Letter(s) from Anna Ivanova to Dairi (France)

Letter 1

Hi the my dear Farid!

The letter. For me the sun shines now more brightly and the life becomes finer. How many you of letters have written to me Farid? 4? 5? It so is amusing. When you receive the letter from the person who is so far and understands all amusing situation. We see with you only our computers which deliver to us the information, and also photos? Which are in a corner of our monitors. I would like to see your photos Farid. To me the truth it would be pleasant. Let it will be my small whim on which you my dear Farid will agree, okey? Thanks for your home address, one of these days I shall try to send you the hand-written letter. So it is pleasant on a soul and solar heat gets into the Internet of cafe now when I print to you this letter Farid. It is strange, what we have met? Your opinion? Probably it is destiny. But how you consider Farid? You trust in destiny. Or you do not wish to speak me about it? You should and answer this question, but nevertheless I simply showed the interest and it was important to me to know your opinion on it my dear Farid. Dear Farid to you it is pleasant if I shall name you so? I certainly can write to you and the friend Farid, but we can practically name everyone on the Internet a word "FRIEND". I simply wanted, that you knew, that for me you are little bit specific person. Special. It can be understood from my letters to you. You understand it Farid? I ask because it really so. I cannot tell to you about the feelings because I to not test to you love, but I like reading your letters and you became nice for me and it very much is pleasant to me. I hope, what my words at all do not offend you my dear Farid? And consequently if it so I ask from you a pardon and I do not wish to quarrel with you because I very much like dialogue with you. You know Farid? I could call to you if knew your phone number. I shall try to receive the salary next week to try to talk to you. If I receive the salary I shall by all means inform to you about it and we can agree when to me to call to you. But I am usual can call only in the evening on time. The phone number at me is not present unfortunately, therefore I it ask you.

Tell to me please in the following letter what interesting happens at you in the country? I recently saw channel " Deskavery " and I liked the cognitive program about wild animals. Is so many places on the ground where we never were and still once I I think, that I could travel somewhere. I very much would like mountains. And in the childhood I often could travel one in a wood and always came back home. I also liked fishing and we with the father are desperate fishers. I have reflected and I ask to forgive me Farid. So it is unusual to visit again the childhood and to state the ideas. Thanks you Farid. I am grateful to you, that you listen to me, understand me. For your questions, for your answers Farid I am very grateful to you. You allow me to visit the childhood, (thus I should not sit down in the car of time, it is a joke). To be that whom you you are for me very important. And I hope, that now you understand me better. Know about m no more. I do not know, that will happen next minute, but I hasten to tell to you " successful day Farid " and all most the best. Let this day will be the brightest in your life and remember each moment of the lived day. All most good. With the best regards from Anna.

Letter 2

Hi my dear Farid!

How it is good to feel not lonely and probably you turned on some my words in the last letter, whether not so Farid?

I want to send you a small verse which I only composed and now I want to send you it I have written down this verse in the Internet of cafe where I write to you letters I was very glad to write down it on a microphone so now I have decided that you can hear my voice I hope that you only like my voice and my verse tell as my pronunciation the English language I hope well and in general tell to me as to you my verse.
And nevertheless I would like wished to know as much as possible what you have understood from my last letter to you? I hope, that you understand all sense of my words to you Farid and if it so very much it pleases me. I know, that everyday work and monotony of a life becomes intolerable melancholy. When you reflect what is necessary for you and as you wish to change it you encounter many problems. That happiness when you beside with the favourite person. When there is no that boredom and bad weather seems absolutely fine. There is no a rain from him and only an idea that your favourite person a beside inspires heat and hope for the light future. So once I loved the person, but it is very a pity, that it was unsuccessful experience for my love. Also should tell, that I am very cautious, but nevertheless I would like to let in to myself heart of the person which would know, that I such what I am. You pay attention to my words Farid? You see, what I print? You think it mine revelation? Yes it so. It, that I think, and that is now in my ideas to you. What for you happiness Farid? In what all the same you see sense of the happiness? Who I for you? Answer please my questions Farid, to me your any words and answers to my small questions are important.
I wish you all most the best Farid. Also I thank that I to have your attention for perusal of my letter. Thanks you Farid, yours Anna.