Scam letter(s) from Olga Guryanova to Alexander (Australia)

Letter 1
My love in my opinion you have not understood me. I want to receive the visa about wedding after to arrive to you. When I shall arrive to you to Australia, we shall make wedding, the ambassador I to remain in your country for ever. Now you have understood me? Is not present my lovely Alan when I to arrive to you, I shall not leave back for Russia. In Russia of me nobody holds, the unique person to whom pulls me, it you. I want to be with you together. I am in love with you and wish to be only with you together. I read your letter and was so am happy, that money for you not a problem. If I am correct you have understood, you can the help to me with money that I might arrive to you? It is necessary for me to go in a travel company find out about arrival to you? I have made a copy of the Russian passport, and this letter want to send him to you. I hope that you will not have with it any problems. It will be sure that to you interestingly find out, why my place of a registration city of Kazan. I shall answer, that the last year I to pass practice in this city, in communication to not pay taxes, at me the Kazan registration. You have understood me? I read your last the letter and want to ask you, all of you still write TATYANA AGAPITOVA??? How to me to be remembered you wrote to her? I am right? I hope you love a photo which I to you to send. I shall miss and wait for the prompt answer. With love yours Olga.
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Alan!!! Huge to you thank for your long-awaited letter. I am very happy when to go in Internet - cafe and to see from you your long-awaited letter. My love only your letters bring and will bring to me pleasure and happiness. I am strong in you am in love, I do not know that will be with me if we shall not be together. Forgive me, that I have not correctly understood you, about ***** photos. I have made a unique ***** photo that you were sure that I love you and I trust you. You understand it? I ask you do not compare me with Tatyana I do not know her and never her saw. I not that type of girls who deceive men. I search for serious relations and am sure, that only with you I shall be happy. For me was insulting to hear, that already wish that I have arrived to you on the money. Unless you do not know, that I have no money. All my last hope that can arrive to you, was only on you. I thought that when to arrive to you, I shall be the happiest. I did all to arrive to you. I went to a travel company and found out about arrival to you, I do all that we were happy. You it is not correct me have understood, that I do not want your help in money. I am simply tired to wait, I have understood that you that the man who is necessary for me, I want that our meeting has taken place as soon as possible. Excuse me but when you have told me, that me read scammer I was simply in a shock. Who might such tell? I not scammer, I the serious girl also search for serious relations. I want to be together with you. My love I want that you have helped me with money for arrival to you on the next week because I can not wait. I am in love with you and to me it is bad without you. I think only of you, I want that we were together. In this letter I to send all photos which I have, and the ambassador I want that you have made the choice. You will help me with money for arrival to you the next week? I want to be with you. I shall miss and wait for the prompt answer. With love your princess Olga.
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