Letter(s) from Kimberly Mercer to Hillel (USA)
Letter 1
Hello There Hill..... . How are You? Well I hope you are fine..It was nice to hear back from you...I Knew definitely you will send me a message back here so we can take it from there......
You seems to be nice person,honest and caring..I have been burnt in the past...I'm kind of skeptical about things and who to go by with this time on the internet. As you said,we can use this one time opportunity to see what might happened.I believe that if there is love,there is anything..I have been in a relationship with some horrible people.. I have been beaten and left for dead more than once by one of my Ex... I am very careful with who I hook up with now.. I'm that far away from you...but who knows what might happened between us...Well no problem,we still can talk and get to know more our about selves here as you said.. I will like to get to know more about you..I'm Libyan by nationality...I'm mixed Italian and Libyan..My Mother Libyan and Dad Italian..If you looked on the world map,you will find out that between Libya and Italy is just the Mediterranean Talking about'm currently in West Africa in college with ACCA...There are no best and good English schools in Libya,only Spanish,and French..So I have no any option rather than to move to the West to further my Accounting course.. I'm a member/student of ACCA( An Institution which is well known globally that has the best Accounting lecturers from the UK.The Name of the University is KNUST... chose to be an Accountant because I want to be busy all the time..I have no children..never married..I'm happy you e-mailed me back..I appreciate it as well.. First and Foremost I will like to be friends first.. I'm looking for a guy who behaves like a gentleman with some class and taste and who is willing to be a friend first instead of looking for a casual physical relationship right from the start. In addition, he likes to laugh and enjoys life. He has to be willing to express himself and be willing to talk. He should be spontaneous and comfortable with who he is.My perfect match has similar beliefs about life...I know you can be that type of Guy. I don't like e-mailing that much..I prefer Instant messaging.I will probably meet you online someday soon. I Have to go for now..I have work doing in the Library..
I have examination and so I have to learn hard to pass my exams and achieve my goals..Hope you like my pictures.. Hugs and Good Day
Your Lovely Friend
Letter 2
Hi Hillel.. Well I have to read the e-mail you sent me later..Right now I'm sorta busy ready to work on assignment in the Library..The e-mail is pretty long..I will have time for it and reply it as soon as I can.. Your Lovely Friend
Letter 3
Hello Hillel

Are you having a great you like waking up with the sun gently kissing you on your soft face. How much the early morning makes the body feel good when you can step outside your door and start a morning jog through the morning fog on the beach well your dog runs beside you enjoying what you are enjoying. Do you have a dog? I do have one...His name is ''Ratty''

Do you enjoy cooking in the kitchen with your Girlfriend, sharing laughs as you attempt to make a romantic dinner while sharing what the other did during the day? Will you be able to stand next to me in the arms of your lover and feel his heart beating to the beat of yours heart.

You see I love to be passionate with a man whose heart is happy and willing to share. I love seeing him smiling and knowing it will warm the room in any kind of weather. When the rain comes I want to run through the drops and watch him get wet and when we go back into the house and warm each other up by the fire place. Maybe having hot coco and marshmallows.

If you really think you can be this type of man then I know we can have fun just sharing our friendly words every day..I thought you were on Yahoo Instants Messenger..You statue says you are ''BUSY''....I thought of sending you this message if you have same things in mind like me....I also want to see if you are very passionate and affectionate...Because I'm very romantic. I'm sorry I was told to complete my assignment or I will be punished that was why I didn't say anything to you before I signed out when we were chatting this morning..I Have an Economics Exams tomorrow...It will be tough though..I'm gonna try the best I can to pass my examination and achieve my goals. I still have to learn because of tomorrow's exams..So I will end up here and will be waiting for my reply of what I wrote above..
Be good and Kind...God Bless You... Your Lovely Friend
Letter 4

Hey Hillel,I Never blocked you..I sent you Instant messaging too...Don't you see them...You are online on my contact list..Later I saw that you are IDLE and sign out....I never BLOCKED you...

Can you restart your system and see if the problem is from you there..I was here reading the messages you sent me..I never blocked you..Right you just came online again..Don't you see my messages that I'm sending to you....Do you have problems with your yahoo messenger or the computer it self..Please check to see if the problem is from your end..

I'm worried ..
Letter 5
Hello Hillel

Now the Librarian is awake now..I have to start my job which is learning and then try to sleep for a few hours.It is two or three days and minutes being your best friend, telling you all my secrets and wishes, I have the biggest secret and wish that I have ever had, that I think I want to tell you now... You have always been there for me through our ups and downs; you listen to my problems, and most of all you put up with me and all the crazy things I do. I love being with you and acting like fools and I just love everything about you and everything we talk about personally..

I'm writing to let you know how I feel about you. I don't know you that much.I'm unable to tell you face to face(VOICE), so I am going to put my feelings in words, on this page. Since the day I met you, I haven't been the same. My feelings I just can't seem to tame. I am starting to care for you in a different way. I think of you every day! I love everything about you! Your picture on myspace (Your smile, your eyes, your hair, your body,)... I am pretty sure you got the point.

I can't get you off my mind. Man, you got me feeling stupid, because I know you may not feel the same, but my feelings just keep growing each and every day. Well, what I am trying to tell you is I am SPRUNG, need to know where I stand in your life and if it could ever be more than what we are now. I'm starting to develop strong feelings towards you, and I don't know why. It wasn't supposed to be like this, but I got sprung! And it is you my heart's sprung on..

And I am falling in love with you - yes, this is true! But I understand if you don't feel the same. Damn, I know this sounds lame, but I have to let you know how I really feel. And this is no lie, I am for real.I need to know how you feel about me. Could you possibly feel the same towards me, or this can never be. I just want you to be mine. I want to be able to say that you're my man. Well, now you know that I am secretly falling in love with you. I just wish I could hear those same words from you. Maybe one day, but until then I guess all I can do is wait. Please, don't make me wait too long Hillel.. But first I have to get the courage to tell you how I feel. So until then, I l ve you!

I have to go for now and please keep in touch..Hope we can solve my internet problems soon...I will be happy for that so we can keep in touch with each other everyday sharing our friendly words together....Nice Conversation on Yahoo Instant Messenger..
Talk To you Later...GOD BLESS YOU..

Your Lovely Friend
Letter 6
Hello My Love... Yes you are right my love..I don't have any problem with you changing your profile..You can put your profile to private and so now can see your profile..But you still can have your own right to change your profile when ever you want.. Let me start by saying that I thank God every night since I found you. You came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way. I've never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us. You have totally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. I never thought that someone could care and have understanding for me like you do, but guess what? I like you that much too. I feel as if I'm walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete. I know you've said we could do foolish things while in love, but you know what? With you I wouldn't mind being a fool for the rest of my life. I'm thinking of you so much and I know you are there thinking of me too.. I know that others looking into our relationship might think that we're saying too many foolish things too soon but they just don't know how we feel about each other.
There's nothing foolish about the things I've told you, I meant every word I said. I love you and for you and D. I would do anything, I love you both so much. Today I promise you that I would do anything in my power for us to be good couples,because you really are a great person,and fun to live with, outstanding father and loving husband. Hope you like this Mail..You have your own right to do what ever you want to do..I believe you,from the very day we met,I knew you were different from the others..Let's share our friendly words together.. Your love,
Letter 7
Hi Sweetheart Yes my day was good and just finish with my examination.. It was tough though,but I was able to write everything that I learn't..Luckily what I learn't was what appeared in the Economics exams...Theory and Practicals..

Let me tell this second time my dear,You are the love of my life. We have been so close, yet so far apart. No matter where my life takes me, my heart is set on you. Like a blossom growing, our friendship gets stronger everyday. Hanging out everyday has drawn my attention to you, feeling safe and closer makes a part of me happier than the other. All the laughs we have had together have become a part of my life and you will always remain in my heart forever.
Please try as much as you can to try to help me get the internet connected..I don't want to loose you..We have to keep in touch..And also we will talk and hear each other's voice..I will appreciate that much...See ya later. Love always,
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