Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Venikova to Gerhard (Austria)

Letter 1

Hello Gerhard !
I am very glad that you have answered my letter. I was very glad when I have found your letter in my mail box. You the first person to whom I write in the Internet. I feel lonely in this life therefore I have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country. I hope that our acquaintance will develop in something the greater. I hope also that we shall find in our letters that of that we wait from it. Let me to tell about itself in more detail now. As you know my name. To me of 27 years. I was born in country town Cheboksary.
I live there now. I seldom leave my city. It is big and beautiful city. I shall be very glad if you write to me about your city. It would be desirable to learn little bit more in detail about your birth, and,
can, and the origin of your family had historical character? I have finished Pedagogical university in my city. I have many memoirs on my student's life. It was cheerful. We were able to combine difficult study and good rest. Now I teach children. I work at school. I teach the literature and Russian. I studied the English language at University also. You can judge my knowledge of the English language with the help of my letters. But I cannot tell that I know the English language very well. Therefore I bring to you my apologies for mine mistakes which suppose in my letter. I have a hobby. It is a preparation of meal. I do not want to brag but my colleagues speak that I very sociable and sympathetic the woman. But I frequently feel very vulnerable and unprotected woman. It is a little about my family.
I the daddy was lost in accident 7 years ago. My mum has died of a diabetes two years ago.
My brother is married also he lives with the family in the next house.
My brother frequently visits us.
I think that I can try to find mine happiness here. I have no computer of a house therefore I shall write to you from the Internet of cafe.
On it I shall finish the letter.
I hope to see yours the letter tomorrow.Best regards!
YOUR Vlada!!!!!
Letter 2

Hello my friend Gerhard !
I am very pleased to receive your letter again. It means that I am not indifferent to you. You too are not indifferent to me. You can write to me about your problems. I shall be very glad if I can help to you something. I hope you will not be against if I shall write about that that excites me also. I am very glad that in my life the person to which I has appeared can speak sincerely about that that important for me. If you not against that I shall sometimes address to you for advice. For me very important your opinion. Certainly I do not want to tell it that I not the self-assured person. But I think that your rich life experience will prompt me how to act in some situations better.
You possess good intuition? Anyhow but I hope that we can understand each other. A free time I devote some part of mine to preparation of meal.I very much like to bakee pies with apples. Especially I like to prepare for visitors. In our family it is accepted, that when there there arrive visitors, necessary to invite All for a table. And completely not important they got the invitation or simply past passed.We consider, that hospitality - an attribute of good family.
That you think in this case. It is very pleasant to listen to words of a praise from people which eat my culinary masterpieces.
But I eat very little. I try to support my figure more or less harmonous. But with increase in age to do it more difficultly.
Therefore I am compelled to go to a sports hall 3 times a week. I was not married because I have been learned family experience of my girlfriends. All my girlfriends were married. And all have divorced from the husbands! It seems unreal but it so. The reasons of divorce at all are identical. Some time after wedding my girlfriends looked happy. But aft er a while their husbands started to drink alcohol and to change the to wives with other women. My girlfriends were their hackneyed husbands repeatedly also. When I heard as they told about it I was horrified. Because I think that the man should protect and protect the woman but not beat her. It is very big problem in our country. But I read in magazines and saw on the TV also that in your country it happens very seldom. Then I also have decided to write to the man from your country. I do not know why men in our country drink now much. They speak that they do it under weight of a difficult life.
But to women to live in our country too it is not simple. But we do not drink. How you see ideal family? How you consider a place of the man and a place of the woman in family? I bring to you my apologies for such sad letter.
But I only without lie have told to you about that that is now important for me. I hope you understand me. Take care.
Yo ur Russian friend !
Letter 3

Hello dear Jerhard!
I am very glad to receive news from you!
It was interesting to me to read your letter, you are very interesting to me and I think that our friendship will be strong.
How your working day today has passed?
What you do? How your businesses? At me all is normal. Thank for your fast answer to my letter. It is very healthy that with each letter we study about the friend more and more and more. It means that we are interesting the friend to the friend. You agree with me ? My brother is interested in our correspondence. He is glad that in my life has appeared very interesting, good and serious the man. My brother wishes you excellent mood, strong health. I wish you it too. I think, It from us there will be the perfect pair. You see so many people Search for second half and cannot find. And us actually was Successful. You trust destiny? I hope, that you are that of whom I Search. I think, that you also so think. Yes can be to us still early speak about it now. It is necessary for us to study each other better. Though, for this purpose still early to speak, it is necessary to communicate, to study each other. It is very important for me. I hope that for you it important also. I seldom meet my girlfriends. Recently each of them is occupied a lot of time with the affairs. Recently I have caught myself on ideas that I start to get used to loneliness. It has very much disturbed me.
I have decided that in my life is necessary to change something urgently. Last night I have come from work late. I have remained one.
Having looked transfers on the TV set, I have gone to sleep. At the night, through dream, I have heard someone's rough deaf votes.
Suddenly terrible roar has forced me jump up from a bed. In a corridor fight. The deaf rattle was heard children's weeping, shouts. drowse, I have thought, that there was a fire. barefoot, with a disarranged hair I have jumped out in a corridor and has seen such picture. Our neighbour alcoholic beat the wife, behind there was their small son and cried. To me became not on itself. God, mine, what I could make? I have run to myself home, has closed a door, and to go to bed. As are severe, there are people! It repeated not first time. The militia is already tired to them to come. When I doze off, noise and the shouts behind a door have stopped, the house again has plunged into dead silence. This history with the order already has bothered by all. I slept then nervously. But you do not worry of for me, simply it is life, and anywhere from it to not get to. Sometimes I dream of,
that we have met you of , well even on the phone. That our votes became closer to each other. You see it so is good. It seems,
that I as small girl shall pay for pleasure. The truth, I do not have telephone. It shall be possible I to you to call with Post Office o city. It seems, it is worthy variant. Dear my friend, you, please, give me number of your telephone and I can to you at once call from The Post Office,
at once as soon as I shall receive the salary. Well, please, I so want it, I want to hear your vote. Send to me your telephone number in the following yours letter, OK? Do not overlook about it. Wait to hear from you soon.
Best wishes, Vlada
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