Scam letter(s) from Victoria Volinskaya to Johanna (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello Joanna!
How are you doing? I'm so glad to get your answer. I'm writing to you with delay because i was busy. But i hope that you're still interesting and will answer me. I hope that between us willn't be language barrier and we will understand each toher well. I don't know english well. But i'm studying it for a long time in the university and have some practice.
Let me tell you more about myself...
I'm 27 years old, my height is 165cm and my weight is about 58 kg. I was born on the 30th of September in 1979. And when you born and where you live? I think it's quite important to know this because we can know more each other. I'm white Russian woman. I believe in Jesus. I'm single. I have never been married and I have no kids. I'm an open-minded person, I'm very sensitive and sociable. I love to meet new people and learn something new about different countries, different nationalities and so on. My friends and family say that I'm very communicative and kind-hearted.
What can I tell you about the place where I live in?
It's called Kozmodemyansk. Kozmodemyansk is small city in my big country Russia. The life there going more slower. My city is very beautiful. I have found a site on which you can learn little bit more about my city.
Here you can see photos and the information on city.
One of the reason why i have written you is that i'm planning the trip and staying in one step of getting visa to your country. I have filled all necessary documents for the tourist visa and now I'm waiting for an answer from Moscow embassy. To me have told, that visa will be ready in a one or maximum two weeks. I'm working 3 years without holidays and now I have a chance to have a rest. My colleague advised me to go to travel agency and to choose travel for relax. I'm thinking about trip to your country for a long time from my childhood. I am really hope that everything will be okay, and soon my dream come true. I think it is very interesting to learn other culture and meanings. I hope we'll interest each other and then we can meet in the person and you can be my guide. I can be naive, but I think it very interesting to meet somebody in other country. I wait much from this trip because I am very tired from work and loneliness. I hope to hear from you soon!
By the way I'm attaching my photo and I hope you'll like it. Your Russian friend
Letter 2
Hi Joanna!!!
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. I thought much and have solved, that in this letter I should tell about my family. I one child in my family. My mother's name Mariya, my daddy's name Pavel. (He is my stepfather, but I name his daddy! My father has left from us when I was still the small child!) My mum not work now. My daddy works as the driver. To my mum 53 years, daddy of 56 years. I have many relatives who live in our city. In Russia strong family and all relatives communicate each other. Oh yes, my parents do not know, that I lesby. I live separately from them and I try to hide it. Therefore I cannot tell him about us. I have told, that I have the friend abroad and I plan to meet. I trust, that time will come and them know it, but it not now! I work at meneger. I work in firm which is engaged in processing of a tree. I like my work! Probably I do not receive many money and sometimes to have to work even at night, but my work is pleasant to me very much. At us very good collective and I with pleasure communicate with all. Young collective and we always work for pleasure. I hope to you interestingly to read it.
Dear, now I wished to tell to you about the trip. I shall receive the tourist visa which enables me to remain in your country of 90 days. It is a lot of time and I think what be real I can only one month. I can live in hotel. I do not know well your country. That I could learn all only through Internet. Therefore I have got acquainted with you! As my knowledge absolutely small about ******* culture. I heard, that it is very widespread in your country and I very much wish to learn more about it! You can tell to me about it? As I already told in Russia very difficultly to be lesby! I heard, that in Moscow is many various clubs for **** and *******, but in our city anything is not present! I very much would like to know, what you are realy looking for? I understand, that through letters we can be only friends and only the meeting can do more. But as a result I wish to have normal attitudes. As I would like to tell to you about the past. I had a beloved girl with which I spent a lot of time together. We loved each other. I hope you not against, that I tell about it. We met with her 2 years. We were happy. It was not usual for our small city, that we have found each other. But then she has left. She has left for other city. I hoped, that she will return also all it will be good, but she has ceased to call to me and now we have lost each other for ever. She has left from Russia and I do not know where she. To me it was very difficult during first time, but now I have calmed down. Excuse me, it is possible to you not pleasantly to hear it, but I consider, that you should know!
Soon I will have visa and I can manage my travel. I cannot approve, I do not wish to do hasty decisions, but I think, that if we will meet with you in the person it will be wonderful! Tell to me please more about your life, your country, about your city. I hope, that I shall soon see your new letter...
Yours Katya
Letter 3
Hello my dear Joanna!!!
How are you? Excuse me, that I could not write to you earlier. I have been borrowed by work with documents and I did not have time to approach to a computer...
In this letter I would like to write about the interests and a hobby. We should know it that we could communicate easily at a meeting. My favorite hobby is dancing. I love to dance. And I dance every moment I have free time. It may sounds funny to you but it's true. Do you like to dance? We will dance for sure when we meet if you will be agree :)
I go to gym club routinely. I try to keep good form. I like skiing, skating and swimming. Last year I got interested in aerobics. I do it from time to time. But sport and dancing are not all what interest me. I love to read to listen music and to watch different movies. I like to dream about true love. I like books about love. I like to listen different music. I like dance music, soul music, R&B and pop. I watch a lot of movies. It's getting more and more good Russian movies with years but foreign are still the best! I truly think so. For example in this and last year I was watching the serial Lost. I with excitement looked each part and now I wait new series! There is another movie I like a lot. It's called " Forest Gump ". I can speak much about this film. It's probably the best film which i saw in my life.
Other of my hobbies is food! I like to eat delicious food. I cook very well i think. I like to cook very much. I often invite my friends over to my house and they usually say that everything tastes very good. I like our russian traditional food. I like fruits most of all because they are the most healthy food. But I love meat too...
Well , that's about it my preferences in music, movies and food.
Please ask free if you have any questions. And write to me your common hobbies. Joanna, the age has no value for me. My former girl was more senior than me and it was not a barrier to us. Dear, it has thrown me. I would not like to speak about it. I would like to speak more about us and my trip. Joanna, I do not wish to distract you from work. We can spend time together in the evenings. It will be remarkable time. Oh dear, you can write messages on my mobile, but the call costs very dearly.
It costs approximately 5 dollars for a proceeding call and 4 dollars for entering for me! My number +7-917-704-1835 Every your letter is like a holiday for me! Yours
Letter 4

Hello Joanna!
How are you doing? Thank for you letter. Sorry that I could not answer you quickly. I'm very happy that we can found each other trought internet. I really hope that our meeting willn't break and we can spend many time together.
Yesterday I went to travel agency, I filled there some papers. To me have told, that my visa will be ready soon. What about my plans. I hope that everything will be okay and when i get visa i'm planning to trip at once.
Today I have agreed with the director that since Monday I go on holidays. It at last that happens also I is very happy. I think, that have deserved this trip.
Dear, I think, that you should know my address. This information should be useful to us. Probably you wish to arrive on a visit :) It is my address :
Country: Russia
Republic: Mari El
City: Kozmodemyansk
Street: Ubileinaya
Home: 17
Apt.: 5
Zip code: 425000
First name: Ekaterina
Second name: Stepanova Probably you as can give to me this information. It is a serious trip for me and I should be prepared well. As it is good to know all your contact phones!
I'm every day thinking of my forthcoming trip and you. I do not know fall we in friend or not, but i really hope that i found on another side seriuos girl who will be honest with me. I really think that we can be good friends and even more.. And i think our meet can explain to us what we are feeling to each other because we can spend time together. With hope of our soon meeting,
yours Katya.
Letter 5
Hi my dear. It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. I am very glad, that we have met on the Internet. I hope, that you too :) Sorry, that could not write to you earlier, but I had no access to the Internet! On Saturday I talked to the tourist agent and to me have told, that my visa will be ready on wednesday. Thus now I should buy the ticket for a train and go to receive the visa. Dear, I plan right after receptions of the visa to go to your country. I have taken the holiday and now nothing holds me. This most good time for me. I shall be very happy to see you. I with full confidence can tell, that we friends. I hope, that to us will be cheerful together. We cannot probably spend all time together, but I hope, that all which we can will unforgettable. Today and tomorrow I shall learn about tickets aboard the plane. First I shall reserve the ticket and then, after reception of the visa I shall buy it. I plan to go to Moscow on Tuesday in the evening by the bus. It is a trip will borrow approximately 10 hours. Thus I shall be in Moscow in the morning. Right after it I shall go to embassy for reception of the visa. I do not know how many it will borrow time, but I hope no more than 3 hours. I shall try to reserve the ticket aboard the plane the same day. To depart to you in the evening. I have bought to you some gifts and I shall be glad to present at a meeting. Now I shall study all flights and I think, that today or tomorrow I can write number and time of flight. Dear, I once again wished to tell, that is happy to meet you. I hope when we shall see each other it it will be better! I shall wait your letter. Kiss you
Letter 6
Hello my dear. Thanks for your new letter. Excuse, that I could not write to you earlier. I had no access to the Internet and just now I have an opportunity to write to you! At once wished to tell to you, that my plans will hold good. In the evening I go to Monday in Moscow. Right after arrival I shall go to embassy. After reception of the visa I shall go to the airport. I shall inform you on each step. I have already reserved the ticket aboard the plane. They are data about my flight: Trip segment: Moscow (MOW)-> London (LON)
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU247
Depart: 26 September 2007, 20:45, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrive: 26 September 2007, 21:45, Heathrow
Seats: Economy class
Travel time: 4 h. After I shall receive the visa and I shall buy tickets shall write to you sms or letter. I hope, that I can find the Internet-cafe in the airport and inform you on a trip. I once again wished to tell to you, that is happy that we have got acquainted. I do not know, that will be after our meeting, but I very much wish to see you and to spend with you time! I long time dreamed of this trip and now my dream will be. I shall be glad to see your new letter at the airport! Kiss you
Letter 7
Hi my dear it's hard to say to you what happened...
Today morning as i'm planning i will go to take my visa. You know I have received it!
I was shining as little girl. But when i go trough custom house to buy ticket the employee of aviacash department has warned me, that I should have cashes or money on a credit card to my travel as guarantee.
For your country this measure is 150000 roubles or it's about 3000 pounds for 90 days.
I've asked he what the reason, why i should have so much money?
He has told that it is demanded with the state that it is guarantee of my cash security.
And under the law i should have monmey for eash day living.
Ohhh it's realy sad... Actually I have this money. I have 3000 pounds. But if I shall buy the ticket aboard the plane I will have only 2780 pounds. Thus now I should find 220 pounds more. I very much wish to arrive to you.
I really did not know about it earlier! I really do not know what to do!
I will try to do all what i can to find these summ of money but i collected all what i can.
I'm crashed...
Now I shall go to friends to my mum. I shall try to find the help.
I cannot arrive to you today!
I hope you understand my situation and you will forgive me.
I shall inform you about all news! Kiss you
Letter 8
Hello dear. Excuse me, that I could not call to you, but you should understand, that I am compelled to save money! As I have told earlier I was happy when have received my visa. But all has deteriorated, when I wished to buy the ticket aboard the plane! This law has broken all my plans! I should have money for all period of action of the visa. These are free money which guarantee, that I shall not work and beg. I tried to explain in customs service, that I go only for some weeks and I shall soon return back. I spoke them, that meal to the friend and I shall not require what! They only speak that I should have all sum! They should know, that I have 150000 roubles and only after that can pass me! Its russian law. Thus I should search money! I could not write to you earlier because it has been shocked by me. I called to all friends, I talked to my parents and only today I could find a little more money! My parents and friends can send me tomorrow 60 pounds more. Thus it is necessary for me to find 160 pounds more. I understand, what it very much greater money, but dear, probably you can help me? It is very a shame to me to speak about it, but I am compelled. Actually this money are necessary to me only for one day. When I shall have all sum I can pass at once customs and buy the ticket aboard the plane! I shall keep you posted events! When I have all of money I can fly at once to you and my travel will be successful! After that I at once can give you of money! Dear, please help me! I understand, that it is strange, that I ask your help, but to me any more to whom to address! I very much ask you! I shall wait your letter and I hope to receive it very soon! Kiss you
Letter 9
Hello dear Johanna. Thanks for your message. I called under number which you have given me. Yes they have confirmed to me the information, that I require money. But understand, that it is the law of my country. It is the customs law on which they have no the right to let out me from the country without this money. It is awfully silly, but I cannot argue with it! Under laws of your country I can arrive and spend time even now, but it is the law of my country! It is the Russian law. I addressed to many, I do not sit on a place. I only recently have returned to friends. I all the day try to find understanding and support, but that it more and more seems to me senselessly! I should search money. I should find 160 pounds. I shall wait your letter. Yours
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