Scam letter(s) from Mira Gromova to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hello sweet David!
I hope that you did not forget me!!! To me so it is sad when I have come to the Internet of cafe and could not receive from you the letter! Lovely I shall come tomorrow again and I shall hope to receive from you the letter! At us there has already come autumn and it is cold! But ideas about you help me to keep more strong! I shall hope that we with you very soon shall together
Letter 2
Hello my sweetheart David!!!
I only now have an opportunity to write to you. I have been borrowed by preparations of documents. Now I have some minutes to write to you. I am very happy, because little time remained when I'll be in your hugs. In agency I was said that probably, by a Monday I'll go to Moscow to embassy for conversation, whereupon I'll receive a visa and will buy tickets for arrival to you. I am very happy. I didn't think,that the documents will go so quickly. This is because agency works directly with Moscow embassy. When I arrive to you, I'll be the happiest woman in the world, because I'll be near my loved man. David,I am in love with you so much. You live in other country, with other culture, but I feel that you are my soul mate, I have to be with you till the end of our lives. Had a wonderful dream of you last night whilst i slept. We were just walking through a wonderful forest together, The leaves were just turning brown and slowly falling to the ground, ther animals were flitting around getting their winter fuel ready, and the sun was lazily waning. You reminded prince, near to you the white horse and your sword constantly shins were touched, I was delighted! You looked an absolute dream. It felt like we were back in the middle ages, when there was no rushing here and there, no cars just our eyes for each other and not a care in the world. Then my alarm went off and i had to return to the real world! I'll give you all my tenderness, which was saved in me so long time. My love, I have to go. I am fine, I have good mood everyday,because I have you.
Tell me, how are you??? You miss me???
I hope everything is fine. I love you!!!!
ps.I dream to be with you. As you became for me the native person..
Forever your Mira!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my beloved David!!!!!
Hello from Moscow!!! It was hard arrival. I am so tired from arrival. There is warmer than in Kazan, it is beautiful weather here, David! Have you ever been to Moscow? This city is very big. Do you know that the Ostankinskaya tower is higher than the Eyfeleva tower? Loved, I have for you not very good news. Everything i fine, but one obstacle has appeared, about which I didn't know early. I came to the embassy and I was said there that visa is ready, but to I'll be given it, I have to buy 2 tickets and show them in the embassy to arrive to you and return back. I went to the airport, 2 tickets will cost 1349 dollars. I have to insure my life because without insurance I'll not be serviced in hospitals. I have been insured, insurance costs 300 dollars. David, but the most important news which has very much upset me, this that that, I have to have in my hands not less than 1200 dollars on entrance to the country and the documents, confirming this. I have money for the ticket, but I have no 1200 dollars on entrance to the country! Validity of the visa is 90 days and this money confirms that I'll be able to contain myself for that time. I get the worker visa, in the document it is not said that I arrive to you, so I'll not be released out of country without these money. Loved, without your help I'll not be able to come to you. If you send me 1200 dollars via Western Union, I'll be able get quickly your money and in 2 days you'll meet me in the airport. You lose nothing David ! Because when I arrive you, I'll give you this money. I did not want to ask for you about money, but I really did not know that it will be required extra money. If I would know, I would discuss first with you this, after all I don't have any extra money. My love, I'm in Moscow only in two days from you; if you believe me and want me to come to you, then send me 1200 dollars via Western Union for my name Mira Gromova and in two days I'll arrive to you and we'll be the happiest mate in the world. I love you and hope in our soon meeting. I'll stay at night in hotel, today I'll look the answer from you. I love you,David!!!!!
With love and forever your girl Mira!
Letter 4

Hello honey David!
I want to tell to you one of my imaginations concerning us.I rise early in the morning, I go on kitchen, I prepare for a breakfast, coffee or tea. I bring to you a breakfast in bed when you still sleep. Then I start you to awake, shower with gentle kisses your lips, then a neck, then I kiss your ******, I tender kiss your dummies. You start to wake up. Then I start to fall below, I kiss your tummy. I feel, how you start to want me, you want to take me in the embraces and to love me right now. I continue to kiss yours tummies, and then slowly I fall below and below... Then we are engaged love... After that, we together with you have breakfast, we joke, we are dared. Then I see off you for work. When you will leave, I shall do work in the house. When you will come evening, on a table will be a supper prepared me. We let us have supper at candles, romantically and gently to talk. After a supper you will include music and will invite me on dance, we shall dance and to kiss each other, you will slowly start to remove from me a dress, I shall be to remove your shirt, we shall undress, each other and we shall dance absolutely *****. Then we shall go to a bed and we shall make love.Such imaginations at me, I very much would want that every day at us was such. In addition, if you on for a long time leave, during your absence I shall try to prepare you for a surprise to please you, and to wait that you too will have for me surprise. David lovely I the happiest woman on the ground about that that we with you very soon shall together! David I have lodged in hotel on surburb Moscow! It is hotel for drivers she has no phone. I live in her because she cheap! Lovely 1200 dollars I shall not spend this money I only I shall show them when I shall pass customs house and as soon as I shall arrive to you I shall return to you this money! David I went to the Internet of cafe and to me have told that the information which is necessary to send you of money through westernuon
First name Mira
Last name Gromova
The country Russia
Letter 5
Hello my honey David!
David lovely I the happiest woman on the ground that we with you shall be already tomorrow together my lovely! David today in Russia Sunday and all I shall be closed to go tomorrow early in the morning in westrenion to receive money and to go in the airport. David lovely I shall not spend this money I shall show them only at customs house! Because I understand that we with you should treat your mum!!!! David lovely after I shall receive tomorrow on Monday of money I shall write to you time when I shall take off! To you I shall make it tomorrow I as I shall write to you when I shall fly in airport that you knew when it is necessary for you to meet me!! David tomorrow for us there will be the happiest day in ours with you of a life because already tomorrow we can embrace each other and kiss! David lovely I love you for me all most important in a life it you my lovely! My heart in your hands my love!!! David lovely I hope to you I my love is pleasant to a photo which send you! David lovely I always try to answer all your questions but when I write to you the letter I very much I worry when I write to you! Lovely I shall try to come again today my lovely and to write to you again I hope that I can receive from you the letter my lovely
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