Scam letter(s) from Polina Dubrovina to Dag (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello dear Dag!
I'm pleased to receive the answer from you. For me it is pleasant to find the new friend from other country. It will be interesting to me to learn about your life and to share with you histories from my life. So, I want tell you about myself: My name is Yana Potapova. I have been given birth in Tyumen, that the western Siberia is, it is the Asian part of Russia. I'm 29 years old. My Happy Birthday on January, 3, 1978. Why I search to myself for second half outside of Russia? Earlier I had relations with Russian man, but among them there was no that person with which I could feel like happy. Probably therefore I was not married earlier and I have no children. Many Russian men are rough, they to beat the women. Even at me the case when my guy has struck me because of that was that I was late to him for appointment for 15 minutes. He has made a row with me to jealousy. After that I have begun to hate him and we have parting. I think that only the coward is capable to beat the woman. Also many men to use alcohol in many quantities and they do not know a measure. It is similar to a syndrome of the addict. I don't want to have such husband and the more so to give birth from them children. In my life there were not many men. I have decided to connect my life with foreign the man because they are more polite to the women. They are able to appreciate, respect and protect the women. I have found out it from my girlfriend Oksana which also have found foreign the man on the Internet. His name is Mike, he lives in France, Paris. They corresponded on the Internet and he has invited her to France. There he has suggested her to marry and she has agreed, because they have really grown fond each other. She has carried out the month to her lives together with Mike. Now she has returned to Russia to finish necessary affairs on work and then she will go to live to France. Their wedding will take place in the beginning of October. I am very glad for Oksana, that she has found her favourite person. Now I also am concentrated on search of my second half. I hope our dialogue will be interesting also we can learn about each other a lot of interesting. I will tell to you about my family, work and hobbies in mine next letter. ok? You can share with me your vital problems, I am always glad to listen and help my friend good vital advice. I be able to store secrets, you can trust me completely. On it I finish my letter. I with big interest will wait your answer with information on you, your city, work, family. Also it will be pleasant for me to receive your photos.
Sincerely yours, Yana.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Dag!
I'm very glad to got your letter, I read it with big interest. Now I know, that I have a friend to whom I can tell about my life, hobbies and problems has appeared. The friend who can listen and understand me... You can shares with me about all. You can be sure, that you have good friend who will listen to you and will try to understand you. You can ask to me any questions and I shall try to answer them. I want to tell to you about life, work, family to get know each other better... Now I want to tell you more about myself: I live in Tyumen in an apartment of my parents. My parents were lost at accident in a road accident in 1996. During that moment to me there were 18 years and it was the most terrible day for me in my life. I remember that day and never I can probably forget because I have lost two my most native people. Even today it is hard for me to recollect that time. After their death I have lost sense off by a life and I did not want to live. But in this heaviest for me the period I was helped by my aunt Lena. she is the native sister of my mum. My aunt had to work on 2 jobs. Money which she earned sufficed to pay only taxes, to buy products and the most necessary things for me. I am grateful to my aunt for that that she has not thrown me during a hard time. Now she three years lives in India. Her husband has found perspective work there and she has left with him. From cousins I have only my brother which is more younger than me on six years. He is the son of my aunt Lena and he also lives in India. So in Russia I actually have no close relatives. My daddy worked in Police, was the colonel. Mum worked as the Doctor. After school I have acted in Tyumen Pedagogical University and the trained as the Teacher of initial classes. After that I worked as the teacher to school. I taught Russian and the literature for initial classes, children till 10 years. I very much love children, probably therefore I chose a teaching profession. I very much like to work with children. Children are ours the future and all our hopes are assigned to them. I studied English at university and the translator is not necessary for me. I can suppose small mistakes, I ask to forgive me for it. Now I do not work because I pass additional rates by my trade. My study will end in in two weeks and after that I shall pass examination and after that I can teach more senior children. A little about my interests: I like to listen music in the mornings, it gives me a necessary good mood on day. I prefer to listen the western executors: U2, Celin Dion, Shakira, Madona. Also there are some Russian executors: Zhana Friske, Serebro, Dima Bilan. I like to read. I prefer Russian writers: Pushkin, lermontov, Tolstoy. I very much love verses Anna Akhmatova. From films I prefer as The day after tomorrow, Armagedon, 300 Spartans, Troy, Gladiator, King Arthur. Is the greatest films and I can look them on some times. So I have told to you about my life. I want to know more information about you. Also for me it will be pleasant to receive more your photos.
Oh, my letter has turned out rather big. I hope you will not tire at reading my letter?!:)))
I with the big impatience will wait your answer.
Yours faithfully,
Your girlfriend Yana.
Letter 3
Hello dearest Dag!
You know, during the small period of the correspondence with you I became very good my friend, and I feel, that I can trust you. It is sincerely pleasant for me to contact the person who is in distance from me. How you think? I feel me not so convenient without your letters and with them, my day becomes better also brighter. I do not feel me one. I know, that you are far from me, but I feel your support. You could think, that it is too fast or even is too silly, but to trust me, I only speak a way which I feel. It would be very pleasant for me if it was mutual. I want to tell to you about a life in Russia. Russia, very big instead of steady country in one end of people of Russia lives well in second half, it is more likely worse. It depends on economic growth of area. People in Russia excellent some from them are kind, the some people are ill-intentioned. I work to feed me very much, but I do not complain of my life. The daily life continues mine, so I every day am raised early, and I go on work. Then I try to transfer shops, to buy something food or some clothes. At leisure I and my girlfriend we visit theatre and cinema, we frequently walk on the central park in our city. I shall tell to you a little about our city. In Tyumen lives less than one million people. This city has set of various parks and architectural monuments. The history of our city leaves in far centuries. Here people have set of large firms and they live rather well. Our city has the big economic development. I also want to inform you that I love sports. Football, Hockey, Tennis, Biathlon are most interesting to me. In the winter we frequently together with my girlfriend go to ski, we run to support our health in the mornings in the summer. Sports are very important for health and I think that every morning it is necessary to do morning exercises. It allows me to concentrate on my work. Also I love a camping. Earlier, when my parents were alive we frequently left on the nature. We took with ourselves tents. We fished, planted a fire and told unusual histories in the evening and fried a barbecue. It was remarkable time. It is pleasant for me to recollect those happy moments of my life. It is pleasant for me to have the correspondence with you. I also wait for one instant when I shall to read the new letter from you. Within these minutes of ideas and hours goes faster.
I shall finish my letter now. I wait for your following letter.
Your girlfriend Yana.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Dag!
I was very pleased to receive the new letter from you today, I have a little high temperature inside, some kind feelings to you, it brings to me pleasure. You are so kind and sympathizing, and it - very much is pleasant! With you I feel silent, I know, that I can rely on you. You know, that I want real relations and would like to have the person who would love me. I feel to you deeply the appendix, I like to contact you, I love all concerning you. I constantly think of you from the moment of one of our first acquaintance. You should be fair with me and trust me, as it - a pledge of good relations. Also it is important for me, that together with me the person with whom I was, would like to be happy and with whom I could divide problems and desires. I have not found such person here in Russia though has made many attempts. Yesterday I have left for walk in park with the girlfriend, and have noticed there one pair. They were, so are happy together, they have captured and have kissed, and I have imagined on their place of us. And after this idea which my heart was, has left for limits pleasant feelings. I dream from that time when I shall be as it is happy. You know, I am able perfectly cooking. in the childhood my mum trained me to preparation of various dishes. I am able to cook for set of Russian dishes: Akrochka, a borshch, Rastegai, Chebureki, Schi, Shurpa, the Duck with apples, a herring under a fur. My friends always licked fingers and spoke that else never tried so tasty dishes. Also I be able to bakee various pies. It also turns out at me with ease and is popular. After I feed my visitors, they always ask the additive. It is very pleasant for me that my dishes are loved people. I think that each woman is obliged to be able cooking. it is the important part in home life also. From the childhood I am accustomed to keep up a facilities in the house. Each three days I to carry out damp cleaning in my house. I do not love a *****. I like when in my house is always clean. I constantly think of you, and I wait for the following letter. I need in your letters. Please be sincere with me and to answer me.
Yours Yana.
Letter 5
Hello Dag!
I have just finished my work. I have decided to go down in my internet-cafe to check up my e-mail and I receive your letter... I'm very pleased this case! Dag you know, during the small period of the correspondence with you I have already understood, that you have begun a part with my life. Without your letter in me there is no day of pleasure within day but as I receive your letter, my life is filled with pleasure. All ladies who work in the same to school with me, have asked the same question if something happened with me. They have told, that my behaviour has changed. But I have told, that it - all only fine. All same. But after those words I would feel myself is similar, if I lied. I know, that I have changed. And I think, that you force me to change. I can be wrong, I do not know nevertheless. Everything, that I know - that I need in your letters... I think, that the Internet - the big achievement as people from two other ends of a planet can communicate with each other freely, that I have acquainted with such person as you already because of it, only I should inform in the Internet of the big gratitude. I have an essential regret as I have no phone of a house, in Russia it - the whole problem, not prosperity in Russia, it is phone of a house so that we could speak phone but if such opportunity will be for me, me Necessarily should call to you and communicate in understanding about your beautiful voice. The correspondence with you gives me huge pleasure. With this letter, I send my photo. I should finish the letter. I will wait your letter...
With love Yana.
Letter 6
Hello Dag!It is fine to see your letter in my letter box...My girlfriends on work speak, that I became absent-minded and likelyhave fallen in love with whom - that. And I don't know what to tellhim about it...I don't know, whom I deceive. Them or? Since I began to receive yourletters, I have only one idea. Whether it is valid probably? And now Iwant to tell to you one phrase. There can be you, will think, that itis silly or too fast.I love you Dag! You - what I searched! You are a man with which Iwant to lead my life. I am sure, that I have found my second half. Andeverything, that I want to learn, whether your feelings are mutual.I really should know it. Probably, you think, that I a lunatic. Butbelieve me, I'm not a lunatic. I speak that I feel. I speak you in allsincerity. Only please it is not necessary to me to lie, tell to meabout your feelings to me. Please don't keep me waiting. I only wantto know the truth and only the truth.My love, I went in Travel agency for finding-out of rules of entrancein Norway. the agent has in detail explained to me full details. Onregistration of my documents it is required approximately from 10 till14 days. After that I fly to Norway. on all this is necessary near 600euro. my love I have no such money. I do not know as me to beand where to take money? My earnings in a month makes 300 very little. From this money me suffices only to pay my apartmentand to buy the foodstuffs. I do not know that to me now to do. I canprobably arrive to you not soon.
Yes weather here in the winter very coldly. Approximately-40 C in thewinter. The winter begins in October and comes to an end in April. Inthe summer here too it is enough hot. near 30 C.I hope, that you will answer my letter as soon as it will be possible.I wait with impatience.With love Yana.
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