Letter(s) from Olga Titova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Wayne, glad you wrote back. If you don't mind to communicate with me let now each other better. I am very interested in getting to know you better. It would be great if you send me your photo.

Oh, I think would be better to tell a little bit more about myself.

I live in Ukraine in a big city Odessa, but I used to live in the USA before.were married, not any more. I met with my EX same way, via internet but it's a long story so if you would love to know more about that, I don't mind to share this next time.

What do for living - I work in a local hotel as .partly administrator, mostly as a receptionist.

I hope good for you to imagine what I am now. better to tell my exterior, how I look (picture tells better, Joking again) Will be 28 soon.
honestly.168 sm. tall, 59 kilos weight now I mean right now!!! I have green eyes, and dark long hair, I bet you noticed it already!!!. what else, I prefer not to use make up much, don't like it, try to keep myself in shape, not easy - I like sweeties, and what about you, Wayne? Any activities? Or weaknesses? I'd like to know more about you ;)

I just reread what I wrote, uum. ok, just not to bore you, slightly disappear.. JOKING!!! I will attach my more or less resent picture on my work hall (I am not that serious always!!! Really!! ), I don't have much of them but would love to share, if you like. sorry if I miss something today didn't tell. I will mention next time, I guess tomorrow as a reply on your letter, hope to hear from you Wayne till then


P.s. oh, by the way maybe you would like me to show me a little bit seductively, I have a few suggestive picture, could share. if you'd like to.

Letter 2

Hello dear Wayne, how are you today? I am very good, I liked to receive letter from you, and very glad I have access to computer to check my mail box, I am on my work, using this computer, wish I had one at home, maybe one day, any way, not big deal…
Thanks for your photo, very nice. Yes, I read about your big weaknesses ;) it is very pleasant :)

Oh by the way As I promised and (better to say asked if I could share) I have some more pictures of me for you It’s some of frolicsome pictures, scanned them yesterday because a few I had disc (my personal) I don’t think… well, they are not really good, I don’t know I don’t like them, so I scanned some I think maybe would be better, I don’t know, and am sending you a few, oh, one – it’s me on the stairs in hotel, when I was in Kiev, (our capital) on business trip, were there just a few days… Another one, I don’t really remember, oh, we were in a sauna on women’s day with our girls, so made pictures from getting wet in hot saunas!! I really would love to write to you more today, I have so much to share, but I don’t have time yet, it’s already dark outside, and I am afraid to be late to get home, I will work tomorrow and hope to cut time to write more of me, I hope it will be interesting for you, also I am looking forward to explore more of you too, you know this help to extend my views on you…I like it, really…Hugs, Anna