Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Venikova to Eric (USA)

Letter 1

My name EKATERINA. For friends I am simple - Katya.
I some time considered your structure, and now I Has decided to write for you this message. I could not never at all To itself to imagine such how to write for someone on a site of the Internet. I not the nobility, but I hope, that it is a correct step for my part. I Russian The girl. I in searches of happiness. I hope, that it sounds not ridiculously...? I hope here, sometime to meet one and unique person, To which I shall be capable to give the heart. I very much want, that it sometime Has occured. But it is good, I shall speak not much about myself. I from Russia. My city, These are - Cheboksary, republic Chuvashiya. I to think, that right now we are Very much far apart. But I hope, that it not a problem for you, to write For me the letter. I very much want it. I do not know what here to write.... But I shall leave for you the e-mail address: I hope, that you I shall are capable to find some seconds to write For me it is very fast. I shall look forward. I to think, that I very much I wish to begin with you dialogue. At me is that to you to tell about itself much. Have the best day... Your friend Katya
Letter 2

Hello my friend Eric.
It is very pleasant for me to receive your message for me. As I to wait for it from you. I very much would like to get acquainted with you. I want to know about your culture, about yours To the country and about what there people. I shall tell in more detail about my family and about myself: I have been given birth February, 7-th 1977, in the city of Cheboksary, Russia. Cheboksary are 850 Km from Moscow. I live there, with the family, in one apartment. My family it: my mum and the daddy, And as, it is my most favourite sister Tatyana. I very much love the family. Also I think, That in our house all is very good. As should be in average Russian family. That is, My mum soon is going to leave on pension. That is she leaves on deserved From work rest. She 40 years to work as the doctor in local city hospital. And now To her it was already executed 60. And now she plans to leave. I am very glad for this purpose, so As she already the woman in the age of. And it is necessary for it to be at home. And simply to be engaged Domestic affairs. My father. It he as for me the beloved on light. It The most favourite and cheerful the daddy on light. I very much love the the daddy. He is the person with Constant sense of humour. He works as the simple mechanic. To him 64 years, and it he Is not going to retire yet. There where he works, at him a lot of good And dear friends for him. It very cheerful person. His friends very much appreciate, and respect him as good friend. He always is able to cheer up in the company. As he, Very much likes to joke. He very much loves healthy humour. At home he very good father, And for mum he the most precious the man in the world. I to understand mum. Why She so speaks about him. In fact when they have met each other, since that moment they Always together. I very much want to tell to you about it. When to my mum was all 20 years, she worked as the usual nurse, all in the same hospital. She carried Meal, medicine in chambers for patients. Then to my father was only 24. And already Then he has got in the first road accident. But it was not hard. He Was in consciousness. At him the right hand has been broken. And *********** on the left hand. And when he has got all in the same hospital. That he at once has noticed my mum. Also has decided, that it is him Destiny. And then all has taken place. They had very happy youth together. My parents like to brag of that they to go through together. For, that I of them I like it is even more. But it is good, I still have not presented them to you: My mum Call Elena. Mine the daddy call Sergey. I hope, that it is interesting to you to know about mine Parents, on this I speak about them so in detail. Still I shall describe for you, the Favourite sister Tatyana. To her of only 19 years, and I think, that she still very young. She has already left school. And now she studies in the same place where also I. She receives Pedagogical education. I to think, that ours ideas are similar to her. She always liked Children. It first. And as it is not strange, she has dream. The English-speaking country. She learns teachers the English language. And at her it is very good with it it turns out. Dear Eric so it has turned out, that I to present to you the family at first. But it is good, now I shall try to tell to you about myself in more detail: I the simple Russian girl. I want to notice at once that I have no harmful Habits. That is I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol. As, to me to not like at night To go on night clubs and to sleep it is not known with whom. I not that kind of the girl. I always Pursued a long kind of relations. When on the first place there is a love, and as Moral and cultural wealth of the person. It would be pleasant for me to hear from you this. I have left school in 1994. And already then I knew, that I shall be the teacher. I have finished pedagogical institute in 2000. Then, I have gone to teach In the old school. With which all also began. And now to me of 29 years. And I now am the teacher of Russian. At school and institute I Studied the English language. So, that I think, that with it at me will not be very much It is a lot of problems. I do not try to tell, that I to know it in perfection. But I I am able to speak and write the English language so that the person could understand about what I speak. But if, that that not so you could specify to me my mistakes. My work with children. They respect me as the teacher. I always with love try To specify their mistakes in spelling of Russian. I am very loyal with children. I do not know, that else to you to tell about my work. As you to understand, that I to work At school already it is more than 5 years. I the young teacher. I do not know, but I to think, That I cannot promote teachers. I very much love children, and since the childhood I dreamed to become the teacher. But my material status does not arrange Me. You probably agree with me. I do not want to be the teacher only because, I very much love children and it is very pleasant for me to work with them. But I as want, It is beautiful to put on and is very tasty to eat. But on my salary not probably To afford all this. I to earn only 5000 roubles a month. It Is from 170-180 US dollars a month. Sometimes the destiny has no That you wish those. And on this I shall be compelled to search for other work. It would be very interesting to me if you have told how many earn Teachers abroad. I to think, that on the order it is more. I think, that it not Very easy work. I do not argue. She as is dear in Russia. But it does not justify means. In some regions of Russia, not so long ago. Teachers even arranged hunger-strikes from that, That to them did not pay the earned payment. Looking at all this. I do not want as. But it is good Eric, I do not want to load strongly you it. But me would be It is very interesting to hear about your work. As it is very interesting to me what Your family. You to have brothers and sisters? And as than you like to be engaged During free time from work? You like to float on water? I shall tell to you about my Hobby: In week-end, we choose a free time with my sister Tatyana. Also we go In a swimming pool. I since the childhood very much love water and as to float. But when my sister became more senior, as was found out she as very much likes To float. We float with her who is faster. It is very useful for an organism. Then, we go with it her our favourite cafe. To drink on a cup hot Tea with a lemon. And simply to chat on different themes. So basically, I spend All weekend. But sometimes I remain simply at home. To watch TV. Eric, it was very interesting to me to know about your Hobby... I ask you to excuse me that I ask from you much. But I really very much would like to learn you better:) you like is tasty to eat? I very much like. I very much love the Italian cuisine. That is it is a spaghetti with sauce. When with the fried hen. I very much love a fried bird. I to think, that it is very tasty... And as my favourite dish to tea with a lemon, is a tasty juicy pizza. I very much I love a pizza with cheese and a ham. You love a pizza? I to think, that it for the amateur... As I very much love different soups. I love soup with beet. It a borshch. You to try him? Or even, heard about such? If is not present, it is very tasty soup of red color. I very much love salads. My favourite salad is salad "Winter", it "Olivier". It very much, very much Tasty salad. These are vegetables carrots, a cooked potato, a green peas, an onions and Sausage. When a ham. Besides on taste. All this refuels mayonnaise. Also very tasty mix turns out. We with mum always do it on the New Year's table. Well, it is enough about meal... I hope, that you Eric will tell to me about the tastes... You like to travel? If yes, you were sometime in Russia? I never Did not leave for limits of the Russian Federation. But I hope, that I shall sometime have an opportunity To make it.:) Still I want to tell about one of my hobbies. I very much like to listen to music. I like to listen to popular executors and DJ'S. We in Russia have radio station, where Executors, as DJ'S act popular. This radio station refers to " Europa Plus ". You when or to hear about it? I love all types of music which can touch my soul. Sometimes it simply cheers up. When I hear a pleasant melody in the ears... In general I to tell to you about the hobbies, and I very much hope, that it is interesting to you:) On it I probably want to sum up my message to you Eric: I am tired from loneliness. I very much would like to begin a new life with hope in The future. I wish to love and have the favourite husband. If I have interested you... I wait for love and understanding!:) Speak please in more detail about To itself and family. I wish to know about YOU in the greatest possible degree. About your work, Hobby and a way of life, and.... You have really interested me...:) I very much wait for YOUR letters. I wait for your photos.:) I like serious people with good manners and sense of humour. For me reliable and The correct friend is necessary, I am tired from loneliness. It seems I am repeated...:) Than you right now are occupied? As execute yours Free time? Inform please in more detail concerning yours Hobby. I very much would like, that you were for me the most interesting interlocutor Also have in detail written about itself. Your country - describe her, there beautiful city at you? Want I shall inform Concerning our city. My city - Cheboksary, Republic Chuvashia. Here Very much It is a lot of woods, on many kilometers. The city costs on the river "Volga". The river, very much Wide, it - and therefore it is very beautiful. In the summer very beautiful steamships here go. Eric, that you to think of your further life. You have any plans For the future life? It would be very interesting to me to hear about your last relations With women. I as shall tell for you about the. But later, well...? But I only shall start... I had serious relations 3 times. But not one of them, have not justified my hopes On the happy future, and long happiness. And now my heart is free and cold. I was never married, and I have no any children. Eric, let me to finish... Nearly has not overlooked, I wanted to leave for you my growth and weight. My growth: 173 sm, my weight: 57 kg. I to think, that it is interesting to you to know it...:) I wish to continue dialogue with you... With impatience I wait your answer Eric,
Sincerely yours, Katya...
Letter 3

Hi, it is Katya.
Why you to not cease to write for me..? I wait for your letter every day. But when I come do not find from you anything. I ask you Eric, if You to not have desire to write for me is more, I shall not take offence. I am simple I wish to receive from you, even the small note of that you want To talk to me. I would be glad if it so. I ask you to write It for me. I shall wait....
Letter 4

Hi my friend Eric,
I am happy to receive the message from you. I am very glad for this purpose.:) I am glad Eric, that you are ready to continue our dialogue. It is very pleasant for me to see from you Reciprocity on my literary trash. I am very glad to learn new details from your life. Today I want to tell for you about my last relations with young people. I at once want to allocate that The moment, that all of them were very young. And I to think, that because of it I do not search for someone, as I. I search more The adult person who would be capable to understand me. And as to appreciate and respect as the woman. Well, I shall start. When to me there were 19 years, I already then studied in pedagogical institute. And in the same place, On one of celebratory evenings. Which were carried out in an assembly hall. I have got acquainted with one very much The beautiful young man. Like then it was day on February, 14. The Valentine day. So Name it at us in Russia. And this day always arrange evening with music, and different competitions. Then we also have got acquainted. Then we began to meet as love pair. We had very much Good time together. We even admitted love each other. But as it was found out later. It found For itself other girl. And me has told, that for me at him feelings are not present any more. I then very much Was upset. It was very hard for me to hear it from him. As I have trusted in him. I to think, that I was Only the naive little girl. The ambassador, I had relations with very good young man By name Sasha. I speak "good" because this person has really presented for me that I never to test. I felt like protected near to it him. Near to it him I to understand, that such The true love. When to me 21 year was. Then I to have practice at other school. And then I have met Sasha. Name Alexander, this same, as Sasha. Only reduced. At that school he worked, as the teacher of physical culture. It was the high beautiful person. Then I at once to notice him. We have faced in a dining room when the dinner was. We stood in a queue, one after another. Then we also have got acquainted. Then we began to render each other Any signs on attention. In one of the usual working days, it he has simply met me at school. Also has told: " I can To carry out you today home ". It was very pleasant for me to hear these words from him. I with pleasure have agreed. From that all began. We were happy together. I have been in love completely. Also it seemed, that I already on the end that Has found the happiness. But as it was found out later, I was mistaken. In one of days, he to me has told. That he will be Dismissal from school. It has told, that he cannot work more there. Sasha has told, that he cannot work For such small earned payment. He as very much loved children. But unfortunately could not do Career, working with children. I once again want to repeat, that sometimes the destiny does not give us that we search In this life. And it is very a pity to me, that I had to leave this person because of it. He has told to me, that he will leave for other city of Irkutsk. On the north of Russia. It he comes from there. There him Friends since the childhood. Which have lined it him on it. They to inform it him, that they want to have any business, I did not know what. But Sasha, has followed friends. I to not condemn it him. As he really did It is not enough money to live here, to Cheboksary. It he very fair person. For, that I very strongly respect it. Before leaving from city. He did not promise for me eternal love, he did not speak, that then it will take away me From here and we shall be happy. It he did not do it! As it: as he has told then, only mere words of the promise. It has simply told for me, that we should build the life at first. Also asked me a pardon. I very much to respect it For it. I do not condemn this person, for that that it he has made so. As with it him I have understood, that such the true love. I did not see him since it to me has told these words: " Katya, I believe, that sometime you will be the happiest The ******* all blue planet ". I very for a long time thought, that it only words. That I did not long during that moment. But I have come to that opinion, that these words have been told from his clean heart. Eric, it was the most gentle The novel for me, for all my life. I very much melancholy on this person long time. But I have found in myself forces to overlook It him. In fact the life proceeded also I had hopes fortunately. Through enough big time interval, I To receive the letter. I did not expect, that it will be the letter from Sasha, but it was from him. I at reckless speed To unpack it. I have learned very much much of his life. It he knowingly then has left from our city. Now it he Became the rich person. As I to understand, that now it the manager of a large network of shops. As he Has told. What is the friends same as he, rich people. Also that, once they began all this together. As he has written for me, that it he has very good wife. Also has 2 children whom he very much loves. I am very happy, that he could find the happiness. I always knew, that it is very good person. It as has written for me at the end of the letter the following words. " Katya, be the happiest... " I very much was delighted, that it to write for me these good words. They very much to lift mine mood then. I was very glad to all this. But it is good... When to me 26 years were executed, I have got acquainted with very surprising guy. Why surprising? Eric you will understand it later... In one of week-end, I with the sister came into our favourite cafe to drink on a cup of tea after navigation in pool. To us Very cheerful young man has approached. My sister Tatyana was still absolutely small. Then to her was Only 16 years. I as now remember this moment, I remember as my little sister laughed at jokes of it The person. And in the same evening, it he has taken us with the sister to a house on the to the machine. Then it was very cold. And he Has suggested to take us with the sister to a house. On what we with pleasure have agreed. After he has taken us Up to our house. He has asked: " we Could meet still..? ". It has invited me to appointment. I have agreed. We have met again a week later. Then we have decided to go in a cinema. We talked all the evening long. We Learned about each other very in detail. And then I have understood, that I shall meet this person. So all also has turned out. It he has proposed me to be his girlfriend, and to develop our relations. On, that I with pleasure have agreed. We saw him every day. I was glad to that it spoke, That every day, his feelings for me have growth. It he admitted to me that he loves me. I as have presented it him heart. I felt, that it is mutual until has taken place "Surprising"... I to think, that you would not like to learn, that has taken place. Well, I shall start to speak it. I came back from work home ahead of time. Then I only started to work as the teacher. When I Has approached close to the house. I have found out that, that his automobile costs at an entrance of my house. First I very strongly was delighted to this. But when I walked upstairs, in my head came Strange ideas. At that time, in my house was nobody. My mum then, should be on work. My father as should be on work. And my sister should be at school. I could not understand, That occurs. But then I have found out, that my door in an apartment is open. When I to come home, There I have found out that of two guys. Which was packed with our family things. I was horrified simply From all it. One of these guys appeared this young man with whom I had relations. Eric, I could not tell words. When they have seen me one of them has struck me on a head. Then I have lost the consciousness. They have escaped. But during that moment, they have not closed a door in an apartment. They have escaped, that is forces. But thanks our kind neighbours, that they to see all this. The ambassador That they to cause militia. Now this person sits in prison. At us in Russia it name "ZONA". Eric, I do not know... But it on was so hard for me. In fact I gave this person the heart. I did not know in, that to me still to trust. Since then I have lost hope for the happy future. I have lost Hope for all. To that the happy woman can be pleased. I could not trust more in love... Eric then I swore myself. That I shall never allow to the man the heart, yet I shall be sure on 100 that I really love it him. Then I even thought, that I have more Not what for to live on this planet. Then I considered, that I the girl - forgotten by the god. At which never can To be happiness with the favourite person. I want to admit to you, that then I was ready on suicide. I speak it only to you Eric. As I could not tell it to the parents. To me was very much It is a shame before them. That once. I to result home the person - thief. But time treats everything, that has crippled. And I go further. With hope for the best life with the favourite person. Since then I one. And whom not loved. Certainly, I tried to meet men. But I do not want to give the heart to whom have got. And from It never left nothing. Someone wants to have the mistress on the party. Someone wants one night For ***. And someone simply likes to drink alcohol and *** together with it him. Eric as you to understand, that I the girl Not such level. I do not want to have type of such relations. I do not want to be loved on one night. I do not want To be the mistress for men who will be married. In fact they have wives. Which wait for their house Every evening. And I do not want to break another's families. Everything, that I want it: To like and be loved... Eric, I probably too in detail tell to you about the lives. And to you has already bothered me To listen...?:) it is Good, I shall try to finish this letter for you... Not so long ago, I came back from work Home. And I have casually noticed advertising in the street. I have seen there the following maintenance. " Services of access in the Internet ". And then in me has woken up not clear feeling. I to think, that this feeling of last hope for a happy life. I thought some weeks before to visit it. But then I was solved. I have told to myself. I possible can To find love abroad. In fact I know the English language. And probably I can find the happiness. At present, it is my most crazy idea. To write to the person from other country. Far from Russia. But I hope, that I calmness was possible in the future shall find and I shall receive love from the foreigner. I do not know, Whether it is possible. And in the truth it seems to me, that it is delirium in what that degrees. But me moves not clear Feeling. And I have hope which lives in my heart. I believe that the happiness comes suddenly. I shall trust in it while my heart is beaten and while I live in this world. Eric, I to write for you It is a lot of how there were my relations. I hope, that it will not pass by your eyes. I hope, that it is interesting to you to learn me as the person. I shall be very glad, if you write to me about that, That you try to find in your life. To me will learn very interestingly you as the person. I hope, that the god will be favourable to us. And sometime it he will present happiness and eternal love... Eric, I shall stop... I shall wait the answer from you very soon. I to think, that you the serious person. With the best regards to you Eric,
Yours Katya...
Letter 5

Hi Eric...
Today I very much hastened to receive news from you. I simply had no patience to see your message for me.:) Today I had no difficult day. I carried out only 6 lessons. It is not enough. But as It is very good for me today. As I with impatience waited for this time to see yours The letter for me. Believe Eric, and in the truth it is very pleasant for me to receive messages from you. For It only charges me pleasure for all stayed day. As it gives for me a smile on the person. From that we with you Eric, write each other. I do not know as it looks for you. But I very much It is proud to itself I feel, when I to receive your messages. I never could assume such, that now Occurs in my life. I write to the person from other country. Wow... Where now night - at us is day! These are different Language barriers. With each half-scientific message from you Eric. I start to understand, that is valid It is very strongly interested about to learn your culture and certainly you Eric.:) it is very pleasant for me to have acquaintance with such The person as you Eric. For me it as the sea of the information on your country and about your people. Which, I would like to know more and more every day. I am very glad, that we write each other Eric. When I to come in Internet - cafe several days ago. I did not know, that for me it will be so pleasantly.:) To communicate with the person from other country. I yet did not know then, that I shall write to you Eric. I thought, That it will be only waste of time. If I am fair even did not think, that you will answer me in general...:) I assumed, that I shall write still to whom - be, if I shall not find the message from you Eric. But I think, that I and should not do make it. As we with you have very pleasant acquaintance. To me very much Important it. And then, I think, that I could not write for somebody. As it would look not Very cultural, as I think. Though, I do not know as in your country... Probably, it cultural..? If the person... Whether it be, The woman or the man. Write on 10 letters to different people. For me it would be simple not pleasantly. I think, that If it so in your country. That it is not so good. I do not know as it at you. But I speak it because it is possible In Russia very simple people. I do not know, but in my opinion Russian people really seldom use the Internet. I to think, that the majority simply does not see necessity to use it. And then it is very expensive. As I to know. I to pay on 60 roubles for one hour per Internet - cafe to write to my foreign friend Eric...:) I think, that it is not cheap. On this I have such sights concerning the Internet in usual family. I do not know... Probably our country Russia, very much to lag behind more advanced countries as the USA, CANADA, the GREAT BRITAIN. I to think, that Russia very much lags behind, by way of the state development. But I cannot do make exact conclusions, it Only my opinion. At us very good president. It him very much respect. And on this it he has been elected for 2-nd term. I too took part in voting. And both times I to give a voice for Vladimir Vladimirovicha Putina. I to think, that it is really clever educated person. Which can operate the country and people. And as you Describe the president? I to think, that it he as very good person. I to think, that at authority always clever people. Eric, well I think, that politics interests us with you least. I do not know, but it is not interesting to me To discuss it. Simply speech has gone for people, and other state details. And I have decided to tell to you the opinion About our president. Eric, it is possible a question? You could tell for me the ideas, concerning small Children? You would like to have in the future the child, which looking on you, as on the father. Studied to talk, go To jump, run, play. I think, that it so is romantic. It seems to me, that I very much dream now. Simply I very strongly like Children. Also I hope, that when - be I shall bring up the. Together with the favourite husband. I want to go together with loved In shop. And there to choose a children's bed, a carriage. Other things, as toys, diapers, etc.:) I to think, that it and is High-grade family happiness. At least in my understanding. Eric, I not importunate to you with these reasonings? If it so you could specify to me it. Eric, I was possible still I shall ask a question. You wait for my messages? Well, I do not force you to answer this question. But if there would be a share of attention from you for me. I would be glad to this...:) How you carry out the day? Not so long ago I looked a telecast just about it. There the theory of time was discussed. That is how it will be correct? To live under the schedule? Whether or not?.. I do not know, but I think, that I live under the schedule. I can To share it with you. I wake up in 6:30 mornings. I go to a bathroom and there, I accept souls. Souls since morning, for me As a drink of fresh energy for all stayed day. I very much love cleanliness and freshness of a body. And since morning it is valid, Simply helps to wake up well.:) is Farther, I go on kitchen to do for myself not the big breakfast. I cannot Since morning to eat it is a lot of meal. On this I speak " not the big breakfast ". Usually I do tea with a lemon and one sandwich. The ambassador I put on, and I go for work. There me meet a plenty of people. They are teachers, directors of studies. In general It is all personnel of our educational establishment. I to think, that my day always begins well. I do not know, but I think, That each person has favourite time of day. For me it is morning. That is my most favourite hours it: From 7:00 mornings till the midday. That is up to 12:00 hours. In this time interval I feel very well. The ambassador, I already I start to get tired. But after a tasty dinner, I come in myself and I do the work further. My dinner it from 12:30 up to 13:00, when till 13:30. In general I have time to do make things necessary for me at this time. Then, I go to work With the second change of pupils which begins from 14:00. I work with the second change approximately up to 17:00-18:00 evenings. Then I go to a teacher's hall. And and there I fill magazine of work. Also I hand over it him to all rests. But in general It is not so easy. When I finish it I sigh with simplification. It happens near 19:00-19:30. Then, I am simple I gather and go home. I come on a way to any shop. And necessarily I buy there fruit... I think, that it is very useful idea which carries advantage for an organism! :) You love what fruit? I very much like Oranges, bananas and pears. Yes... Now, after work I still should be in time in Internet - cafe. To write for you Eric. I to do make it in the evening. Probably when in you already early morning. Then, I go home near 21:30-22:00. And simply I fall from foots. As, I think, that I very much get tired on work. Eric so usually passes my working day. I always, wait With impatience of week-end to float in pool. It very much helps to relax as. Eric, If you want. That could write too to me similar. As your mode of day looks...:) I about much want to ask you Eric. It is very interesting to me to learn you:) my parents are very glad, that I write to you on the Internet. And already very much Have frequently started to ask about you Eric. And my sister Tatyana, even has played a trick over me: " When you will be in To other country, you will invite me to yourself on a visit "? I to think, that she it very cheerful girl...:) Eric, I wanted Once to speak by with you to phone. I think, what it is very good idea the truth? You could leave For me the phone number. Where I could reach you. I to ask number from you because we have no in To family of a constant phone number. I do not know, it is possible you are surprised... But it so. So, that I shall cause you From local telegraph. I learned, it will not cost for me very dearly. So, that I hope soon to hear Your voice Eric. As I want to leave for you the home address. In fact if I cannot give for you Phone number. That though, that - be all equally you should know. How to find me in Russia. I shall leave it: ?ountry: Russia. City: Cheboksary. Street: IVANOVA 32-71, Postal index: 428018. Mine a full name: Ekaterina Volkova. Eric if it is probably that I would be very glad to have your home address as. I to think, that it As it is very important in our acquaintance. Eric, well I shall stop here... I hope, that you have Good days. Also know Eric when you have dream. You are in ideas of Russian girl Katya... I hope for your reciprocity...
Yours Katya...
Letter 6

Hello Eric, I am glad to teach your message for me. I very much waited for it from you. Eric, so it is pleasant for me to accept your messages:). It is always very interesting to me To read your messages. I want to tell to you something. That, since that moment as we have started to write Each other. I do make a x-copy of your message always. That they were near to me. I to do make it also in the Internet - cafe. Thank God, that it is not so expensive, as one Hour of access per the Internet. It costs for me only 1 rouble of 50 copecks. It is very cheap. I very much like to read your messages before dream. When I lay in a bed. It always, only Good ideas about you Eric, before dream. To me very much to like, as you describe that you Surrounds, that is with what you live and as all this occurs. For me it is very pleasant for learning. But it is not important... Eric how pass your days? Recently I have noticed important Feature in itself. Eric, I have ceased to long.:) I do not know, but I really feel Itself only it is good, every day. I am very glad, that it so. I hate to long in general! Eric, I shall be possible to ask still you some questions... I think, that you will not be Against.:) If you have got tired to answer them simply tell it for me, OK...:) But it is good... Eric, you to love What sports meets most of all? It is very interesting to me to know, Each detail about you. I do not know as you, but to me very much to like to observe the big tennis. It It is very beautiful in my opinion. As I very much like to look at water sports. Eric, You sometime saw gymnastics on water. I think, that this show... I like performances Commands with a ball on water. As I very much love football. I to know, that such the American football. And to think, that it as very interesting sports game. I to know, that at us it name "Rugby football". As I like to observe a golf and billiards, on the TV. I would be glad to hear from you that, That you like to observe from all it, it is possible to play... From all it, I can float only. And not it is a lot of I to be able to play billiards. But it only as hobby. But too it is very interesting. Eric, it is possible one more question? You have pets? I think, that it is very fine To have pets. But I have no any. At my mum an allergy on a wool of pets. On this I am compelled to not have it. Though, I very much love dogs and cats. My favourite breed of dogs, It " Cocker Spaniel ", whether it be Russian, English or American. I hope, that you to hear about such. It Very beautiful dogs. They are considered as dogs for hunters but as it is very beautiful domestic Animals. They not so big in height, about near 30-40 see. But for that they have very long ears. And at them, very beautiful Muzzles. I very much love this breed of dogs. Also I hope, that I shall sometime have it. As I very much love cats. But I do not have certain breed which would like me. I think, that they as are very beautiful. Well Eric, I want to tell to you, that for me it would be very pleasant to speak by with you to phone. I to think, that at us with you very interesting conversation would turn out. As, I would like to hear your voice. I have your phone number. Thanks, that you to send it for me. I shall try to cause you, as Only I shall be capable to do make it. But at first I shall inform you in the letter, that I shall cause you. That I could achieve you in any case. I to think, that it is very good variant for us with you Eric. I thank, that you to leave your contact information. I am very glad for this purpose.:) And thanks...! Yesterday, before dream... I for a long time could not accept dream. I thought that now occurs in my life much... And you will not believe, I began to come to such conclusion. That I shall be happy with the person from other country, that Further to be the happy woman near to the favourite person. I to think, that the person from another The countries the man from Russia will understand me where better, than.: (I have seriously solved for myself that sometime I shall be capable to visit your country. I even want to try to visit travel agency once soon. I want to communicate with those people with which I shall feel like unchained. I do not know... But I was possible still, I shall ask you one thing. In your country love Russian girls? It is very important for me to know it... Eric, having dialogue with you. In me there is such impression, that we live in different Measurements. That we have got acquainted with you. From this, I as have benefited for myself. I want To you to tell, that after our acquaintance, I began to feel like in the seventh sky. It figuratively speaking. I think, that Sometime I shall be with that person abroad which will consider me is similar to the queen. For me this person will be, king in my heart. I shall allow for this person, everything, that I have... I think, that I can do make the man happy. As in me it is a lot of feelings which want outside. I want to give the heart for this person. I want to give for him it a sweet kiss every day and night. And I think, that sometime it will take place:) Having got acquainted with you Eric... I began to understand, that I am valid very beautiful and tender girl who can be happy:) I think, that I do not search much In this life. I do not know, how for girls from your country, but I search first of all for love and care from loved man. I search for loved and desired the man. With which we shall be happy together for ever... Eric, I do not want to do make any forecasts. But it is possible we with you we shall be happy together once:) I ask you Eric, to not take it to heart. Now you for me as - the most dear and favourite foreign friend:) With which I have very pleasant dialogue. Probably in the future when our feelings grow. We can receive Happiness. And now only it is necessary for us to learn each other better, I think, that it is a unique way. But I want to notice. That you Eric, have all chances to borrow my heart in the future:) Eric, I want To tell for you once again thanks of that you write for me. Sometimes, I cannot believe in at all that is direct Now I have dialogue with such good person as you... That is with you, the dear friend Eric. It is very pleasant for me:) Eric, I shall stop here... I shall wish for you good day. While you in my ideas... Yours Katya. PS:I have applied a picture of, it is the river Volga.
I hope, that to you to like:)
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