Scam letter(s) from Larisa Panteleeva to Martin (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello, my love, Martin!
Dear, every your letter is a great pleasure for me, and you know about it! Now they are more and more important for me! My love Martin thanks as for your photo I is really glad that has got acquainted with you Martin and I want that we were together! Martin I to you yesterday called from a pay phone on your phone number and you not took phone. But today I as to you shall call from a pay phone and please wait for my phone call well?
And how are you doing? Martin, do you want to see me as much as I want it? Sometimes it seems to me that all this situation (that we are so far from each other) is just a dream. And that I am going to awake and see you in reality with my own eyes! I hope that oneday everything will be just like this. One morning I will open my eyes and feel that cofe smells somewhere very near from me. And I will see you. I will tell me: " Good morning, darling! " I will smile and kiss you! Then we will drink cofe in the bed and I will tell you what I have seen in my dreams this nihgt! Do you like it? here, I see dreams every night, but I have nobody to tell about them. They are about us. They are not very long, I just see your letter and remember that we were talking about something. Yes, Martin, we have so many things to talk about!
By the way, the main thing for today - I have gone to the travel agency and I learnt what parers I need to come to you. As I do not a passport, I need many papers and they will be prepared very soon. I have paid for everything already, but you know, Martin, I do not have now money for solvency. Last week I have gave up a debt and now I have nothing to pay for solvency. It costs 800 $, and it is absolutely imortant. Every tourist must show money on the customs, as my visa is available during 3 months I must have 800 $ to live in your country as a tourist and not to have material problems. So, now unfortunately I do not have money for it, could you help me, dear? I will not spend this money, it is only to show and that's all when i come to you i will give it you back. Please write me as soon as possible. Just do not thinbk that I want your money, I want to come to you but now I do not have enough money. And I must say my word to the travel agency tomorrow.
I kiss you and hope on you, ok?
Letter 2
Hello my love Martin!
My love Martin I is glad today with you to speak by phone and to hear your voice. My love Martin I as is glad that you You are going to help me with arrival to you!
My love Martin I promised you to write the information on a remittance to confirm my solvency.
My love Martin for that to receive your remittance I I write to you the information that I could receive your remittance well?
Today I went to Visa agency and informed to the manager of travel agency, that you Martin be capable to help me with money, but I do not know, how to receive this money from you. She informed me, that the most reliable and fast way of moving of money from your country to me, is services of the company " Western Union ". The manager of travel agency informed me, that it is very convenient and very fast. That you could make a remittance through " Western Union ", you Martin need in my full name and a surname and also in my address. I already informed you it, but just in case and I write it once again: Name - LARISA
Country - RUSSIA My love, you should go in office " Western Union ", inform them my information and to make a remittance.
After that they inform you ten numbers of the Western Union (MTCN.) You should inform me this MTCN and your full home address, and also a full name and a surname. If I shall have all this, I can receive your remittance without any problems. My sweet, I very much hope, that you understand me and that you Martin help me from $800 as soon as possible. I very much hope for your help. In fact the our future depends on it. I cannot wait that moment, when I can be near to you. But now it depends only on you. My sweet, on it I finish the letter and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you. I hope, that you inform me good news.
With impatience I wait for the answer and good news from you my love Martin! With love, sincerely yours future wife Larisa
Letter 3
Hello my love Martin!
My love Martin I has not received from you the answer you where now??? By the way my dear Martin I today went to travel agency and have learned(have found out) that my documents will be ready tomorrow 11 of October and I to you shall send copies of my documents that you knew that I to you shall arrive soon! Martin I as today to you shall call from a public telephone booth and please wait for mine telephone a bell well?
With impatience I wait of the answer?
Your love Larisa!
Letter 4

Hello my love Martin!
My love Martin I have good news I today went to travel agency and have received my documents the passport for travel abroad and the visa to arrival to you. And now I needed to wait only for your help my love Martin. I as have made a copy of my documents for arrival to you my love and now I needed to wait for your help only!
My love Martin I as to you called yesterday from a pay phone and you were not at home. You where now? I hope that you are serious to my arrival to you?
Martin I as have written you the information on the help to receive your remittance through the Western Union you have received my information? I once again write to you that you knew!
Country - RUSSIA
My love Martin I as is glad that you will help me with acknowledgement of solvency 800 $ and I shall wait for your remittance well?
Martin what to receive your money. I should know such information from you:
The country:?????
The postal index:???????? As you should give me MTCN number. It to be given at sending money. And to ask you to not forget to speak CITY FROM WHICH YOU TO SEND MONEY.
My love Martin I with impatience wait from you for the answer and good news?
Your love Larisa!
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