Letter(s) from Diana Kuzovleva to Billy (USA)

Letter 1

Thank you very much for your letter and photo and for telling me more about your interests.
How are you doing these days?
You make me happy every time you write me and I think that it's good.
It means much to me as with every letter I feel closer and closer to you I don't want to miss this opportunity to build relations with you.
Maybe you can think that I am too fast but actually it's not me but my feelings:)
I've told you that I used a translator service to write you and I had to pay for it but now I've exhausted all my financial resources to do it.
If you want to help me and to continue our communication please contact this translating company,their e-mail address is LangUSATrans@mail.ru
I don't want you to think that it's me who need your money, I won't even see it. I haven't asked for money before and I wouldn't do it now if I didn't like you but I do like you. Hope you'll understand me.
We need it. We need translator now to translate our letters but from my part I should say that I have a great desire to learn English and if we are together I will do my best to be able to understand you and you to understand me.
There are no obstacles for people who want to be together.
I tried on-line translators but as a result I had great laugh as they appear to be senseless.

Waiting for your answer with the greatest impatience I have ever felt,
your Diana.

Letter 2

Dear Sir,

We are to inform you that our company will not be able to translate your personal correspondence with Lady Diana .
She has paid for the translation of several letters and the money is over. She can not pay for more letters and if you would like to order our services, please inform us and we will send you our term of payment.
Our address is langusatrans@mail.ru
If you are not interested, please inform also as we should inform your Lady about your decision.

Waiting for the information from you.
Yours Sincerely,