Letter(s) from Laicareil Mansida to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1

its all for you take care

best regards to your daughter

Letter 2

wish that you would take care my pics..take care!

Letter 3

wish you would take care my pictures..

take care..

and have a good day my dear...

Letter 4


Letter 5

"i love you baby and plss take care my pictures for you"

Letter 6

kindly hundle it with love and care baby..

Letter 7

thanks for coming back my dear gavin..........

Letter 8

MY MOBILE NUMBER:+639264431561

Letter 9

wish you have a good day my beloved...

"before i would start the body of my letter let me to extent first my greatest THANKS for the greatest help that you have extent in me to save and to back to normal the minstration that i have felt and i sufer for the past few days..my gavin everyday when i awake in my room i am thinking of you and wishing that youl be in my side and togethere when i am about to take my bath and taking my breakfast as like as a real wife and husband i dream tobe..my gavin i love you and i will never loose you coz you are my life and my one and only inspiration that i could never found to any and to somebody..honestly my dear gavin i was really sad when the past times that we have some arguement and some mis understanding happen..but i never been gave up coz i know tyhat everything well be settled and OK..thats why i never been entimidate to contact you coz i know that you are always the sounds of my heart..and it is always dectaits that gavin if for you and dont leave'd him coz he is meant for you..my dear gavin your future wife is already 30 year old as what i told you that i was turning 30 when my last birthday of mine as i infoprm you before..my babe gavin i am already 30 year old and that is of what i am now with my pictures that i send to you babe..and practically and honestly speaking i never been did any MODELLING OR MODEL ramp it is just because i dont have any time and i dont like that babe..i was raise and educate well with my aunt with having a good humor and beings..babe i thank you for your great help..i get the money around 1pm here in my time babe and thanks a lot for this then we went at the hospital for my check up and medication to DRA. SORIANO then she gave me some receipt and some result with my check up..then she told me babe that i have to take some proper foods that cant cause desminoria a proper drinking of water and take some early rest from school and take some milk before and after to get to bed..then she told me babe that i have to take the medecine that she gave in me for 3 times a day..thats why i have here babe..babe dont you worry about me here coz everything was OK and i am about tobe normal here..babe thanks a lot for leaning me on and be with me..babe wish that everything well be fine too there specially with your dads liver cancer..we only have to PRAY and ask GOD for some help..babe wish that my future daughter there will be fine and OK..and wish that everything well be fine and settled..my gavin i love you so much and thanks for coming into my life..i am too excited to have and be with you hyere soon in phillipines..as soon as i can proove how much i care,value,and love with you coz i love you..plsss take care and be safe GOD BLESS you babe gavin and plss dont forget to call me evryday as we could keep in touch...i miss you a lot..

"your loving wife"

Letter 10


"wish that you are doin fine at the moments specially when you read my email and wish that everything was doin fine there and a good condition with your dugthers,dad,mom,work and everything was well fine my baby gavin...its been a long time that i haven"t heard from any reports from you any call any meeting online and any communication..but i do understand coz i know that you are now in a condition of being bussy and had some things that need to priorities and gave value coz i know that you know that i am always here still waiting for you coz you know how much i love you and i care for you..i was just bing thanksfull for all the memoreis that weve'd sshared and weve'd yet treasure..from the beginning tell now is such as a blessings that i have to have my future husband which is verry nice,caring,supportive,and a verry gentle one and all of this is like what i said i OWE and apreciate from the beginning tell now that i have you my love gavin...unfurtunately my love i am now in a bit of sad and woreis situation because of you.coz i really misse'd you a lot and i dont know what i must do to have you everyday..i was longing and trying to have enough load to dial your nhumber and rang it bit i couldn't and i cant beacuse fenancially i dont have at the moment..which really makes bothered in my mind my gavin..my dear gavin what just i hope is wish you are well fine now and everything was good and OK..i love you and wish you love me too still...my dear gavin wish that you would allow me at this moment to extent including this body letter of mine which was a some favor again...my dear gavin i am about to ask your presence again at this moment..babe in this coming tuesday to wdenesday at 2 days is our EDUCATIONAL TOUR..at this stage we are about to pay each student 13,500 for the whole accomodation of every student togethere with the transportaion and etc and all..my gavin YES i have some money here but its not enough i only have a pesos of 4,800 which was my aunt can afford coz it was a unexpected happen that our DEAN and the teacher inform us..instead of we will going to take a examination it must be an educational tour that leads to observe'd ENVIRONMENT and NATURE and the survey of the percentage of people living in some areas from PANABO,BALUT ISLAND to SQUATERS PART OF THE CITY OF DAVAO..my gavin it is a compolsory activity that needed to a certain student to attend and participate..my dear gavin if you dont mind i am about to ask you again at the moment even just a simple amount as you could extend in me just i to participate and to attend it..babe i know that is a big amount for you coz i know that you are about to finance with the bills and the needs with your dada at the moment..but i ask you this babe coz i am really in a stage of greeving now which i still dont know if i could attend and i could participate that depends to the amount that i ask on you..babe gavin wish that i could have your responce as much as soon as early as i could have it later this monday to wednesday...take care my dear belove'd gavin and wish you all the good doings there and GOD BLESS you and miss you a lot...i love you and im here waiting for you..

"your wife"