Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to Trevor (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend
It is very pleasant for me that you have written to me also I with pleasure I write to you the letter.
For me not absolutely habitually to get acquainted through the Internet, but I hope that we can make friends.
I think to you it will be interesting to learn about me more. That I shall try to tell about myself.
My name is Julia and as you already know I I live in Russia. I live in city Cheboksary. If that will be interesting to you in other letters I shall tell more in detail about my city.
To me on April, 17 to me 33 years will be executed. You see that I not so such young girl but I try to look well. Unfortunately I could not meet the man of the dream here in Russia and have decided to try to make it on a site of acquaintances. Well to me has already carried, I began to communicate with you and I hope that our dialogue will result in something.
It is difficult for me to write about myself as I do not know that it will be interesting to you to learn about me. Like I already adult woman but now I have simply become puzzled as the young girl. I think to me it will be easier about that that interests you. You can ask questions and I shall try to answer them.
please write to me about itself. It will be interesting to me to learn as you you will spend free time and than you are engaged. Yes, still I want to ask a pardon for my English. I it not so well know grammar of English and consequently I can make mistakes, but I hope that if we shall communicate that my knowledge in the field of the English language will improve. To the letter I apply a photo,
you certainly already saw it on a site but in the subsequent letters I shall send other photos.
I hope that you soon will write to me and I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 2
Dear Trevor
How are you doing? I’m doing very well! Thank you for your letter! I very much enjoyed reading it!
It was nice to see your pictures and read your letter. Thank you. The pictures are very nice and you look great too. I hope we will learn more about each other with each letter.
I will tell you of my hobbies...
One thing about me…I LOVE to dance with a passion! I could go on dancing for hours!
One of the groups I like is “ABBA”. I LOVE to dance to one of their songs…DANCING QUEEN. When I hear that song, I go crazy with my dancing!
I also like to watch movies. I usually watch something with action, suspense, thrillers, science fiction and some comedies. I like to watch a good variety of movies.
I also like listening to music. I like to listen to pop, rock, country…basically any kind of music except acid rock and rap.
I like to walk by lakes, parks and forest preserves. I love to view nature! To me, there is no music that is more beautiful to listen to than nature. Birds singing, dogs barking, children laughing and playing, waves in the water, trees blowing in the breeze are all beautiful music to me. There is nothing more beautiful to watch than nature. Soft green grass, clear blue skies, bright warm sun, calm rippled waters,
variety of colored birds, colorful leaves in the autumn, etc
Like you, I don't look for appearances in a man, but what's inside the heart. However, I do like looking at pictures and seeing pleasant smiles! I like seeing people happy.
Well, I could tell more, but I’d rather leave it up to you to ask so I know what you’d want to know.
I'd like to get to know you better! Do you have any pets? What movies do you like to see?
I have included a pictures for you. If you continue to send me pictures of yourself then I will be happy to send you more of me too. Now tell me more about yourself and what you did this week. I would like to hear about your day. Hope to hear from you soon.
Well, I shall conclude my letter for now. I greatly look forward to hearing from you! I shall wait for your letter with impatience!
Yours, Julia
Letter 3
Greetings my dear Trevor.
Excuse that did not write to you some days. You probably thought that at me something happened.
Is not present I'm fine, simply the computer of my girlfriend has broken and only today she could repair it. I have no computer and consequently the girlfriend allows to use to me the. We many years are friends of her. By the way it was her idea that I was registered on a site of acquaintances.
First I did not think that I can will meet the person with which to me interestingly to communicate,
but then you have appeared. I am very glad to this.
Whether to you probably I very interestingly use language translator. There is no I rather not bad (as I think) know the English language but probably I make small mistakes. I hope that communicating with you my knowledge in the field of English to improve.
You probably think why I till now one. Simply all men with which I communicated earlier only and thought to oversleep with me. I hope you not such. Them my feelings and ideas did not interest at all. There can be therefore I never was is married.
Now it is time to me to go for work, but I shall wait very much for your letters
Yours Julia
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