Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Dairi (France)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend!!!!!

I write to you because of that that I want to find happiness in this world, I modest which lonely girl do not suffice love and happiness, my name is Nadegda me of 27 years, I very seldom like to get acquainted with people, but I think that already the pair will find the friend which to accompany with me in the further life. I very much would like to find with you common language and to like you.
I think that now the most suitable what that that to change in the life. If you really want enter contact to the interesting young girl, to the big sense of humour - with a good kind and understanding. I want to meet the person to appear kind and honesty, I can divide my love and a pain, and also to carry out other part of my life with you.
I send you the photo, I think that I shall like you, I very much wanted it.

My personal e-mail:

I shall wait for your letter with impatience, your friend from far country Nadegda .
Letter 2
Hello the my dear friend!!!
I was very pleased to receive the letter from you. I read your letter very closely, and you Seem to me very interesting person, I would like to know you better and to continue The correspondence to you. Know, there can be from it all and begins, from the first Letters from the first word. All gravity of attitudes, knowledge each other. As it happens, What occurs to people when they write letters? This such mysterious employment seems to me, When the person remains one and this letter it thinks only of that to whom writes, and that you Think in this occasion? I write to you therefore because I want to have with you attitudes, I want to correspond with you, I search for the love, the happiness, I want to build with you attitudes. And it is very important for me.
It seems to me, however it would be reasonable, that in my first letter I should tell to you more
About me it is direct, about that where I live, than I am engaged.
As you already know, that my name - Nadezhda, me 28 years, and I live in Russia, in Yoskar-ola. It - very silent, small, but very beautiful city. I love it.
My city is located in 900 kms from Moscow. If you are interested, I can send you
Photos of it. And what city you live in? Tell to me more about it.
It will be very interesting to me.
I am very joyful person, and I like to try something new so I have various interests.
I like to listen to music, various kinds, from classical up to popular and music of a rock. It depends
From my mood. If I would like to relax, I listen Mozart, Chaikovskii, Bethoven. On that,
As “ the Lunar sonata ” Bethoven - my favorite. You ever heard about it, I
I like to dance much, it - one of my favourite things to make. I did dance in
Current of year which was big. Now I do aerobics. In general, I can tell, that I
I like to be in the form, I go to gymnastics, to hold my figure thin. You like
Sports meets? I also like to hold my house convenient, it is important for me.
Other important thing in my life - communication. I like to do friends, to learn new people,
To speak with them, I like to spend time with my friends. We like to be outside,
To spend time by the nature. I love the nature and it is a lot of animals. It calms me and
To force me to think of the most important things in a life.
I have many interests. I like to be outside, to contact people and a smile:) And what your hobbies? That you like
To make most in your free time?
I think from it first steps, steps to rapproachement with each other begin.
You know, I would like to find serious, fair, caring and the decent person,
The person, I could divide my life and to create strong family with, based on kindness,
Love, understanding and tendernesses. But in my opinion, the most important thing for me - love, I think, that two persons cannot create family without that big feeling. I want,
That my future husband loved me and cared of me. And I shall make the same for him
Back. I have the big love and tenderness in my heart, but there is no person about me,
I can give it. I have many friends around, it is a lot of guys who love me, but between
Them there is nobody which I can tell, that I like. I would like to find that special
The person and to be happy with it together. How each normal woman I would like
To like and loved.
Well, I finish my letter now. I send you a photo of me, the simple Russian girl
And I with impatience wait for your answer with your photos.
Sincerely, Nadezhda.
Letter 3
Hello my dear!!!
Many thanks for your letter. It decorates my day!
I hope, that you have the same feeling when you receive mine.
And it is final, I enjoy our correspondence, and I am serious.
I believe, that you will be my friend, I think, that you understand me in a considerable quantity of things,
And it is easy to speak it for me with you on many themes. You can ask me any questions,
Which you want. I think, that it is very important for relations if both from partners want,
That relations grew. The trust also is very important, no relations can be strong without it.
Thanks for were fair with me and from my party I can tell, that I will be fair with you also.
I think, that we should try to tell each other so much, how many we can.
I would like to know you better from within because you seem very interesting to me,
So I have a question for you: you estimate What qualities in people most? In my opinion,
Honesty, fidelity, kindness, sincere and understanding are very important in people. I also think,
That in each trust of relations stars. For this reason I think,
That 100 s' trust should be between the man and the woman, they should be capable to tell
Each unique thing each other to divide all their pleasures and grieves. If they have a problem,
They should try to find the answer together. What do you think? What your opinion?
You know, I think, that the age is very important in relations. I think, that the man should be more senior than the woman.
As to me I prefer, that my future husband was more senior, than I. The senior men know,
How to consider the right of the girl, they know that the girl wants. It is much more interesting to speak with them.
Also there is one more thing. I search for serious relations and guys of my age, they usually wish to have an entertainment only,
They have no serious intentions, they do not think of the future. I do not love it. I - not against an entertainment,
Certainly, each rest of requirements of the person, but not all time. You possibly understand me.
What does you think, whether that I am valid is right?
My dear, please, speak to me more about you. What your purposes and dreams? What do you search?
And what - your intentions? It will be very interesting to me the nobility. If it is not difficult, please,
Answer these questions for me. Also do not hesitate to ask me something,
I will answer you with the great pleasure.
Well, I finish my letter now, and I wish, that you had the big day!!!
Remember that there is a girl in this world which thinks of you and smiles for you:)
I with impatience will wait for your letter!!!!
Letter 4

Hello my dear!!!!! Many thanks for your letter both your sensitive words and care. You are so sweet to me, it is so pleasant to read for me your letters,
When I close my eyes, I can see, that you speak it to me, it forces me to feel very good.
It is the big feeling, I thank the God, that you are in my life.
Even thus, that we the distant friend from the friend actually, in my dreams we - together, we go together in some good place in the nature,
Holding hands and speaking sensitive and warm words to each other. I feel, that you are very special to me, I should read your letters similarly, I require air or water for residing. I could not even think,
That something like it could happen with me. Thanks, that you.
You know, I do not think, that external beauty - the most important thing, you can be beautiful during some time,
Even most are beautiful, but in some years this beauty will leave, there will be other people who are going to look better.
I think, that real beauty - in your soul, that what stay for ever. The person should be beautiful from within, in my opinion.
Unless you disagree with me?
I see in you the person with whom I can speak easily who is interesting to me, the one who does me to wish to know you more and more.
I would like to know your soul, I would like to know all about you. I see, that you do not play with me or joke around, the same much of our thoughts,
Our values are very close, and we search for the same things, we search for the special. I see, that I can establish emotional connection with you,
I can speak with you on any theme, it is very easy for me, it resembles, I know you during long time.
I love your thoughts on a life and relations between the man and the woman. Your letters I can tell,
That you are a decent man with serious intentions. I love this in you. I think, that we even are a little similar in it.
I also seriously concern our correspondence. I like to read your letters, and I think, that I will really like to speak with you in the person,
You, apparently, the intellectual and well formed person. I hope, that some time we is going to meet.
Well, I finish my letter now, and I hope, that you have the big day!
I think of you, and I am really happy, that we have met! This thought forces me to smile:)
The hope to receive news from you is fast!
With embraces,
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