Letter(s) from Maria Shabalina to Paul (Australia)

Letter 1

My dear Paul. I am always glad divide with you my photos. Was hard for me to wait end of the working day today. Each time, I with excitement look my box. When I see your new letter, I am glad similarly baby. I see positive tendency of development our relations. Is much in common between us. There are many things which unite us. I shall be happy, if real feelings between us, will take place. Please, answer ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION. ok? Who except for you, sees our letters? Please, never show my letters to other people. I am completely open in my letters. I speak you serious things, about which who does not know. I would want that our correspondence was private. ok? Nobody can read your letters, except for me. I hold it closed from other people. Our relations, it only our relations and anybody except for us, should not see our ideas. You agree? Answers to your questions. What is your surname: Shabalina. Date of birth: on February, 11. Place of birth: Kazan, Home address: Russia, 420071, city - Kazan, street - Yamasheva, house - 54, apartment - 15. Do you have a passport: yes. Do you have a drivers licence: yes. What is your favorate colour: I prefer the light colors, favourite beige. Do you have a criminal record: no. Are you divorced: yes. Are you in Debt: no. Do you wish to get married: yes. Can you leave Russia: yes. What is the name of your mother: Elena, What is the name of your father: Michael, Do you have a telephone number: I have no house phone, Do you have a mobile telephone number: I have no phone. The yesterday's party was celebrated at restaurant. Birthday of each my employee, we celebrate all collective. There was many cheerful music, dances and tasty dishes. You know, there was only one reason which disturbed me. I thought of you all yesterday's evening. I wanted to be with you on this holiday. Me some times invited for slow dance, but I refused. I want to dance slow dances, only with you. Similar things are very special for me. Proba bly it sounds strange but I want to belong only to one man. Only in hands of one man, I want to be. You understand? Yesterday I have taken a taxi and have come back to my apartment. Anton yesterday had night at the aunt and the uncle. I was a lot of time for me. I have accepted a hot tub, and looked out of the window. I have left on a loggia and looked in the sky, the sky yesterday was many stars. I thought of you, I thought perhaps during this moment you too look at the sky. We very much far apart, but I want that we were together. Together could admire the night sky. I want to take you for a hand and to speak with you. I grieve on you. Sincerely your Maria.