Name: Margarita
Age: 28
Name: Felicia
Age: 36
Name: Stanislava Vladimirovna Samohvalova
Age: 37
Name: Ayisha Tami
Age: 37
Name: Alvina Maxinus
Age: 30
Name: Guzel Tazetdinova
Age: 24
Name: Rubi Lawson
Age: 31
Name: Olga Kilyachenkova
Age: 26
Name: Elizebeth Steve
Age: 30
Name: Elena Sergeeva
Age: 30
Name: Marina
Age: 28
Name: Sofia Sivenkova
Age: 28
Name: Diana Zivifan
Age: 29
Name: Olga
Age: 27
Name: Grace
Age: 33

Scam letter(s) from Tatayna to Leo (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Good day Leo. When I receive your letters I feel that my heart begins to beat faster. I do not how to explain it but I think that you are a man with whom I will be able to be happy. I was looking for you during all my life. I agree with all your words. I am ready to listen to you all my life. I told you that I was married. Now we are divorced. We were together during 5 years. Then I understood that we were different and we had to part with each other and the sooner the better. I moved to communal apartment(hostel) and now I live there. I have one room but kitchen is common. My neighbors use it too. It is not very comfortable to live there but I am happy that I am free now and ready to look for my real love. Sometimes I recall my ex-husband who does not know that people must to cherish each other. He thought only about drinks and clubs. He did not want to think about family and future life. But I think each woman wants to have a family and to feel that she is needed. Now I am sure that I will be happy because I have found you. My heart tells me we could be very good for each other. I have a lot of tender loving to give. I could offer a passionate and rewarding life. I will be always honest with you. Now we are alone strangers and we have a few bridges to cross before we are partners. I am ready even to learn your language. When I have opportunity to do it I will expend my all energies. When I love a man, I want especially to be with him, he is my most exciting trip, my lovely knight, and I have to support him from the storms of the life. Of course, misunderstandings and crisis can happen, but if a real love exist, it’s possible to pass over everything. Our future family will be without quarrel and every fact of life will be belong to one another. You know, yesterday my mother visited me and I told her about you.
About how I met you. I told her about you and your life.
She said that it is my choice and I have a right to be happy with my beloved man. She wants to hope that a man of my dream is you. I am fully interested in you and ready to build something new, unlimited with you. I am glad my thoughts are only about you. Your next letter will be like a gift for me. Tatyana.
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