Scam letter(s) from Tamara Bogachenko to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
If you feel lonely, if you are looking for love, if you are tired of your solitude then we are very much alike with you. I guess these three things already made us have something in common and I hope that our acquaintance will bring much happiness and joy to us. Even if we realize we are not for each other I still hope that we will remain good friends. But who knows, maybe we have found our destiny in each other and this is only the beginning of something great, lasting and beautiful. If you have serious intentions to develop a good, stable and loving relationship then I will be very happy to get your reply and know more about you. I am not here to play any games, I am here to find a real person and devote all my love and life to him. I have a lot of love in my heart to give it to and I hope that very soon there will appear a person who will accept it with gratitude and pleasure and will do the same in return. Who knows, maybe I already found this person? I am impatiently waiting for your prompt reply.
My e-mail is
Letter 2
Hello Gavin. First of all I would like to take the time to thank you for your interest and your reply to my message as it was very nice to receive your letter with your nice pictures. I will tell you more about myself which I hope will interest you. First of all as you know my name is Tamara, I'm 31 years old and single. I was married but I am divorced now and do not have any children. All the vital stats you can get from the profile but I can remind you that I am 172 cm and 55 kg, I have blue eyes and red hair. And as you can already guess my favourite color is blue as it matches my eyes a lot. I live in a small town called Zorinsk which is in the east of Ukraine. I finished technical college in a town near by as there are no colleges in my town and now I am working. Zorinsk is the town of coal mines and I work as an accountant at the administration of one of the mines. I live alone but I visit my family very often. I want you to know at once that I am not looking to be someone to pass the time with until someone better comes along, I am looking for someone with whom I can spend a lifetime with, someone who isn't afraid to say exactly what is on their minds and isn't afraid to express themselves. About my family, I come from a large family (I have a younger brother and a sister and a lot of cousins) who like and enjoy spending time together, we like to joke and laugh when it matters and these values are what I look for in a relationship. I do believe for every person there is a soul mate and I'm on a quest to find mine. I love to socialize with friends and love going to the country where we have great time, swim in a river and have a picnic. I love nature very much and I enjoy all activities connected with outdoors. My hobbies are various as I have a lot of interests but I enjoy keeping fit by jogging and doing exercises on a regular basis. I also enjoy reading books such as the ones written by Paulo Coelho and other writers. I love to listen to music as well, anything really that gets the toes tapping and the heart going but I do have one favourite music project and that is ATB, they have very beautiful songs and music. Like every woman I love flowers but my favourite one is amaryllis and I have it at home. It has gorgeous flowers and I think it is the most beautiful plant I have ever seen. I also like to cook and try different food as I like a lot of national food such as Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Italian and Mexican. I consider myself to be very outgoing with lots of friends. I would say that I am an incurable romantic in the sense that I do believe in telling and showing someone that you love that you do love them as often as you can. Anyway I'll finish for now as I don't want to bore you but ask and I will tell you everything you want to know about me. I would also like to know more about you and your family, your life. You can share everything you want with me. If you're still interested you have my e-mail, please use it. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 3
Hello dear Gavin. Thank you so much for your warm letter! Maybe I can give you a smile too with this warm greeting, just for you :) It is clear that your family plays a big part in your life. I think families are very important to make one's life happy and content. I'd like to tell you more about myself. I was born November, 9, 1975 in Zorinsk, Ukraine. It is a pity that I haven't been anywhere abroad but I would like to travel a lot and see a lot of countries if there will be such chance. I like my native city because I was born there and my parents live there. My father and mother might actually be the best parents in the world! We always enjoy being together, support and giving much of inspiration to each other. My father is a driver. My mother works in a hospital as a nurse. Both of them are very good specialists. Their colleagues respect my parents for their professionalism, friendliness and sincerity. My mother is a very sincere, outspoken and charming woman. They say I took after her in my character. I have never met so noble, strong spiritually, honest, reliable and caring woman, but my mother. And my father is the head of our family and I think he is the most perfect husband and father. My parents have a significant difference in age but it didn't stop them at all. They are the most loving couple I have ever met. I do not care about the age difference as I know it is not an obstacle for two loving people. I'd like to find a man who has such qualities as my father and who's able to care of his family. Besides, I have my younger siblings. They are nice people and very good friends of mine. I respect my family very much. As you already know I was married but I am divorced for more than three years. I got married too young when I was only 20 and I thought then that this was the love of my life. I was so wrong. But when you are 20 you think that the whole world belongs to you and you are the happiest one. The first three years were happy, we both were studying and finishing our colleges. But then something went wrong and we didn't do anything to save our marriage. We had a lot of fights because my husband started to come home late and wasn't very sober. I didn't like it at all and what woman would? He didn't want to work and changed a lot of jobs because something was always wrong with the new job. And he also started to gamble a lot. When he lost our last money that we were saving for our future children it was the last point for me. I left him and never regretted about it. I am glad that we didn't have any children though we planned to have the first one before it all happened. I realized that I made the wrong choice but I became more sure that there is someone just for me and I still believe that I will find the love of my life. I tried to do it here in my country many times but haven't been lucky yet. I have plenty of tenderness and warmness inside my heart. It would be my pleasure to share it with someone special. I feel it's a time for me to create my own family. I'd like to devote my life to a caring man who doesn't want to live without me. I think there is a chance for us to become great friends with a possibility of something much greater. I know that we have to overcome some hurdles on our way such as distance and language but I am ready to do my best to get through them all. I hope that my not knowing English won't make you change your mind about our possible future. I know that I should have learnt it many years ago but I didn't do it. I can speak two languages now and they are Russian and Ukrainian. But I will do everything possible to learn your language as soon as I can with the first given opportunity and talk to you without someone's help. And now I am using the professional help of a translation firm so you can understand my words and my thoughts. But I want to assure you that all the words you see here are mine, nobody changes the meaning and the firm is very good and they do their job very well. They also provide me with the Internet service here. The Internet helps us to communicate and, maybe, one day some travel agency will help us to meet each other in person. I'm going to dream about it and hope my dreams will come true one beautiful day. I'm excited about the opportunity to know you better I do believe our first personal meeting can be as a meeting of two loving hearts. What do you think of this? Your letter gives me a feeling like I am dreaming. When I close my eyes I see all the things you write me. I can't believe. But when I open my eyes I see the distance between us. You are so far away, so many different miles. I imagine I look into your eyes, and butterflies are in my soul. In my deep blue eyes is a sparkle, but in the next moment the reality is around me. Cars are driving across the road, children are laughing and people walk through the streets. So I will close my eyes again, and let us dream the same dream. Sunset on the ocean, gently kisses, and our souls turned to one big energy. Is there a chance to let this dream turn into reality? I hope you do not consider me a dreamer or a pathetic romantic for writing these words! I am looking forward to getting your next letter. It would be wonderful to know you better. How do you want your relationship to be? Do you think that love can conquer anything, even distance and language? Bye for now,
Letter 4

Good day my dear Gavin. First of all I want to thank you for your nice letter! It is very interesting and I appreciate what you share with me. I do hope that we will become more than just friends as I like you a lot and want to take the chance to build my future with you. I am sure you wonder why such girl like me is here in the Internet looking for love. I will tell you why I wanted to meet someone this way. I have had my own disappointments in past relationships. It does seem sometimes like Ukrainian men are selfish, and not honest when it comes to relationships. I know that can be found in anyone, and anywhere, but it's just what I have seen here. I think people can meet in any kind of way. I also think there is something special, and exciting about 2 people from different countries, and cultures, starting relations together. I want a relationship of closeness. There would have to be trust in each other for it to work. We would be able to share and do things together like good friends. The relationship would have much affection in it, and with being good lovers for each other. We would be supportive of each other's lives, and help make each other's dreams become real. I know that it has to be a very big decision for me to look for a partner from another country. To move such a distance away, to change life and leave everything behind... family, friends, culture, and lifestyle. I think I am brave enough to decide this is what I want. But, when it comes to being happy in life there are times that decisions have to be made. And changes can be a very good thing at times. And if you want to find the kind of life you want, and to fulfill your dreams... sometimes there are risks that we have to take. I know that I will have to move to another country and this option doesn't scare me at all. On the contrary, I am very open to my new life with my beloved man. So I want to assure you, if we decide we are to be together... I will make sure I do all within my power to make you happy and to make your dreams come true. So, let us continue our passage to happiness. I will always be honest and truthful with you. Only a relationship built on honesty and trust is going to last. I think it's better to explain what exactly I'm doing here. I want to find the person who I miss whenever they are gone and who always has a way of making me feel really good, no matter how bad the day was. I also want the kind of love that other people see and know that they also want the love like we'd share. I am looking for a life partner. I am not looking for a man who simply wants to be with someone. He has goals and career ambitions and I want us to be equal parts of the relationship and we both accept one another for who we are and make each other better. I also want a man who I love so much that I always want to touch him and be intimate with him because I feel so strongly about him. I would love for you to tell me your hopes and dreams and where you can see this going and how we can continue to grow together as a couple. Hopefully you are finding me as appealing as I find you, that is why don't make me wait for so long for you, I would love to know you and see more of you. I want to find the man who I could stay with quietly and romantic at some moments, I imagine we will listen to some music and look towards the horizon and the sea outside, and we truly realize that we were meant to be together and our hearts belong to each other. I understand that this is a dream for the moment but I hope that soon this dream is going to come true...
I would like to write about love and share the views. I think that life is meaningless without loving someone. We always should be given an opportunity to love. Love is magic, which, in turn, sometimes will make our lives magic and wonderful. I hope that there will be a lot of such moments in my life... Maybe even with you... I am impatiently waiting for your reply.
Letter 5
My dear Gavin, Thank you for your heartwarming message. I hope that your eagerness to find out more about me also includes - or at least implies that - as we travel through space and time in search of happiness, you would become my most loyal and willing accomplice in my criminal attempt to corrupt your heart and your mind. Seriously, nothing I want more than for you to be faithful, honest, loyal and frank with me. Yes! Distance between us is one of the considerations. But, for me, distance is only secondary. Where there is a will, there will always be a way. Don't you think? Legends record how people travel for ages and how people die searching for love. The more I read your messages and the longer I think about you, I always come to the very same inescapable and inevitable conclusion: What a stunningly wonderful man you really are with a matching name. I am glad you are here. I could not believe what you are saying to my ears. Have you not been so far, I would have already been at your doorstep by now. I want you to know that I wish you were here. For all these long and lonely times, I hope and I dream that someday a stunningly wonderful, compassionate and charming man like you will appear and will save me from the cruel dance, the dance I perform everyday in a world full of human cruelties, a world full of human beauty, a world full of glee, a world ostensibly full of gloating. In fact, a few nights ago, under the vanishing stars, with a somewhat chilling breezes blowing, I sat silently by myself, outside, looking at a deserted field. I was alone under a picturesque sky, so calm, so peaceful and so quiet. I was lost in my thoughts. I was lost in my dreams. Images of you were beaming. I did not know what came over me. Completely unsure whether it was a reality or was it just a dream. Was our contact for real or was it potential? Or was it an in-between? I imagined that I was with you on a sandy beach. On that deserted beach, I have drawn your strong but tender hands on the wet sand, a silent face, smiling at me. As time passed ever so painfully slow, you looked so handsome as you look so motionless. On that beach, you teasingly invited me for a dance, the last dance and the best dance. As slowly we danced, you seductively passed your gentle fingers through my silky hair as they flew in the air, caused by the gentle breezes of the sea and I pretended to be helpless in stopping your wandering hands, unstoppable hands moving from my soft hair, downward along my curvy shoulders and smooth-skinned back towards my thighs, as a clear sign that I have long ago decided to remain forever yours. The signals I gave invited you to chase and as reward you pour me a glass of wine, and I allow you to feed me chocolates, piece by piece, holding them with your lips. As you fed, you deliciously gave me an irresistible kiss for each and every one of those pieces of chocolate. As two love birds, deeply submerged in the sea of passion, I voluntarily became your most loyal and willing accomplice in "your criminal attempt to corrupt my heart and my mind". Without ever uttering a single whisper or a lone murmur, I wish, I hope and I dream that from now on you will forever remain mine. Never before have I felt so lonely, so desperate, so hopeless, so helpless and so despair. On that silent place, during that silent night, during that cruel night, in this vast planet, at that lonely night, I wished you were here. If you were, I wondered whether you would be nervous. If so, I simply wanted to tell you that there is really no need to be nervous. At this moment, there are only the two of us. Should you have butterflies, I will tell you, "honey, you are mine". Kiss me tenderly and there will be no more butterflies – soon there will be a new life, another human being, the beginning of our family. You will be with me for the rest of the night. You will be with me for the rest of this life, in the mid summer night, for the rest of your life, in the cold winter time, and for the rest of our life, until the end of time. You should never be nervous again, my darling, because you are mine. There will never ever again be any more butterflies. During the many years to come and during those sleepless nights, there will only be pages of an album, a family album, an album you and I will put together. A family album is an art. After all, it is really an affair of the heart. Would you agree? Deliciously I will kiss you, holding you tight, with my arms firmly wrapped from behind, you will never again be able to take flight, for the night, for the rest of our life, until the end of time, exploring every single inch of your body... With your help and capable hand guiding me, I will find the most secret of all spots that will lead me to your inner most secret and trembling body. You will give me the honor of always be mine. Once - definitely; twice - absolutely; three times - we can discuss about bringing in new lives into this world despite human cruelties in the midst of human beauty. In the years to come, in the garden of roses will play the children of today as will those of tomorrow, with you and I watching over them where will always exist only mirth and laughter. Years from now, in the backyard as in the front porch, will play our grandchildren, the joyful lads. Years from now even when we will have grown old, even in a state of frailty and fragility, I will still love you, holding your hands, recapturing moments past, as if it is still our very first contact, from the start, full of sparks, in the dark, as we were once youthful, seeing you for the first time, meeting in that big world of cyber space, the moment I attempt to gain access to your heart, those moments long ago indelibly filled with hesitations, moments you once reluctantly and unexpectedly called me "***", moments that had past but not disappeared from memories, moments to be filled with glee but enduring beauty, ageless memories that will bring only smiles ever so lovingly pretty, moments that once thought of will definitely cause you to give away the secrets, moments before telling the grandchildren, you will have giggled followed by blush, moments of intimate details that no one will ever know, tender moments that we will never share, moments that only you and I know what secrets - the most secret of all secrets - have been revealed in whispers and in murmurs so ever softly, deliciously and angelically a fashion. Nothing I want more than the fulfillment of my hopes and my dreams. Take care,
Your Tamara.
Letter 6
Dear Sir, We thank you for using our translation and the Internet services for your communication with lady Tamara. Unfortunately she has exhausted all her resources at our firm and cannot continue the correspondence with you. Her account has run up and she doesn't have funds to write you more letters. She sends you her best regards and is very sorry for such situation. Tamara is still very interested in you and would like to keep on talking to you. If you have a wish to continue your communication with lady Tamara, please reply to this letter and we will send you the full price list of our services with costs. If you do not want to proceed, please keep the private information given from Tamara confidential. Respectfully,
Senior manager of "Toros",
Vladislav Chumak.
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