Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Surkowa to Pat (USA)

Letter 1
Hello there Pat!!! It is Tatyana writing. It is very interesting and exciting to get your words knowing that we are in different parts of the world. I have not even expected that it works. Anyway I want to thank you for your letter. Oh, I am without words now. I am new at this dating scene and as I wrote I have not expected to get your letter. I even do not know what I should write here. I guess we do not know about each other at all and I will try to write some information about me, ok. I am 28 years old single female, have never been married and do not have children. I do not drink and do not smoke. My height is 165 cm and my weight is 56kg. I have brown hairs and gray eyes. That you had better representation about me I am sending you the photo with this message. I hope you will like what you will see. I think you understand that I live quite apart from you in Russia country. I hope that the distance between us will not be a problem for you. Moreover there are lots of ways to overcome distance nowadays. Do you agree with me? So do you know about Russia a lot? What have you heard of it there? I live in Sosnovoborsk town. I guess you have never heard of it. It is very small town in the heart of Siberia and has population near 25 000 people. Our town is very quiet and beautiful and situated in very wonderful land with very beautiful and untouched nature, forests, hills, rivers and lakes. I like to be active and enjoy camping and other outdoor activities very much. I work as medical worker in orphanage and even being busy with the work I try to find some free time for activities. But I cannot say that I am quite happy because I am so tired to be alone. Actually I was never happy in finding love here. My past relationship did not work and I was hurt so much but I still believe in love. And that is why I am into this scene and looking forward what will happen from all these. So are you still interested in me. Had I deserved your attention? I hope I did. All right I will not write more words in this letter. I do not want to bore you from beginning. I also know that it is hard to ask and to answer all the questions you may have in one message so I hope on further communication. For now I will let you go and I am looking forward for your reply. Friend from far away Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Pat!!! Did you read my previous letter? I wrote you about the phone situation. What have you been doing these days? I hope everything is all right there and you are fine. Everything is rather fine here. As for me I am really excited now. I can think only about you and about our meeting. You know that you give me the reason to live and all my life and power is directed to our meeting. I love you and this love is the best what has happened in my life. Maria is doing well too. You know that I have already told my mom and her about my coming to you. As you know they are very happy for us and wish us only happiness. They are sure that give me in good hands and I know that it is right, isn't it? Do you mind if I tell you another dream I saw last night? I just want to share it with you if you do not mind. I saw us together and we had a dinner. It was wonderful dinner with the candles under the moon. It was so romantic. You were looking at me with love and care in your eyes. I think it was my birthday. I like birthday time because all close people gather together near you. But the best present for me is you, your love and knowing that we will be together. I felt so happy in my dream and even when I got up I still had that feeling of happiness. I hope you are not bored with all my dreams yet. I have never had so many dreams before. I think I have them now because I have met you and because of my feelings to you. I am sure that this dream I saw will come true and we will be together. I want this to be true so much!!! Every day I close my eyes and pray to the God for us. I ask the God to help us to make our dreams come true and help us on our way to each other. I know that He will always help us because love is the feeling that is made on haven and my love to you will never die. I love you and I will never be tired to tell you these words. I will love you always and remember that I think about you all the time because you are my life and my reason to live. All right, I will better let you go now but I will wait for your letters. I miss you so much. My heart and I belong only to you. Your Tatyana.
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