Letter(s) from Ella Kozachenko to Steve (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello my dearest Steve!
Thank you very much for your so warm and interesting letter!
I liked it very much! you are so charming!
You know it's very difficult to believe in this. I'm here in Ukraine which is stint in everything. We live in the countries with different mentalities thoughts,lifestyles; we are so far away from each other,but we both miss something. Do you know what I mean? I hope you do. I think it's just what pushes us forward, makes us reach for each other. I understand Internet is a raffle and only one from a million can win, everyone wants to extract lucky ticket. Everyone is afraid to be cheated, everyone is hesitated.
Actually, I'm so tired and I don't want too much. I just want to be next to a person who will understand me and feel me as well.
Omar Hayam said "It's better to be alone then next to anybody who ever comes"
You are so far a way from me; you have your morning coffee and start deepen into your problems and business,but I'm here and I feel so lonely. Sorry.
I think that the most difficult thing in this life is to begin something. Everything has its "start" and " finish", and both,start and finish, don't come easy. It's difficult and terrible to imagine the " start", it's hard and painful to forget the "finish."
But we are still alive and we must improve ourselves, we must move ahead. Don't you think so?
Hope to hear from you very soon.
Sincerely yours

Letter 2

Hello my dear Steve!
Thank you for our conversation...
I was pleased to listen to your voice...
I would like make my papers myself and I really need only 534 USD to pay for the tickets...
Please writ your answer
Will wait