Scam letter(s) from Jenny Thomas to Simon (England)

Letter 1
Hello Simon,
GoodDay to you,How are you doing?Good i hope,Thanks for the Lovely message,And as well for sharing your time with me,Im Jenny Thomas By Name,Single and Looking for a Serious relationship,Have never been married and i have no Kids,Im 31 years old,A mixed Race,Dad from the United States,Mum from West Africa,Hope you don`t mind My Race and Age,As i believe it don`t count in a Relationship,I have also been hurt alot of times,That`s why im looking for someone who can love me for who i am,And would not cheat on me,Well I should tell you that I am very open-minded and Honest,I don't accept anything just because everyone else believes it and I don't close my mind to an idea just because it is strange or unaccepted by the general public.There is no one on earth more serious about finding love and a successful relationship than I am, and you can count on that.I want someone to spend all my time with,sharing all the pleasures I've discovered in life, and that's a lot, believe me.i also want someone who is very affectionate, because touching and hugging and caressing are a basic part of my spirit.I hope to read back from you soon.
Kisses and Hugs,
Jenny Thomas...
Letter 2
Hello My Dear Simon,
GoodMorning to you,How are you?Good i hope,Im fine and thanks.Im Glad that Age and race means nothing to you as well,Simon as i have said before,There`s no one looking for a sucessful relationship than i do,Im really seeking someone who can make me happy for the rest of My Life and would not cheat on me,Someone i could count on,Im really impressed by your words,And i would like this to go more further and see where this leads us.Simon i will like to tell you Im not also for games,And i don`t want someone who is here for games,
But a Friend intoduced me to it,But Most of the people i met had Two major draw backs. 1) By talking with them I would get the feeling I was talking to a child playing a trick because quite often there answers to question seem to be at a childs level or they made no sense. 2)When I read over our conversation I would discover inconsistencys that would raise RED FLAGS. You are the first person I feel is being REAL to me. I would like you to answer a few questions for me if you dont mind. It will save us both a lot of time .I will answer them also as you will see as you read on.
How has life been treating you without a partner ?? well i will like to tell you that life as being lonely and boring for me as i really need to love someone and to be love when i realise that we cant go thru life without love ..

What is it you are lookin for in the oposite ***?I am looking for an honest caring loving , kind , faithfil , honest , humble , dicipline , easy going . openmided man , Im looking for a companion / freind. Someone to love who will love me.Someone
to talk to. A caring person who will take care of me if Im sick. A live and let live mentality. Someone who will accept me for who I am and not try to change me.Easy going personality.Someone to care for/about.Someone to hold when we sleep at nite

What things do you like to do in your spare time? I like to go camping , I like watching videos , Scifi Action,Mystery,Playing vid games,
hiking,cooking/eating,massages etting/giving,snuggling infront of the fire
place with the one I love.
Favorite colors? My color blue/green

Do you have a good relationship with your family? I do

what does your job mean to you? To me it is just a means by witch I can
enjoy my life. I do not define myself by my job.

Do you enjoy time by yourself? I enjoy my own company and dont need to
have other people Involved all the time.

What is a normal day for you after work? I like to come home ,cook dinner(Im a good cook).Do a little house T.V. and **** around on the computer. Go to bed. Pretty simple stuff.
Are you an introvert or extrovert..Im a little of each but mostly an introvert....

Do you go to bars pubs pool halls? I do not

Do you drink?nope

thats all , I will have to close now,Hope to read from you soon,Hope you like it.

Kisses and Hugs,
Jenny Thomas...
Letter 3
Hello My Dear Simon,
Thanks for getting back to me,Im so impressed with your letter,And i wish this could go more further,Im positive it will leads us to a Good place,And i can see some compatibilty in Us,Im also happy with that Simon,You really make me short of words and i don`t know what to type anymore,Well how are you?And your work?Good i hope it`s,Im fine and thanks .Reading this message all over again,I see we have alot in common and we could make the best out of eachother,I lost parents as well,And presently Im in Africa to see My Sibling and mostly My Grandma,I love her so much,Cos now she`s all i have,Where does your sister stay?I would like to see a Picture of you,And also Simon i like making surprises,I would prefer we keeping this as secret,If we were to move more further,I don`t smoke,And im glad you don`t as well,We will have a Great way to teach our children,As we don`t smoke and Drink,Im happy to meet you once again,Thanks for answering My Questions with Honesty,Simon You sound Like the ideal man Im seeking.
I want somebody to spend my time with that I enjoy being with. I want to spend weekends doing whatever makes us both happy. I want to get on the motorcycle and ride up the coast, spend the night in a hotel or a Place and have fun,eat a nice meal in a seafood restaurant, walk down cannery row at night, make love, chat, and drink wine all night long. I want to explore new things with somebody I care for. Go to the mountains when it snows. Take off our shoes and run down the coast at night. I want to come home from work to find somebody waiting for me to arrive. I want to be woken up in the morning with sweet kisses on the back of my neck. I want somebody that works with me to make our lives better.These are some of the things I think about when I fantasize about love. Maybe you do the same thing,Maybe it is the idea of love.Or maybe Im in love with you,Could I imagine being in love with you.Yes, if you could treat me like I want to be treated. I would naturally fall in love with you.If I had an Honest and Understanding man like you,Who will treat me right I would be able to be the good wife.
I believe Only time will tell if fantasy can someday be reality. Tell me a little about how you live now. What is your room like? What is your work like? Do you drive to work, walk, or take public transportation? What do you do on a typical week day? What do you do on a typical weekend day? What are your friends like? What are your fantasies about me? How caring are you towards your partner?Are u an Understanding Person?I hope to read back from you soon Simon.

Thinking about you,
Lot of Kisses and Hugs from My Heart,
Jenny Thomas...
Letter 4

Simon i would be glad if you can help me and My Grandma Out,I so Confused,Here`s My Information and i hope you can send me the Information to pick up the Money.
Name-Onaselu J. Thomas
Address-24 Omole street
Kisses and Hugs,
Jenny Thomas
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