Romance scam letter(s) from Jossy to Grant (Canada)
Letter 1
i got your mail from date me free site
How are u today and how are things with you overthere..?i am so sad here at the moment..sorry i did not get to mail u since but the problem is that i go to see the client and the problem i have with them in the hospital cos i need to pay all the bills before i come back to the state....I have been try to see some people to change the money order i have here to raw catch since you don't want to give me the money but they can't do that and as you also know that i have some serious problems on my hands here.. came down here with money orders and i was told i could not cash them here..the banks here say they do not cash money sucks here sweetheart and all i do here at the moment is cry...i though i was not wise to carry so much physical cash on me when traveling for my mum illness but gues i was wrong..i paid the hospital with the few physical cash on me when i came down here and when i needed money i found out that i will not be able to cash the money orders here and i have orders worth $2,500 on me here right now although i have more than this before but i gave some people that take care of mum in the hospital and the driver that use to take me out that whenever he see anyone to change it for them they should change it cos they really try alot for me...
i tried the US consular here i was been told that i did not came down here through them and they have nothing to do to help me...i just wana leave here now and be with you at home to come and meet you in the state honney..i have not even achieved what i came down here to do but i just wana get outta here now and i thank God that my mum has feel a little better..its a mad place here..the hospital has been allowing me stay after the initial fee i paid expired cos they saw my orders and they know its not my fault i cant cash...they do have my documents with them thou so i wont run..wonder why they think i would do that..hope i have not just bored u with my problems???
honney please i want you to help me outta this shit hole not that i am commanding you ok..and when i get to your house in the state we will go to bank and catch the money and i will pay you back ok???please i am crying here now cos i must be with you in the state verry soon sweetty,i need to pay $900usd for the agent honney,i will be glad if you can help me with just the flight bills to have chance to come to you sweetty and make you happy honney cos i don't want you to be alone anymore cos the love i have for you is 100 percent as you have know sweetty...Honney if you know you can't send me the money ..infact i know that you will send me the money cos i must get to meet you and i have pack all my bags ready just to live and come to meet you sweetty...

Honney i would owe u for life sweetheart ..dry my tears here and save me from this shit hole..and u would never regret u helped my defender for the universe PLEASE..You know that i don't have anybody except you cos you are my love and my husband..honney i have never had to ask for help this way before but this kinda things just happen..pls take a chance on me and i wont make u regret helping me..hope to hear back from u soon.
i will do any thing you want me to do pls i dont want my mum to die
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