like chicken with potatoes but tasty like a cherry pie. I work at the cafe with different cuisines and I am very fond of Italian, Chinese and Japanese food.

I like nature a lot and always try to spend every spare minute outdoors having a picnic with friends, cooking on the open fire or swimming in a river and enjoying the sun. These are my main hobbies and likes along with watching comedies, singing for my friends, listening to pop and R&B music and reading novels at nights. My favourite color is green like trees in spring and my favourite flower is daisy.

I hope that my talking here didn't make you fall asleep. :) I very much hope that you would like to know me better and continue our letters. I want to let you know at once that I am only interested in serious relations and I am going to reply if you write me a long letter about yourself. I am sure that if people want to know each other better to develop good relationships they will write as much as they can. Even if it takes you time to write a long letter I am ready to wait for it as long as it is needed. I will be glad to know everything about you, your life, your family, your likes, dislikes, favourite things to do... I tell you at once that I am not looking for a prince as I am not a princess, just an ordinary girl and I am not hunting for outer beauty as I value the inner self more but I would like to get your pictures to put your words together with your face. I also want to tell you that for the moment I am not going to give my phone number to a stranger I do not know yet because could you imagine what would happen if I gave my phone number to everybody who asked for it? A total disaster! But when we know each other better and feel comfortable I will be ready to talk to you on the phone if you would also like it. I hope that you understand me and want to know me better.

I will be waiting to hear from you,

Letter 3

Dear Gavin,

It is so nice to get your letter and know more things about you. It pleases me so much that you share many things with me. It even seemed to me that you were here beside me telling me all the things you wrote in your nice letter. I am so happy that we continue to know each other better and have this nice talk.

I am glad to know that we both have the same goal to find our love here in the Internet without any games. I am sure that this question comes to your mind: Why here? Why the Internet? I will tell you my story about how I happened to be here and would also like to know yours. I am a mature girl and I had relationships with men in the past. But most of these relationships led to nothing and there were no true feelings towards me. Most of those men just used me as their toy and liked to show me to their friends like a trophy they got at some competition. As soon as I found out such behavior and attitude to me I went away. I do not like being played at all. I want real love and real feelings in my life. I have never met a man who could cause such feelings in me and a wish to create a family with him. I know that a lot of things depend on our attitude towards the other person and maybe if one of my previous boyfriends hadn't been so selfish and arrogant but loving, faithful, caring, attentive and honest I would have been married by this day... But to our luck and happiness it didn't happen and we are here now with you talking and knowing each other better. And who knows, maybe in the future you will become this man who causes such feelings and such wish in me...

Now I see a lot of Ukrainian men who come to our cafe and all they want is just to get drunk and have a one night stand with me... But I am not such a kind of a girl. I am very loving, caring, honest, faithful, reliable and hard-working. I am ready to do anything for my beloved man and give all of myself to him only.

You may wonder why I didn't find anyone here in my town. Well, I know that there are good men but they all are married and have families here. I am not going to become someone's lover as I want my own family though I get a lot of such "nice" offers.

Looking at my aunt and her foreign husband I see that love can be found everywhere and it doesn't matter what skin color, origin, nationality, background or age difference you have. Age is just a number and it doesn't matter how many years we have between us as I know it cannot be a barrier on the way to love and happiness. The most important things in a couple are feelings, friendship, love, affection, respect, communication, faithfulness, honesty, passion and lust. The last two may fade away with years like beauty but all the rest stay there in the relationship and these things keep the two loving people together.

So, I think I have solid reasons to find my love abroad and move to another country. It would be such a great experience to try all the new things and start my new life there with my man. It is a pity that I didn't have a chance to travel to other countries but it would be such a great pleasure to see this world and visit as many countries as we could with my love. I know that it takes courage and strength to leave everything here though I do not have much left here, I am on my own for a long time now. I am ready to begin a totally new life in another country. There are many things to overcome and learn like new culture and new language but I am eager to start with the first given opportunity. It is a pity that I do not know, cannot speak, read or write in English and I am using one translation firm in my town advised by my friend to talk to you. I can only speak Russian and Ukrainian. Mostly all people speak Russian here as I live in the region close to the Russian border but I guess we are in equal positions with you as you do not speak my language and I do not know yours. But I want to assure you that I want to learn your language as soon as I can to be able to talk to you directly.

I know that we will do everything together with you to get through all the hurdles and obstacles and to build our new life if the fate wants us to bring together. I can feel that we can become a perfect couple if we work together and do our best to develop this relationship. I already see that we have many things in common and I start to feel close to you and already dream about our first meeting... I know that it is going to be so romantic and sweet like two people meeting after a long parting, holding and kissing each other, looking into our eyes and bursting out with tears of happiness... I know that this day will come to my life and I am impatiently looking forward to it.

I hope that some mere differences will not put us apart but make stronger and more determined to overcome all barriers and we will continue our journey of knowing and discovering each other more and more, better and better.

I am sending you more of my pictures today and one is with my pet cat whose name was Lizun. Unfortunately he is not with me anymore as he died of old age. I miss him a lot and didn't have any pets since then. I also want to let you know that almost all of my pictures were taken by my friend who is very fond of photography and we like to experiment a lot together with her. I think that she is very good at taking pictures and she is almost a professional.

I will be waiting for your reply with your thoughts about the matters above. I would also like to know more about your relationships if you are open to this discussion. If not and it is too painful for you to remember about them I understand you and will be glad to know the things you would like to share with me. Why are you looking for your second half abroad? When do you think we will be able to meet? I hope that you want to meet me soon as I want it very much and it wouldn't matter for me where to do it here in my country or there in yours.

Have a great day.

Hugs and kisses,

Letter 4

My dear Gavin,

As I receive your letters my days get better and better, it brings me one step closer to knowing you more. It would be a great pleasure for me to have you here and show you my country. I am sure that you would love Crimean a lot.

I enjoyed your letter that you wrote, it makes good sense to me and I know we can start a romance that will burn for eternally. To know what you desire and the thoughts that you have is what I want to know so that we can be a close couple... To start on a journey that I know may last forever... I feel with each letter written we are able to move closer to our hopes and dreams. What I like to offer is some thoughts and feelings as to what our life may and can be together as I see in the future, what do you think? I hope it makes good sense.

As you walk up to our home and open the door you can hear the laughter and feel the love that is in the home. You will never hear any yelling, swearing or fighting no physical, mental, or emotional abuse ever, there will be no disagreements and children need to be disciplined. But with good consistent rules, proper communication and lots of support from each other there's no room left for fighting, just a home filled with love.

Now you are getting home and I can see it in your eyes, all the feelings in your heart that you give to me. I have waited all day, as I do everyday, to feel your soft lips and the kisses I have missed, I can never get enough of them but will always try. To help you with what you need so we can be together, I want you by my side till you have to leave again. To feel your touch, the heat of your body, the warmth of your breath and all the love we have for each other. We talk about our day, the joy we share together, have the children being good and what we need to do so our dreams and wishes will come true. As I snuggle up to you, you know in your heart that you would always be safe and my love would be true, you would never be hurt, all that I would do is for loving you...

Flowers we would grow more than we can handle, we would shower them upon us, we would think we are in heaven, you'd push me on a swing at a cool summer night and I'd shower you with kisses on a stormy rainy night, my love for you would grow with each day we have, to treat you as my king and you would grow with all my love. I want to let you know I am thinking about you all day and night long since I received your letter.

Do you know what a perfect day means for me? A long walk in a forest with the one I love. Talking, or walking in silence under the trees, hand in hand. Looking into each other's eyes and kissing tenderly. Then having a nice candle dinner in a restaurant or at home, talking for hours about what we think and want. I want someone like you with whom I can talk to about anything in life. Someone I have a complete trust in, and someone who can hear everything from me because he would understand me. The ability to understand each other matters a lot to me. I'm not a nymphomaniac but I am very tender, loving, passionate and affectionate and need small tender gestures in every day life. Everyday has to be a celebration of the love I feel towards my partner.

I did think of you even more as I want my loved one with me through the hard times and even more to share the good ones. I want to have you to take care of and to be protected. I want family outings. Memories, pictures, and family events. I want to be out with my man and friends and look across the room and see him smiling and chatting and know he is happy. To see that special glow in his face and eyes because he knows he and I have something that few couples have and that is love and respect for each other. I know he will never leave me or cheat on me because we know how to communicate with each other on what is bothering one another so we can work it out.

So cuddle up and be warm in bed with thoughts of me inside, may your dreams be sweet and your thoughts be warm. Know I can be the woman for you and more and find out what it takes to make your dreams come true.

Thinking of you,
Your Tanya.

Letter 5

My Gavin,

I am so happy to get your sweet letter. You have totally captured my heart and soul. I know that I have finally found the man I desire to share my entire life with. To join our two hearts as one and share all the joys and pleasures in life. I will say to you now that I desire to make our dreams come true and I desire, want and need you in my life. To put it in simple terms, I want you and only you as my man... my friend, and yes... my husband.

My darling, let me in your heart! I will be that woman who can be strong for you in any situation, a faithful friend to you for the rest of our lives, a companion that will share all of life's joys and mysteries. To be able to go places hand in hand proudly, knowing that our love for each other is a bond that will never bend or break, and yes, even your loving wife and passionate lover. To hold you close to me, caressing your body, kissing you and whispering sweet words in your ear as we both explore every centimeter of each other's bodies. Like it is said, to bring LOVE back into LOVEMAKING! I can promise you that when we are together, you will feel so loved and special... like you have never felt before and loved more than anyone else could ever show you. With me, You will know what real love really is.

I also want to feel your heart next to mine. To make our two hearts beat as one and allow you to feel the true joy that a man like you deserves, desires and needs from a woman. For us both be attentive to each other's needs and share a life together... not just live a life together. I want to make you woozy, spinning and wobbly in the knees when I hold you... even when we are just together and you can see the look of love in my eyes that I have for you. To be able to know we are both loved without ever saying a word! When in love, sometimes words never have to be spoken. Just the actions, the look in the eyes, a tender touch or caress, an unexpected kiss, not just any kiss, but a passionate kiss, then back away and look into each other's eyes and know that we have a love that others only dream about! To spend passionate days and nights alone together... touching, kissing, caressing each other and making love. Communication is very important in a relationship, but so is physical intimacy. Love is being able to talk about day to day issues, our feelings, what we worry about and what we dream about. But it also involves other aspects, physical contact and showing each other our love... not just saying it.

My Knight, all the raw materials, everything required to build our life and love is at our feet and it is up to both of us to start building our life. As we build it, we sculpt it with our need, love, affection, desire and respect for each other. As we grow together the sculpture begins to take shape and eventually we have built a beautiful bond for each other and the sculpture we build lives in our minds, hearts and souls.

I only want to have tears of happiness and joy when we are together! It is hard to imagine someone as wonderful, gifted and kind as you are. Know that with me you would never have these empty feelings ever again. I would always support you and our family. We will watch our children grow into a beautiful lady or a handsome man. We would guide them through their lives as they grow and with the best education. And once they become adults, they will be as honorable and noble as you and I!

If we are meant to be together I will do ANYTHING for you... just as long as you show me love, respect, honesty, attentiveness and passion and do not cheat on me! For all the things I ask of you... I will also give in return! I will never lie to you, never cheat on or betray you, I will always be attentive to your needs, show you the love and respect you desire and deserve, and love you like no other woman can ever do. You may already find your dream and your journey can stop here. No woman will honor you like I will. And I will love and care for you like an angel sent from heaven!

I am waiting for you! You are the man that I want! When we meet, you will see it in my eyes, feel it in my embrace and taste it with my kiss. I will always be kind, gentle and compassionate towards you... but I will also be strong for you and protect you with all the powers I have... I will protect you against all things even if it means my very life! I tell you, I am like no woman you have ever met. I was born in the wrong time! I am a woman of honor and noble to those close to me. Your dreams will become my dreams... and your desires will become mine as well. You too will have my devotion and well being of might, mind, heart and soul. All I seek in return is passion, romance, love, truth and a faithful husband who will never betray me and tear out my heart...

I give you a gentle kiss and a tender embrace and wait for your next letter...

Forever and Always,
Your Tanya.

Letter 6

Dear Sir,

I represent the translation firm "Camellia" which our client Tatyana Mishina has been using to communicate with you. We provide translation and the Internet services for our clients. Unfortunately Tatyana has used all her resources at our firm and is not capable to pay for the further correspondence with you. She regrets she cannot tell you about it herself but wants to let you know that she would like to still keep in touch with you as she is very interested in you and your communication.

If you are willing to maintain your correspondence with miss Tatyana and take care of the expenses we can send you our full price list with the costs and services we offer our clients. You will not be disappointed with the services we can provide for you. If you do not want to proceed we wish you luck and ask you to keep Tatyana's personal information confidential.

Hoping to get your positive reply.

Manager of TF "Camellia",
Alexandra Ivanova.



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