Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Pierre (Sweden)

Letter 1
Dear Pierre!
Thanks for a mail! Unfortunately just you have not sent me new photos, but I hope that you will make it in the following letter. I am glad that you well have spent in woods, I am similar to you I love the nature, to unfortunately in Saratov is a little woods and it is very far from city. Pierre if to trust your letters you good the man worthy respect and you is capable to consider the girl properly. I am very glad that you have no any problems fidelity. I sincerely hope that you the man of the word and if be honest I am glad that I has got acquainted with you! But in the today's letter I have for you not less important theme for discussion and I want know how you imagine an ideal marriage? You would like that your future wife worked or that she sat at home and was the housewife? You come home from work in time or you constantly are late on work and can come at late night? It as is very interesting to me because I want to lie down in a bed and to rise from a bed together with my husband! And as me interests that you think about jealousy? Pierre you jealous the man? In Russia the jealousy began one of the reasons of disorder of hundreds and thousand young families and consequently I do not want to come into the hands of jealous the man which will be jealous me of each column!:) I shall stop for today and wait for news from you tomorrow!
Natalia x x x
Letter 2
Hello Pierre!
This weekend was very busy for me, because me visit my parents and we have fine time together. Today they leave Saratov and I again once:( But now I am glad to read the letter from you and to write to you the answer. Thanks for new photos, they have very much liked me, you have very nice house and it's large, I would be happy to have the house with own area and own garden! Pierre, thanks as that you have given me more information on you and has answered each of my questions, now I have the greater representation about you. For this short time I have learned much enough about you and you seem to me the decent guy, therefore I want to suggest to meet to you me in a real life, what you think of it? Excuse but I have no a lot of time now because it is time to me for work, I write the letter in the early morning. I shall stop now and I shall wait for news.
Letter 3
Hello Pierre!
Thanks for a mail! I am glad to read your new letter and good words for me. Your promises to do me princess and the happiest girl in the world do my desire to meet you by stronger! And I would like to be convinced as soon as possible that your intentions are really serious also we should talk about a meeting. Pierre we have two ways for this purpose. I can meet you if only you will pay all my trip to you. Any by I shall not do by another of it because I know, that many women sell the apartments and all of them property to arrive to other country, and their future "husbands" vanish together with their money. Girls I remain with what. So I do not wish to get such situation.
If you will invite me in the country you should pay my trip itself.
There is other way. If you have an opportunity to arrive to Russia, I shall be glad to meet you here. We shall spend some time here and we shall understand, whether we approach each other. In fact through mail it is possible to promise everything to the person. Whether I can tell to you I with you shall to have good relations only after our meeting.
I write to you about it because many men write to me and speak, that I already after the second letter would marry them. I do not understand it? As it is possible to marry the person through e-mail. I think this all a deceit. I hope that I have not offended you the reasonings and that you understand me and about what I speak that. I shall stop now, but I shall wait for news from you, I hope you have good day!
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