Romance scam letter(s) from Gina Heil to Eric (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Eric,
How you doing? I'm so glad to hear from you back...I am deelpy sorry about your mum grandfather! Wow! You sound so great! I am into Fashion Modeling,Currently in West Africa on a contract and I have been here for 2moths,it was a nice company but they didnt really pay us well,until they closed down...The company had some problem with the coporate bodies and top officials and I am trying to manage ,until the company is back ...But for me now I just need to leave this place and go somewhere I can start afresh with my life,Meet a wonderful man like you ,start a family and make my life worthwhile...

All my life I have been so lonely ,I have no one,I was born in Ne Hartley, lowa to an American father and a Finland mother (caucasian) I lost my dad 2yrs ago in a car accident , that really affected my life alot,.cause after he died mom had to relocate to Finland (Helsinki) and she had to sell the house to take care of her mom is ashmatic.

In a relationship I am obviously looking for someone that can be faithful, that I can trust with my whole heart, I am looking for a partner in life, someone that will be there no matter what the circumstances. I also believe in chemistry, like when two peoples eyes meet for the first time, and your heart almost jumps out of your chest, your knees become just a little weak, and that slightest chill that overcomes your body, ya know that instant attraction. That is what I am looking for, I am a bit of an adventurer, so someday as sure as the sky is blue, I will find him and we will live together and support, love, and charish, each other for the rest of our lives.
So anyway in a nutshell, Eric that is what i am looking for, as far as me personally my friends would say that I am a pretty easy going person, I am laid back and pretty much just go with the flow most of the time. I love doing just about anything outdoors fishing, hunting, golfing, camping, horseback riding, cycles, bicycles, jogging, walking, hiking, etc.... Well if any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, I would like to hear more about you, and what you are looking for in a relationship. So I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 2
Hi eric,
How you doing? I just don't understand you...I grow up in finland but I was born in Iowa..I did my schooling in finland... Yeah I could some over there if things work out for us...Look forward to hear from you again..
Letter 3

Wow!! Well I was rushing when i wrote that email...Yeah I was born in Hartley and I grew up in finland because I did my schooling there.. I was schooling there before my mum reloated to finland after the death of my dad...My dad was a simple man. His name is Nelson and a Business Man!..I hope you understand me now..please I dont want to start think about all that again...
Letter 4


I'm glad you understand!..I am sorry about your grandpa. Well nothing much in there..I just feel like modeling because I feel I look good for that...I enjoy watching TV or Romantic movies.

Sometimes I hate coming to this computer because of alot going on here in nigeria...anybody you talk never believe you because of all scam peoples do from here...I'm on dial-up connection...Okay I attach my pictures and my passport!..Eric I dont think this relationship will work out for us because I feel there wil be no trust!...I sent you my passport just to let you know that I am for real..And I think you should look for someone close to you for a relationship....Thanks
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